Ichii is BAAAACK~~!

Sayaka0002Go here.


After watching so many of Morning Musume’s old pvs, I’ve become very interested in what she was like. Sayaka is beautiful and adorable from what I’ve seen, but since basically none of the Hello Mornings from her years in the group have been subbed (and my listening skills are still in the development stage), I have no idea what her personality was like.

I remember liking her acting in Pinchrunner, so it will be cool to see her act in other things.

Overall I can’t say much except “Sweet!” and “YAY!” and “I’m looking forward to it!” I don’t know if she’ll return to singing or not, but either way, I’m happy about this.




Gush~Gush~~ Momusu Dancing prt.1

vlcsnap-1133305I’ve been watching a lot of concerts lately, some newer, quite a few older. I always forget how quickly a Momusu concert pulls me in and makes me happy within the first three numbers. There is something infectious about their energy, whether the OG members are present or not. vlcsnap-1133196Watching all these performances made me want to post about dances. Naturally I stuck to pvs only, so only the singles. And that is because if I even touched on my favourite concert performances, we’d be here all year.

I cap enough already.

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Gratitude and Momusu DVD Magazine Vol.23


I’m really on a recent-Momusu kick right now. Am I really the only blogger who is enjoying the hell out of recent Momusu?

Anyway…viewing the aforementioned, recently English-subbed, DVD magazine was so much fun. And as most Momusu related things do, it made me think.

Thank goodness for fansubbers. They amaze me. They aren’t getting paid (I assume) for all the slaving they do, they are just sharing the wealth. It must take so long and it must be so frustrating. To do all that work just for the satisfaction of being able to share with other fans – that’s amazing to me.I appreciate them so much and I don’t comment nearly as much as my gratitude prompts me to. So, to all you fan-subbers – kudos. We’re grateful. Selfish as all hell, but grateful nonetheless.

You can call this sucking up if you want. Doesn’t change the fact that it’s true and you should all be damn grateful too.

That being said, let’s move on to the actual dvd.First of all, I didn’t sub this, or translate it. I’m going by HPS’s translations, so all credit goes to them – hence the grovelling to fansubbers I just did (seriously. Love you guys. THANK YOU!).

Now this isn’t a play-by-play review, as those seem tedious to me. This blog was started on a whim, is governed by whim and operates only when I feel the need to post my thoughts (and usually, far too many screencaps). To do a post that summarizes the whole thing seems tiring to me, which is why the Gokkie series is currently on hold. Besides, you should all watch it. What I’m here to comment on would be the segments in which we finally learn a little more about what the girls think of each other nowadays.

That, to me, is worth examining.
(Trust me, even if I had a life, I’d still be writing these…so hush.)

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