Gush~Gush~~ Momusu Dancing prt.1

vlcsnap-1133305I’ve been watching a lot of concerts lately, some newer, quite a few older. I always forget how quickly a Momusu concert pulls me in and makes me happy within the first three numbers. There is something infectious about their energy, whether the OG members are present or not. vlcsnap-1133196Watching all these performances made me want to post about dances. Naturally I stuck to pvs only, so only the singles. And that is because if I even touched on my favourite concert performances, we’d be here all year.

I cap enough already.

It’s really something, going through all their 40 pvs. Have you ever actually sat down and watched all of those? There are some that I’d completely forgotten about.Even with those ones, watching/listening to/singing to them again made me feel so happy. Momusu just doesn’t get old for me. The fact that they have ten years of music behind them is fortunate from a fan perspective. There’s a lot to discover and vlcsnap-1951489alot to delight in. I don’t think it matters what generation you first got into. I couldn’t stand their older stuff when I first got into Momusu and now I can’t imagine how I ever listened to ‘I WISH’ without getting almost teary with joy.

Laugh at me for being a sap, but it’s true.
*deep dramatic sigh*

In the process of capping I uncovered some amazing shots, some funny, some unfortunate and some just downright gorgeous. Have you ever realized how beautiful some of these pvs actually were (are) from back when H!P just did whatever the hell they felt like? I also discovered trying to capture a dance in one frame is a bitch-and-a-half.

But I tried anyway.

I will do my best to actually say something about each dance that I liked, but I can only say so much. Basically all I can do is gush, as the title suggests.

This began as a top ten but I, being the obsessive fan that I am, couldn’t handle restricting myself any more than just sticking to the singles.

So I’ll just go backwards in time focusing on those dances that I particularly loved.

(Taken from the One Shot Dance Version)


There is something both ridiculous and addictive about this entire video. I think it’s because my three favourite colours happen to be white, black and blue. I just think they are gorgeous when blended in this way. The lighting adds a lot for me. Since we’ve already gone through the pros and cons of the song and all that, I’ll only say this once: I loved this song instantly. I still love it. And I think a straight dance-shot is awesome.


It’s because I personally can’t dance with any sort of coherence that I find coreography so interesting. This one is odd for Momusu, because with some exceptions the entire song is usually all covered. The girls in black at the back (*winces at the unintended rhyme*) tend to stick to specific movements, but if you look at the leads, there are times when they’re just moving to the music.


I particularly love Mame’s fist pumping and Kamei’s insane hair-flipping every five seconds. But like I said, the back is fairly uniform, while the leads seem to just go with it. And the instrumental part always makes me happy:


They seem to smooth their way into a perfect line…


Then this swirly effect…not sure how else to describe it. I’m so glad Takahashi is at the front. Her expression is just awesome during this moment.


Ah! So dramatic!


Biyuuden tribute, only done with some fluidity…and scary-ass expressions from Winky and riida.


This reaching for the sky moment makes me very happy in terms of drama and it’s a great segue back into the chorus.


I’ve said I don’t really care for this one in concert and that’s probably because of Mame and Kamei’s “dakedo, ne, ne, dakedo” lines. The layered echoing effect that it has in the recorded version just can’t translate the same way live and I love that moment. I love the way they leap into the center with giant mischievious smiles and kick and flip like there is no tomorrow. I don’t much care for their giant arm drop ( I couldn’t capture it…just watch the pv) during riida’s line, but there is so much joy in those moments they are in the center.


What is it with me and crazy hair flipping? Maybe that’s the real reason I love this dance so much.

No matter what the reason, there is a lot of drama and energy in this dance. I wish they were always this energetic.

Iroppoi Jirettai
(Taken from Dance-shot Version)


Back when clapping while staring down the camera wasn’t old news – I’m talking about YOU Naichau Kamo…dance.

This is one of those songs I always forget about, but I’ll remember the dance even before the tune of the song comes to mind. I didn’t like their skirts initially, but in the dance shot, they really work well. First of all, we’ve got this awesome sort of controlled flailing (don’t you love how I’m majoring in English Language and Lit and yet I can’t describe anything with any sort of flair?):


The long sleeves, the skirts and the lights illuminating from the back create a great effect. And once again, if there is even an indication of hair-flipping, I tend to be happy.


I don’t want to sound like a maniac fan, but there is a great deal of the girls sort of fawning over each other. Like at the very beginning or this moment, they slowly sink down, running their hands along Koharu (who at this point was still cute as a button) and Yossy, to hold them up.


And then, presenting Miki and Takahashi! Their hands always seem to be in the air or dangling teasingly in front of them.


I couldn’t capture the chorus well, the clapping and their little circles, but I got this moment before they go into the chorus. I love the line that the skirts, the curved arms and the tilted bodies make. I must sound like such a freak, but describing a dance when I have no proper terms for the moves is hard. Bear with me.

There is as always the awesome middle intrumental.


The floodlights come in again and Koharu and (Miki?) assemble everyone in pairs. This moment is kinda random but they make it work.


Annnnd presenting Momusu!

They then proceed with a lot of hip-shaking that can’t be captured without looking like a maniac. So, onto the only cap I could get near the end.


Why do I love drama so much? They sort of tip-toe back and forth in this wonderful way.


It probably has one of the best endings of all the dances. They all take a moment to spin and show themselves off and then turn away and then back to the camera. It’s a moment of awesome attitude. There is something very feminine in how they spend the dance twirling and teasing and posing. I mean that in a positive way. They’re enticing, which is exactly what the song calls for. After awhile you stop noticing how funny it is that they’re singing, “sex-y ISLAND”. The Latin (correct me if I’m wrong) flair suited them.

The Manpower
(Taken from the original pv)


As far as dances go, this one always struck me as a lot more complex than most. The original pv is this one: just a badly lit (it’s bloches of yellow light all over the place!! supreme wtf!) dance-shot, with barely enough camera to capture everyone. So capping it was really annoying. I have no idea how to describe the insanity…


I love the sort of marching-bowing things they do during the verses, because they just look so funny. Miki is posing her arse off and everyone around her is sort of miming wiping her face while they bow. Or like in this cap, where they…well I’m not certain what that hand thing is supposed to be. It doesn’t seem out of place, but it’s a funny moment.



They all sort of weave in and out of each other and seem to arrive in their positions out of nowhere.




We’re offering food to the galaxy. EAT! EAT!


This moment is my favourite. Before the second verse, they get into this line and Ishikawa, who is beginning to go insane (this is right before she graduated to sing about pudding in Biyuuden) does her ‘I’ll-eat-you-for-breakfast-but-I-love-you’ smile and horribly mangles the word, “homosapiens”.

Then they all tap their feet twice and jump back into the chorus.


This is probably the most recognizable and awesome part of this dance. All the fist raising and hip thrusting that goes on is about as manly as Momusu can really be (which is to say, not manly at all).


I love how lifeless Yossy is in this pv compared to her usual self. Half the time she seems to forget her to actually lipsynch her awesome lines. It feels like she knows there isn’t enough room for her to really dig into her lines the way Takahashi (bless her heart) really tries to, so she kinda gives up. Some of the time she leans out of the shot. They tried to squeeze a lot into their small amount of space.

Even so, I chose to cap from this one because it allows you to actually see the full coreography which is often split apart by huge stages and lack of members. The dance is interesting and at times bizarre. The whole Greek theme is definitely more apparent in the alternate version (the one most people associate with this song, and rightly so), but rarely does Momusu have a dance that is this difficult to get your head around. I’m sorry for my epic-fail in terms of description, but go watch it and see if you can do any better. *sticks tongue out*

Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari
(Taken from Panic-Train Version pv)


UWAaaaa! So many members, so little room, such a crazy song…best video ever?
I tend to think so.

Now admittedly most of the caps I have don’t contain the dance as much as I’d like. It’s harder to capture than you’d think. You have to look behind the delightful members in front to really see what’s happening in the dance. Those in front tend to do something adorable rather than follow the coreography. Who doesn’t know the arm-waving, jumping awesomeness that is this dance already anyway?


See? Shige being Shige. Takahashi being intense. Everyone in the back trying to dance without bursting into laughter every eight seconds.


WHEEEE!! I love that they’re singing about how noisy they are…think of the chaos inside this car…


Shige: Hai!! I’m cute without makeup!!
Kaori: wtf?!
Mari: Gaaaah, freakin’ kids!

Everyone at the back there is struggling to get in the shot without disturbing those singing.


Pimping Makoto. RABUUUUUU!!! Not sure what Winky’s doing…one-handed heart shape?


Yossy pwns all.

Niigaki has that look on her face for almost the entire video. Look at the leather on the other three. You gotta love it.


Kamei is adorable…so SO adorable in this pv. She just gets shaken around and giggles uncontrollably for her entire verse.

I chose the panic-train because even in the other version, the dance isn’t featured as much as their antics…ok, that’s probably a lie. I just love this version. This song leaves a hell of a lot of room for craziness and the chorus is catchy as hell. It’s the first song/dance by Momusu that captured me and I still love it. It’s very, very addictive. I’m not sure how it can’t inspire affection for each girl with a video like this.


Shige loves it when others are jealous of her…look behind them though…

Roman ~My Dear Boy~
(Taken from Dance-shot Version)


They look pretty calm and cool there, right?
But wait…


Ok…that was a stupid sound and that cap doesn’t nearly capture the energy of the beginning of this dance, but man it’s really hard to capture.


From the moment they start to the moment they finish there is constant movement. There’s lots of pointing to the sky, lots of kicking and jumping and hair flipping and some great moments from everyone. Those are the things that make Isilie happy.


Forgetting for a second my bias for energetic routines, this song always screams energy and happiness to me. I said somewhere else on this blog that the song seems filled with hope and so it’s only natural that everyone should seem fired up. I really think everybody shines here. It seems like this dance is difficult, but I can’t recall one performance of it where someone seemed like they weren’t into it. Just like Koko ni Iruzee!, it seems impossible to just flail your way through without feeling anything.


“An endless passion called peace exists!” ~loose translation of a line

As always, I love the intrumental, where they suddenly march back and forth:


Ishikawa…always into it.

Then suddenly:


…dramatically throw up their arms!


And zoom back into a group again!

Does anybody else love these purple coats? They contrast beautifully with the stark factory set. The most we have in terms of colour there is the floodlights and the map at the top of the set. Everything leads your eyes to the girls.

And what girls they are…so much love for Yossy, Rika and Mari in this pv.


One of the best endings too. They just barely manage to reign in their energy. When Momusu tries to act tough it usually strikes me as impossibly cute, but there is something more believable about it here. Maybe it’s the coats…

(Taken from original pv)


What awesome costumes…what an awesome concept. Just stick them in a giant shallow pool and let them flail around dramatically. Oh, I’m sure there is some sort of coreography, some routine that we’ve probably seen on some performance or other, but in the pv, it’s beautiful chaos.

Ah! Kaori I see your tummy!

Look at them go! I can’t say anything here. Just LOOK at it!


All, except Yossy: Dakishimete YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Yossy: Ugh. Get over it already!


Takahashi really steps up to present herself every chance she gets. When she gets a line she is absolutely fierce.


Here also…to the extent that she basically steps over Aibon to get in front again. It’s ok though. It seems Aibon finds it as funny as we do. Look at that ponytail go!

Like I’ve said: drama + hairflipping + individuals standing out = a happy Isilie.

And I’d like to end on a high note here, so I’ll close this post with a routine I particularly love.

Do it Now!
(Taken from pv)

I wish there was a dance-shot for this one, a dance-shot in which they wear these black costumes, rather than those red-plastic dresses that I can’t stand. I don’t know why I don’t like them. I guess I just like something more sleek.


I love these moments when it’s as though their feet are stuck to the floor but their bodies are reaching upwards. Takahashi in the center is always graceful and beautiful, particularly in the intrumental part when she lands almost on one foot, like a ballerina…you could really see that ballet influence here.

I love the suble lighting. Every girl looks amazing, even though there is a definite Resonant Blue tendency to only focus on those directly in front.


I miss cool Abe and tiny, tiny ballerina Takahashi. And Mari who always manages to catch my eye.

See? Abe =pwn. So much pwn-age. Konkon WILL kick your ass…

Momusu should do raps like this one a LOT more. In the direction they seem to be heading it wouldn’t be terribly out of place. The rap in the new single is incredibly weak compared to this one. But anyway, I’m talking about the dance…

It was impossible to capture the dance in the chorus, even though I tried. I really love something about it though. I think it’s the way their arms move, constantly circling and reaching and moving back and forth. Go and watch it if you aren’t familiar with it. The parts that I like best are the ones that I capped.

Such as the awesome moments in the rap.


Yasuda and Mari = fierce.


Kaori and Tsuji are such an odd combo, but it somehow works here.
And then there is Goto…who will eat you.


Ah, Ogawa! She shines so much in this moment. She has ONE line and since the entire rap consists of the 13 of them fighting for camera time while on a stairway, you don’t really see her until her moment. But she owns that line. I kinda like her with black hair.


Ah…pretty, isn’t it?

I’m sorry my descriptions are so haphazard, but I did warn you that this would be mostly gushing. If I knew anything about dancing, I’d be able to give you a better picture of why I love these. Go and watch (or rewatch) these pvs. See if there are any you like better. The fact that I left a lot of singles out of here doesn’t mean I don’t think they’re any good. I really like the dances for ‘Ambitious…’ and for Egao Yes Nude, but they don’t stick in my mind the same way.

Part two is coming up. I split it up because there are just too many. And this is only focusing on their singles.


There is definitely more to come. Look forward to it!


10 thoughts on “Gush~Gush~~ Momusu Dancing prt.1

  1. Fantastic post. I agree with you about ALL of these. What makes you happy seems to do the same for me. Can’t wait for the follow up…then you can move on to Berryz and C-ute!

  2. Haha, we have similar tastes in dances, I see. Great post, looking forward to pt 2. :3

    By the way, just a side note, it’s Koharu and Eri who pair the girls up in Iroppoi Jirettai. 🙂

  3. I’ve already pinged this and all, but I have to add that you made me go back and rewatch ‘Shabondama’ JUST TO CHECK OUT IIDA’S PERFECT TUMMY. My god, she was hiding THAT all that time!? WHY!? I guess the sort of “scandalous” thought of midriff-bearing Kaorin broke my brain. XD Gorgeous screenies, again.

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