(Very Temporary) Hiatus >_<

I don’t mean to go on about it, but it’s still sinking in.

…I’m going to New York.
To see Morning Musume.


Oh. My. Word.


In the interest of saving money, Bro and I have decided to switch internet providers and this means I will be without the net for a few weeks. I know I haven’t been posting as it is (and I apologize), but I still wanted to explain. I will be back very soon, hopefully with some inspiration. Let me link shamelessly to my last post from the ever awesome Sora to Kujira on Shige’s graduation. Check out the whole site while you’re at it. 😉

Be back as soon as I can. ^_^

PS: Appropriately enough, the previous post, in which I first found out I would see Momusu live, is my 200th post. In typical Isilie fashion, I totally missed that. Just like I miss every single anniversary on this blog.

May as well keep the tradition going, eh?



(A million points if you got that reference in the title) I work nights and so I should technically be asleep, but I can’t sleep AT ALL because something incredible has happened.

We are going to New York. To see Morning Musume.


I am collapsing with shock and happiness and ohmygawdwhatthehellamIgoingtosayifigettoshakehandswiththem….

*Translation: We got da tickets!