Face + Palm = Me.


So, according to when I first posted…my first anniversary was way back on the 4th of January. I completely missed it.

So yeah…I’m an idiot. ^_^’

Anyway, seeing as how I’ve realized that this little blog is a year and three months old (ah, so young), here’s a slightly self-deprecating graphic for ya, with Yossy loveliness. And a new header, that is basically an epic-fail because it’s so FLIPPIN’ ORANGE. But hey, enjoy the wackiness of Ayaya and Nacchi.

Thank yous:

I want to thank the person I started writing for, who still reads this, for…well, reading it (you have no idea how much I appreciate it), International Wota, the sweethearts who have me on their blogrolls and every single person who has ever left me a comment. Even the flames – LOVE em. Thank you so very much for taking an interest in this place.

I’ll keep trying to get better.yossiecute6
And to not forget my next anniversary.


I’m an idiot.


3 thoughts on “Face + Palm = Me.”

  1. Hey now! How is anything orange-y ever an epic-fail? I don’t that’s within the realm of possibility… (Can you tell what my favourite colour is? XD)

    Anyway, belated happy birthday to your blog! 😀 … Yes, I’m a weirdo who really felt the need to comment because you weren’t happy with the colour orange in your header. -_-;

  2. Ha! Thank you! You aren’t a weirdo at all. It’s natural to stand up for the colours you love. Forgive me – orange is great.

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