Pic Spam: Valentine’s Day RABU!!!

Whether you are with your own Prince Gaki, or don’t bother with this whole thing, I just want to wish you all a happy Valentines Day!!!


There is no need for any talk about how this is another miserable, money-draining ‘holiday’, because what isn’t these days, really? Instead of that, let’s bask in some H!P love from past and present. Because if H!P members being all loveydovey doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what could. These are gathered from what was on my computer, so let’s enjoy!

Aibon and Yossy getting cuddly in Hawaii. Lucky, lucky Aibon…

Takahashi wants a hug – THERE IS NO ESCAPE FROM HER LOVE!!!

Sometimes love takes your face right off…(there’s some literal sucking-of-face happening there and I’m not even sure who that is with Shige…)

We must all give love to our Grannies and Mommies.

Kyuukie love chain!! It knocks you off your feet.

Winky love choke! It would hurt if she had any sort of arm strength.

Sometimes love and admiration go hand in hand.

And it can manifest itself in unfortunate ways.

When Yossy turns on the love, there are tears from the awesome.

Love sandwich slumber-party!!! (ok that didn’t come out quite right…)

Love is discovering that you are both completely adorable.

And discovering that marriage doesn’t mean friendships will end (although it does disappoint a lot of fanfic writers).

I don’t have a caption, I just think this pic is adorable.

Takahashi love cannot be stopped.

Yossy tickle attack!

Gotta love a Gokkie hug!

It’s nice to have friends to sleep with.

I’m just gonna…move on here.

Don’t worry, little one. Sayu’s here.
(Run. RUN!)

So close…so close…

Stop that! Stop being SO SHIP-ABLE!!!

H!P is always ready to send you some love.

And send love to your accessories too.

I love that so many of Dream Momusu’s blog posts involve them taking naps together. OG love!

Takahashi = crybaby. And adorable.

Yossy is pretty much used to Miki’s unique and aggressive forms of affection.

While saying goodbye is hard…

There will be things to smile about in the future.

So laugh!

Goodnight everybody!


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