In Which Berryz pwns Isilie…prt1

I told you. This would be the year when I featured Berryz the way I feature Momusu.

This new double-a side is all kinds of pwn. And yes, it’s annoying me, but I have to give in to it. I capped so much…I love the song so much. This is only part one of my surrender.

I’m new to being a Berryz fan, so bear with me. I make fun of what I love. It’s just my way.

First of all, this song reminds me so much of THE Possible’s style that it was kind of odd to hear. The other side of this single “SomethingSomething WAO” sounds a lot more Berryz to me – quirky, spunky and relentlessly catchy. I guess this one is more in the style of ‘Rival’ from last year. Both songs are nothing short of epic and that is what really pisses me off. Momusu should have dibs on the epic material, not have all their awesomeness hidden in the b-sides  (I like the new single, but I think I like the b-side of ‘Onna ni Medatte’ better – and that’s ridiculous).

Also, why don’t Momusu get to ever go outside anymore? Like Berryz, who get to frolic on the shore?Why don’t they get a song like this, refreshing and fun, instead of…well, whatever you’d call the new single?


I’m as miffed as Risako when she has no diamonds to suck on!

Risako is still unpleasant, even though I love her vocals. She looks a bit dumpy in that outfit. I don’t say ‘dumpy’ as some crack against her weight. I think she looks quite healthy, a nice change from all the tiny stick-figures in H!P. It’s  just an unflattering outfit.

With that exception, I love the costumes. Their costumes are all different and unique to the member. The dance is interesting and perfectly suits the music. The pv has a bit of a story and all the members get some lines and pwn them.

Miyabi is a bit weird looking, but she, and myself, wish to point out how awesome that hat is.

Captain is amazing. Why haven’t I noticed her before now!? She’s adorable, she has a sweet voice, she pwns all dancing and her smile is refreshing and never forced. She’s tiny, but she makes her presence known here. I love, LOVE, her outfit. Why isn’t she in the center???? Kudos for pwning your lines there, captain.

Maasa. Is. Hardcore.
LOVE her. She always looks SO delighted. If I could liken her smile to the sun without being cheesy…well, I can’t. Her smile is like the SUN…

…and like I said, HARDCORE.

*squee!* Who is this one?? Chinami? Why does she always blend into the background when she’s so cute?

Wait…I’m remembering another instance of her awesomeness…

*squee!!* She’s so cute…

Ok, so far, we’ve got at least three people whom I’m starting to adore. Or at least, appreciate. I can’t really say I adore them, as I know nothing of Berryz beyond their pvs. I don’t watch the concerts or alo hellos. As far as I know, they’re rarely interviewed. Hrm. Maybe I just don’t know where to look for them?


Now the inevitable Isilie cap-fest. Because story pvs are even more fun to make fun of!

Are you happy, Berryz!?


The story is, they are hanging out in Momo’s room, taking poloroids.

…some more suspicious than others.

“Crap, she’s looking. Smile!”

Momo is mildly worried, but not nearly enough,

R: “Wait, so how does the magic-square work again?”

M: “No. Dammit, we’ve been over this-”

R: “Ohhh, right. It’s that camera majigger…thing.”
R: “Did you swallow some of those diamonds?”

R: “Wait, I just got a picture from Captain-”

R:”Oh, dude, that is SO wrong.”

M: “Shhh. Momo might notice.”
R: “I just sent it to Chinami and Yurina.”

C: “Oh, THAT’S what they -?!”
Y: “Dude, let’s get out of here!”

Anxious to get away from the evil twosome on the couch, they leave without much explanation.

Momo: (thinking) Why were they looking at me like that?

Captain: “GRR!”
Maasa: “GRRAA!”

Captain: “Dude, we gotta go!”
Maasa: “Can I bring my bear?”

R: “OH! I’ll go with you if you give me some diamonds!”
M: “Nah, you can stay.”
C: “I think the diamonds might be bad for your brain.”

R: “No, seriously, take her with you!”
M: “Wait, you’re going too? Well…ok but-”

Then Miyabi notices Risako has gotten a call. She naturally is concerned.

M: “Dammit, we talked about this too! I told you, NO MORE DIAMONDS FOR YOU! You tell him you can’t go!”
R: “You can’t tell me what to do!”

R: “I’ll be right there!”
M: “Oy! Stop!”

And off they go.
Momo: “…”

Diamond addiction makes Momo a sad panda.

Alone on the beach (somehow), she remember when they all used to frolic…

Like this!!

Luckily Momo’s got the magic marker.

Captain: “Hey! No fair, magic markering us!”

Maasa: “But that is pretty freakin’ sweet,”

Momo: “I know, right!?”

R: “You did that magic marker thing again!”
M: “Thank goodness! I didn’t think I’d catch up with this one…”

With one more flick of her magic marker, Yurina and Chinami suddenly run in.

Momo: “Sweeeeet.”

Momo: “And now we all can finish our craft! See what I made when you were gone?”
M: (whispering) “Hey, how’d you guys get that pic of Momo?”
Maasaa: “Shh, shh. Later.”

And so they finish, although Risako does need one more lesson about the magic square.

Miyabi then rushes Maasa off to see the rest of the pictures…

…and Momo is satisfied. Another Berryz project well done.

She does wonder what they were all giggling about though.

Annnd fin.

Hope that was random enough for ya. Regardless of my nonsense, this pv is pure win. Everyone looks cute at some point, Risako aside.

I mean, just look at Chinami. She is just ONE example of the rampant cute.

Now if only I could remember her name.

I’ll return with a similar pic spam for the ‘WAO’ song. And I’ll learn the name of it too.


2 thoughts on “In Which Berryz pwns Isilie…prt1

  1. Well that sure is some picspam you’ve got there. Ahh~ your picspams never fail to make me lol 😀 Haha, and I love how much you use the word ‘pwn’. It just goes to show, Berryz really do pwn.

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