Ayu-Ri, Ikemen, and dancing, oh my!


What isn’t to love about Momusu’s Kimi wa Kawari wa Iyashinaide pv? Let’s not complain about how we’ve seen green-screen before because we should be used to that by now. I haven’t seen a pv with an actual story or concept since maybe The Manpower (Ogawa taking a big bite of pumpkin is awesome. Who wouldn’t choose pumpkin over celery?). We’ve seen everything in this pv before. The choreography is a mix of the jumps and flails and lurches we’ve already seen and the song is robo-musume to the core with that one dipping note that’s in every song (“SOooooOH!).

I’ve still enjoyed them all. This one didn’t even register as more-of-the-same because it’s so awesome. One could argue that I’m just used to it now, but that would be grumpy of you and we’re having a GENKI 2014 dammit!

I said I didn’t have time to pic-spam anymore (and I really don’t), but I still found myself capping away because I love this song and pv so much. I really hope this triple-a-side thing works out well for them.

I’d get the single for this song alone.

I some times wonder if the emphasis on dance might mean we get songs that just aren’t as good without the visuals. So far, I think only Kimi Sae Robot-Bloop is better with the robo-dance and I don’t listen to it that much. That isn’t the case with this song, or really any of the songs on this single. Kimi-Kawari is robo-musume at its catchiest. I haven’t really had a song I loved from this incarnation of Momusu that was this easy and fun to sing along to. All three of the songs on this single get stuck in my head, but this one is especially troublesome.

It’s the ‘N-N-Nippon’ shout in the middle, isn’t it?


Are they trying to spell Nippon? Or just…Oi-ppo-poio-poi?
I’m not up on my human letters.
Whatever, it’s catchy as hell (and Ikuta, stop checkin’ out Haruka’s butt).


The dance-break is bloody insane…I can’t even follow it. Maybe it’s another one of those routines where you need to see it from above to really see the shapes they go for…which is cool and all, but how often does an audience get a topographical view of the stage??

Frankly, it amazes me that this is how the song turned out. I was expecting something more like vlcsnap-2014-01-25-03h31m39s147Kizuna (Matsuura Aya’s Olympic song) for their cheer song. I got something fierce. Rather than a commemorative song, it’s definitely a cheering, ganbatte, fire-you-up song.

As far as I remember this premiered on the HeyHeyHey special and can we just stop for a moment and appreciate how exciting it is that they’re FINALLY back on that show after goodness knows how many years of exile? I was blown away by how gorgeous they looked, how the choreography was precise and yet bursting with energy, and these two.

I have dubbed them Ayu-Ri.


We need more songs with these two as center. I like Oda as much as the next fan and she’s more than proven herself as a singer and dancer, but you can’t defeat the strange chemistry between these two. Ace is ambitious as ever and has the confidence to work the camera to her advantage. Then you have Ayumin, who comes to life when she’s moving like there’s a spark inside her that only dancing can ignite. When they dance together, it looks fantastic and feels exciting because there’s the tension of neither girl wanting to lose and yet depending on each other to look and move the right way.

It’s not the same with Oda.


Clearly Oda Sakura is meant to be a main vocalist. She’s able to hit low notes and higher notes, even during lives, which Ace continues to struggle with. As a center, it still feels like she’s not quite sure about it. I know it’s probably the choreography, but the way she hunches into herself before Ace jumps back up during the end of the dance-break just looks wrong to me. She’s always sort of looking down, like she doesn’t feel she deserves all the attention. That humility is fine, when she’s talking, or supporting another member, but when it’s her big moment, I want her to KNOW that she’s earned it and tell the audience the same thing.


Ayumin may not deliver that as a singer yet, but she definitely dances it. Her close-ups are slowly catching up to her dancing…

Although we haven’t gotten rid of the no-teeth-huge-mouth yet.


I wish Utaban were still around so Taka-san could make her aware of this…

Ayumin…AYU! KUCHI!


Zukki actually gets a close-up moment in the beginning and manages to close her mouth enough to not do the fish-face thing. Minus Ace, that really seems to be a theme with the Kyuukies. I’m glad Zukki got a bit more attention in this, although I still don’t really notice her in the dance-shots. I want her to find her place.

Like Ikuta and BOSS. Haru-kins and Eri-pon are bros.


This is one of those pvs where Haruka just floors me with how mature she looks. There is so much of a boy-aura coming off her and yet she is unmistakably a little girl with a spiky, spunky haircut. Fingerless gloves and fishnet sleeves!? Yes please!!


And Eri-pon wants you to remember that if her ridiculous magic-spell to make you love her doesn’t work, there is always option two: the FIST IN YO’ FACE!

When they’re dancing they go from super-aggression to loving-every-minute. BOSS vlcsnap-2014-01-25-04h15m48s16has declared that she’s a bishounen (is that word an adjective, or a noun? not sure) and she exudes that without much effort. I might have to start referring to her as the boy from Momusu. You could compare this to Yossy, but like I said, she’s not a host yet. Yossy always had this self-aware humour about her character. She was boyish and charming and she used her host persona to full-advantage. Her sporty-ness came second to her charm. BOSS is like the sporty little-sister of Yossy, aiming for her in the future. I feel like she’ll blossom into a tsundere type, if this clip of her teasing vlcsnap-2014-01-25-04h21m50s51Masaki-kins is any indication.

Eri-pon has declared that her aim is to be the world’s number one idol. So far she’s tried this by being ridiculous, with her spacey weirdness, Niigaki wota-dom and magic-spells (that scare people into loving make people love her). She’s probably the best at posing in her generation, as her photos seem to always turn out perfect. She’s adorable and pretty with just the right amount of awkwardness.

The thing is, she’s also quite muscular (ever seen her one-handed cartwheel??) and can perform raps with enough attitude to convince me that Momusu should continue with rap moments. It’s interesting to think that Ikuta’s Ikemen persona is hidden underneath this quirky cuteness. It would be interesting if that kept on coming out without her knowledge.

Isilie is a fan of boyish idols. And of the character gap concept.

I apologize for constantly discussing Momusu through a comparative lens. It’s not as though I can only view the new members in comparison to the O.Gs, but it’s impossible not to acknowledge when we’ve seen similar characters before and to note how these new girls reinterpret such roles.

The best thing about the new girls is how they continue to come forward even in “we’ve seen this before” green-screen pvs.


Masaki-kins channels Tsuji-Kago more and more these days. At least that’s what this feeling reminds me of (look at the glint in her eye!). Thing is, Tsuji-Kago knew what they were doing. Masaki’s… MASAKI-ness just comes out and I doubt if she can be bothered to control it.


To answer your question Miss Derp, I have no idea where you are in this pv.


Wait, there you are! INTENSE DERPING!!!


And Fuku-hime is sorta lurking around the edges of the pv too.


…Just what sort of ideas has Shige put into sub-leader’s head??
Boss is protecting herself…Saku is still too naive.

They will capture everyone eventually.


Shige believes they can!

vlcsnap-2014-01-25-03h57m23s227I wonder how long Shige can remain in this group. It doesn’t look like she’s leaving any time soon, whether that is her choice or something Tsunku asked her to do. I can’t really imagine the group without her. She’s become a very stabilizing presence, believe it or not. Thinking of where she was when she started, it’s amazing to see her do choreography like this with her trademark smirk that both irritates you and invites you in.

It’s saying something that she’s able to bring together all these noisy kids into something that looks polished and yet tons of fun. 2013 was a rebuilding year and 2014 should, if nothing else, give Momusu a lot more exposure. I’m sure Shige is training her sub-leaders as best she can for when she does eventually go. Even without another number one, I’ll still be excited for the future.



I love how this cap looks like they are actually watching some sort of event and cheering along.


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