Mini-PicSpam: Reconquista prt2

If there was ever a moment I thought, “Man, I wish I were Ishikawa Rika,” it would be HERE:

Yes. Those are handcuffs you see.

(And I must say, you’re looking dorkily handsome there, Nakai-kun. It’s very odd seeing him so serious. I haven’t ever really seen him outside of Utaban. I keep expecting him to suddenly jump up and start yelling, while they lower chickens from the ceiling and flick the lights on and off…)

I think I did pretty well. I had about 40 caps of Hangry&Angry’s appearance on Coming Soon! and I narrowed it down to about six. It was hard.

I don’t really even know what they say during the interview segment. I am too busy staring at Yossy’s eyelashes. And then the HANDCUFFS.


Maybe it has something to do with the lyrics, or maybe Yossy knows EXACTLY WHAT SHE IS DOING TO ME. She always seems to KNOW her level of awesome will cloud my judgment and muddle my brain to the point where I’m squealing, “HANDCUFFS” and am totally unaware of the implications. Rika is love, don’t get me wrong, but forgive me, it’s YOSSY.

Hangry. Whatever.

Yossy controlling the bright blinding light of her awesome-ness so that it doesn’t KILL me yet. Of course, she has to look gorgeous while she does this…

One thing I always love about these performances is the way these women can completely transform an otherwise lackluster set. These two are just too powerful. It’s just lights, but they have enough presence to make you forget that. Or I’m just a total fangurl.

I can accept that…

I love how they recapture the marionette living-doll feeling of the pv in the tiny amount of choreography. The mega-phones are love. The SONG is love.

Finally, the combined pwn of Yossy and Rika explodes the set into glorious confetti. The pink and blue lighting is great – I still think it’s awesome Yossy gets pink for once- and the way they grin at each other makes me squee.

Can’t wait for more from them.

…Handcuffs! O_0

Watch it here.


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