Pic Spam: Motivation

…Some times you just don’t have any.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes even when there are things I know I have  to do, or even things I only wanted to do, my motivation to do it just disappears.

I have several posts either half-written, waiting to be written or odd ideas tumbling around in my head. It’s been a very hot couple of weeks here. I work outside, in the heat, so I have been very worn out.

What better thing to cheer me up and give me a nice little boot-to-the-head than an H!P pic spam?

Hardcore and Diamond-sucker in cosplay at a maid-cafe. This needs no caption. I just want to take a moment to tell you all that I WENT TO THE SAME CAFE. SAME LOCATION AND EVERYTHING. I was so overjoyed watching this. That moment when they see the bill and gasp? We had the SAME MOMENT!!!! And yes, there is a polaroid of me, with kitty ears, posing with a maid, floating around my apartment somewhere.

*super squee*

Wig in da FAYCE!

Burgers. Riida. Zukki doesn’t know which she loves more.

Moonlight Abe: awwwww yeeeeah!

Moonlight Riida: sweeeeeeet.

Yossy: Piiiiiiiiiiiimp.

Nakazawa: “Greaaaat, ANOTHER one, guys.”

Yuuko-sama: so bad-ass, they beg her to stop.

The real reason Takahashi decided to go blonde this year. 

T: “I just – I couldn’t let you win! WaAAAAAAhhHH!!!”
M: “There, there. You’re still kinda cute…”

Shovel: Mame gots one.

No food for Winky.

Shoes: Rika gots some.

L: “Wait, there was a person on this chair-?”
M: “Chuuuu.”

Matsuura: she could take you.

Brat: “Yeaaaaah, we freeeeeinds!”

Biyuuden: when choreography meant ‘lie there and giggle’.

Winky, you have no guns. Stop trying to show them off.

Shige: crushin’ on Takahashi since 2003.

Takahashi: given up resisting since 2009. (she may even be milking it now)

….D’awwwwwWWWWWWWW!!!!! And wait…where are your hands-?

Caption this without being a perve. I dare you.

And now…

Motivational Posters made by my brother. He does not care if anyone ‘credits’ him, but if you wanna credit someone, just direct people to Itsumo Genki ^_^.

(My second favourite after this last one…)

That is actually what I said upon seeing this cap.

Hope that motivated you just a little.
Or just made you laugh.

I’ve got some writing (and laundry) to do!


2 thoughts on “Pic Spam: Motivation

  1. Oh gosh, I laughed pretty hard at that last one! It took me a second as well (even with the caption)… 😀

    I love the one with Risa and the shovel as well. It totally looks like she’s threatening the camera man with it, but she looks so darn happy while doing so!

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