In Which Isilie just gives in

Those pesky, Hello Project kids…I didn’t want to do this, because I have other posts that I’m looking forward to, but those aren’t ready yet. And in the interest of writing something [because I’m so congested that sleep is impossible] I’ve decided to post about Berryz Koubou…’s new single.


Dakishimete x2…

*sigh* I knew I’d end up doing this.

The new pv is out, so I downloaded it, assuming I’d get something I liked, cause that’s the way it’s been going. And yes. I love the song. As always. Even though it’s Berryz.

Will H!P ever release something I hate? Aside from Nutjob’s anime squeak-fest? Shouldn’t I be more snobby and loathe everything to a certain extent? Demand more quality things…or something?

I did find some things with this pv that irked me. A lot. We’ll get there.

It’s nice that Berryz seems to be returning to a more mature image. It’s been pointed out even by fans of Berryz that their songs have been rather childish lately. Like they’re going back in time as they get older.

I loved Monkey Dance, but the monkey suits were a little disturbing. The dance was just silly. I liked Madayade a lot, but the costumes, while a step up from the monkey suits, were terrible. The dance was funky, but lacked energy at times. When I saw the dance shot I kinda snorted at the number of times they simply walked in a circle, pumping their fists.

I’m not a coreographer, I just  know what I like.

I like the dance for this song. It’s a hell of lot more lively.
The downside is, capping becomes a bitch and a half.

This is really the best dance shot…shot, I’ve been able to get.

I love their costumes in this especially because they are all different for once.
Hats are hawt. They just are.

I mean look:

Super pwn-age!

Miyabi is hot with short hair. And a hat. And those stockings.
Yes, I do feel like a pedo-hypocrite saying that someone I consider a freakin child is hot. But she is.

She was amazingly cool during this pv. Her “nani ga yasashisa yo” line gave me shivers.

I can pwn too, bitches!

Sorry if it’s blurry. Like I said, they just don’t stop flipping around.

I like that the video has so much movement, so many lights even though it’s all pretty dim. I like that the song is techno-esque and that there are a bunch of inexplicable moments of disco craziness, such as the multiple Berryz effect.

Oh Captain. You are so small and awkward and somehow so cool about it.

Why with the dj-ing though? Was that really necessary?

All the real DJs are face-palming right about now.

Everyone looks great in this pv.

Like the aforementioned shortest Berry…Saki? I’ll call her captain for now.

She should always wear hats.

And let’s not forget Yurina, who as I mentioned before, is adorable.

And looks amazing with curls.

One question for this next cap:
Doesn’t she do this [exact] move  in Madayade?

Now I will complain. About Risako.

Contrary to most of what I encounter about Berryz, I don’t hate her. I’m not sure why people do. At least, I wasn’t sure until this video. Something about her really rubbed me the wrong way. She was really strong in the last two singles, at least in my eyes. I never watch Berryz in concert, so I can’t comment on her live, but I like her voice on recordings at least.

But in this pv…

Geez Risako…why don’t you just PHONE it in?

Risako is too tired to pretend she’s a dj…so she pokes at the machine.
You’re not fooling anyone, you know.

“Look at this jacket…I’m clearly a star. Why should I have to do anything?”

She seems pleased with herself no matter what.

She had so many lines and even though I’m sure she was just trying to be sexy, it came across as lifeless. She had this off putting way of holding her head too, with her nose up in the air. That kind of expression has to be done right or else it’s…well off-putting is the best way to describe it.


 At the end, when she had her little solo, she should have pwned her arse off with it. Instead we get this:

*phones it in*

Also, did we really need so much emphasis on her chest pumping move? Why was that move only slowed down for her?

I’m sorry, maybe it would have worked if she didn’t have the heavy jacket, but she does. And it doesn’t.

Risako is suddenly struck by lightning…to freakin WAKE HER UP!

Next to the pwnage of Miyabi, it was just a little annoying.

I want those stockings.

Momoko wants your liver…Still a little creepy.

I don’t know all their names still. There are two girls that look exactly the same to me. They both look great though. As do any others I haven’t mentioned. It might be the case that I’ll never be interested in these girls individually but I will be interested in their music.

Maybe I’ll learn all their names some day. With the exit of Elder club and how awesome the songs are getting, I might have to. I’ll probably be writing about them more and more.


I never thought I’d see the day.

One more successful dance cap. WOO!


2 thoughts on “In Which Isilie just gives in

  1. Captain pretty much *does* always wear a hat… which is awesome. Thankfully, this style works with her hat rather than against it as a lot of her looks have been. The hat she got stuck with for her yellow outfit in the latest concerts was horrible, though… a granny hat. >_<

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