Gush~Gush~~ Momusu Dancing prt.2


So we arrive at part two of my cap-fest regarding Morning Musume’s dances (part one is here). I loved watching these pvs again. This dancing thing began as a top ten and then morphed into a gushing fest, but now it’s gone on to have two parts because there is too much that is completely awesome about Momusu dancing. These routines have been done so often that you forget how awesome they actually are. When you rewatch the old pvs and see them dancing their hearts out for (arguably) the first time, you get the coreography at its freshest. I’ve never seen some of these done better than in those original dance-shot moments. That’s why I am a fan of the dance pvs and I don’t mind a lack of close-ups. One thing I discovered in my capping frenzy is that you don’t need a whole lot of set to do something amazing with a pv you just need good editing, a couple costumes and girls who don’t take themselves too seriously.

I love this group…

vlcsnap-1132134Capping Love Machine has got to be one of the most interesting things I’ve done for this blog. Nobody can whine about green-screen when watching that one. Admittedly they had a hell of a lot more budget, in terms of costumes, but the green-screen allows for a lot of “locations” and the girls are goofy, as well as cool and genki. They vlcsnap-04088pull out some of the most baffling faces I’ve ever seen in a H!P video. They do stupid things, like having an enormously tall Iida Kaori stomping on pedestrians in Shibuya.  The editing makes it seem like there are tons of sets, but it’s all one big green-screen. There is so much joy and humour in that pv that it’s no wonder that Japan fell in love with it. There is a lot of pink, but it makes you damn happy.

They’ve utilized green-screen a whole lot in their pvs and it’s only recently that they seem to have forgotten how to use it. If you look at Koi no Dance Site (which you should!) it’s all green-screen…and yet, it’s fun, it’s crazy, it’s joyous, it’s weird and it’s epic win.

I ended the last post on Do it Now because I love it so much, but this time I’ll go back in time slightly, because these next two just begged to be mentioned.

As for One Day
(Taken from pv)


Back when last singles rocked so hard you almost wept…LOOK at how gorgeous that is! Forget about how much I love blue and water, I just can’t believe how much they pulled off with nothin but that green-screen. Granted, it’s odd that they are basically in a giant fish-bowl (wut?), but you accept it because it’s freakin’ gorgeous.


When I first saw this pv, I remember being quite new to Momusu, so I didn’t know what to expect. My brother told me I’d probably like this song.

Oh, he was not only right…
Well, I can’t think of a more emphatic way to say HE WAS RIGHT!

They do a lot of spinning in this dance, which, due to the lighting and costumes, is lovely and makes everyone (even Kaori-all-limbs-all-the-time) look like a ballerina.


Ishikawa is in the center for a great deal of time, but that works so well here. She does the tear-stained-why’dyouhurtme stare perfect.




AH! Don’t LOOK at me!


I love the little side dip during the “as for one day” line. Then their feet do something that I’ve never been able to figure out. Something I didn’t think fit, but it really does. There’s a sort of muted desperation to it that fits the song so well.


Overall, the dance is just beautiful. I wish they’d start singing this song again. As far as vocals, it doesn’t demand as much as some of the older singles. I don’t see why they can’t. Bring back the spin-shuffle dance!


I miss Mari and Kemeko…2nd was and is beautiful.

Koko ni Iruzee!
(Taken from pv)


This is another one of those dances that I can’t even get a handle on. Capping it was near impossible, but I got the best shots I could. A great deal of them involve the silhouettes of the audience and that makes it seems a bit creepy. The video, despite what my caps reveal, is amazingly bright and colourful. There is a lot of jumping, obviously. Lots of member love.


This might not be the best example of member-love, but there is lots of embracing along with this delightful little lean-on-my-back moment. I love watching them on the big circus stage here, but I think I should mention that Momusu is apparently searching for treasure and getting very muddy when they aren’t pwning it up with all this crazy leaping about.


Look the at the height they get when they really go for it! The backwards running-man is particularly delightful, but moves by so fast that I could not capture it properly.


I love when they start jumping as though a string is yanking them up by their necks. It looks a tad creepy with all the shadows and all the cheering silhouettes, but it’s a great spastic moment.


During the middle instrumental, it looks like they all just go nuts and start with the air-guitar. There is so much celebration and abashed joy. The rumpled plaid just makes it all work.


Then there is, of course, the line at the end. I love Yossy looking at Kei at the back there.
“Bring it ON Kemeko!”


MOONing TIME! Not to sound like a maniac, but you really can’t see their butts at all, so I’m not sure what they’re “tee-hee”ing about. Aw well. It’s damn adorable.


WOO! Notice Mari’s got the most height on that leap and Takahashi is just embracing the whole wide world.

This is the one dance that I don’t mind not having a straight dance-shot of, even though it’s epic. Everything about this pv is wonderful. I don’t mind that the dance is always split apart onstage by the stage itself. I always love this number, because the running-man will show up, the leaping will show up and the insane arm-waving that is so intense their feet almost leave the ground always shows up. Unless you’re just standing around, you pretty much can’t wreck this one.



Souda! We are Alive!
(From pv)


FUCK yeah! I don’t care how overdone this song is (and it IS), the pv still kicks so much ass it’s unbelievable. From the moment it begins with the fist pumping, it basically never slows down for a moment. The costumes are pretty simple, involving purses and cellphones for some reason, but on this simple stage in front of the giant MM flag, it seems to fit.


This is one I would have loved a dance-shot for. Look at Mari and Kei go! They are particularly fierce in this one. I love this moment during the intro, with the kicking and…whatever the hell else goes on.


PWN! Ah, when Mari had the center, she HAD THE CENTER. Yossy just always rules. And I think Kei is on her phone back there. What else do you do when they give you a cell phone to dance with?


Souda is a particularly interesting song because there are so many changes. Tsunku really threw in anything he could think of. This middle instrumental part sort of comes out nowhere and becomes a dance-off. It’s not so much dancing as stomping, which Mari does amazingly well for someone so tiny. She pwns all.


LOVE! I love how the line is made up of seniors grinning at kouhai. Or in the case of Ishikawa, scaring them to death. You gotta love fourth gen.


This ending is awesome. You really do get the sense that they rule the world.
Or at least that stage.

The Peace!
(From pv)


Momusu-the-sailors dancing in a giant latrine…how did they get away with something like that?

When I first saw this, I almost couldn’t get past the initial wtf. I read somewhere, much MUCH later, that the concept was chosen to basically give the finger to some tabloid that had footage of some of the members using the bathroom. The footage was never released, as far as I know, but it was supposedly a nod to the story. So, some bizarre inside joke?

Whether you get the joke or not, you tend to get used to it all, because it’s such a delight. The sheer wtf-ness transfers to the dance also. Apparently Tsunku was going for a sort-of charleston. I’m not as familiar with swing dancing as I used to be, but I’m not sure what they do here is quite it.

I do know that it’s awesome and hilarious.


It must have been so nice to dance in sneakers. Just try and ignore the urinals behind them…


Kemeko slays me. She is so damn intense! Take note of those who get some air when they jump and those who don’t bother (I’m looking at YOU dead-fish…I mean GOTO). There are just way too many instances of everyone doing silly or crazy faces and Goto just kinda being…well, there.


This is my favourite moment of the dance and the moment when I stopped noticing the urinals. They stopped making me confused and just faded out with the absolute awesomeness of this little shuffle. Like I’ve said, watch Kemeko during this moment. She clearly loves it as much as we do.


Woahwoah woahwoah woahwoah PEACE PEACE! Damn, cleaning latrines is so much fun!


And then the sun goes down and we get this lovely little “charleston” heavy interlude after Ishikawa’s little speech. Clearly something has rocked the boat…probably Kemeko.


Shuffle, shuffle, spin, spin! I’d mention how adorable Yossy is in this pv or how much Ishikawa adores being in the center for the first time, but I think it goes without saying.


And then the most wtf moment of all: the urinals light up, a disco ball appears and it becomes the world’s first latrine-disco. They work hard, they play hard. Even with all the glitter they remain in formation…


…until even they can’t stop laughing at how awesome and insane this all is. I wonder why sparkling gold with feathers worked on these girls but not the current lineup. I guess we need the urinals in the background? I’m sorry I keep mentioning them, but it’s jarring to sort through your caps and find that a great deal of them are just LINES OF URINALS.

Anyway, the ending happens a couple of times, but when they finally do end the song, everyone has their own unique way of posing.


Ha, ha, HAH!

Renai Revolution 21
(From pv)

Is there any Momusu fan who isn’t familiar with this dance, considering they do it every chance they get?


This video is a joy to cap. The space theme gives a bunch of adorable/kakkoii moments that I capped, but will have to restrain myself from including. This isn’t a pv review, it’s a gush about the dance. Let’s try and remember that this dance is amazingly fun and forget how often they perform it.


LOVE these costumes. Again, I’ll sound like a maniac, but they just don’t do leather and hair-gel anymore! Come ON! If Nakazawa can do it…


If you watch Abe, during this little arm wave, you’ll see that somehow, her legs really don’t move. I can’t explain it, but her body just moves differently from everyone else. It’s really funny because she looks like she’s concentrating really hard.

There are so many transitions and single shots in this pv that I had to just focus on the moments where you can see everyone dancing. The best moment, as it tends to be, is the middle.


The “rap” part! Look at all that tummy! (sorry, maniac moment)


Actually, much of this pv utilizes odd camera angles. It’s like this camera is just on the ground. It’s nice though because we can see their feet in those awesome boots.


Morning Musume DROP IT!


So they drop it! And this little slow rise, while chanting “cho cho cho ii kanji” is the best build up ever.


They break back into the chorus, showing much attitude.


No words. Just LOOK!



I love that the tallest and shortest are next to each other here. It doesn’t seem to matter because of the angle of the camera. Elsewhere in the pv they give attitude to a camera underneath a glass floor, a camera passing overhead and one pointing directly at them. They also worked with slow-mo and there are a lot of little inserts of oceans and storms and other epic sights.

Just give me the group.


I love that Kemeko has that huge hat. Only she could make that look cool. Yet another awesome ending. I never understand why they keep bouncing in these positions in concerts. It’s cool as it is, ne?

Ok, how about just a few little moments?


Bad ass Abe + TsujiKago = epic win.



I need to go cap the living hell out of three more pvs and I can end this off. This is turning into a bigger job than I thought it would be. Part three is on its way!




3 thoughts on “Gush~Gush~~ Momusu Dancing prt.2

  1. I love your gushings… Being a fan coming in only recently and clearly after the “golden age” has ended, these articles have been educational. It gives me some reason to review/view the older clips. Thank you and I totally concur with your view on Fisheyes…

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