Gush~Gush~~ Momusu Dancing prt.3


So we’ve reached the final installment (for the singles anyway) of my dance series.

[Part One]
[Part Two]

As I’ve mentioned, capping these old pvs is a real delight. And since we’re moving backwards here, I think towards the beginning of Momusu’s career, the dancing becomes just a fun addition to an already wonderful pv. Case and point: every single song I’ll be talking about in this post. With their member change-ups the image always evolved, but once they settled on optimistic-genki the trend continued for quite awhile, giving us some of the funnest (yes, I said funnest) and most addictive songs in their history.vlcsnap-06209

Admittedly, since their older pvs focused more on (gasp!) a plot or a bunch of hilarious randomness from the girls, the dances aren’t so heavily featured. So if this reads more like pv reviews, you’ll have to excuse me. As with “Joshi…”, really any cap is gold.

So on we go.



Ah, I Wish. The ideal graduation song. The joyful…est of the joyous dances. The EXTREME NOSTALGIA it evokes as it is (arguably) the quintessential 4th Gen song. This pv is mostly story, ala HaroMoni Theatre on Hello Morning. We do get some of the dance, but I think it’s best conveyed in concert. Even so, I did my best.

(Isilie Trivia: My favourite performance of this song is from TsujiKago’s grad concert. Something about everyone’s joy and tears during that number just makes me weep every time. When they all get into that giant line and dance their hearts out during the last chorus…damn how you pull my heart-strings, 4th gen!)



There is something so wonderful about this moment, where they throw their coats into the air and begin the joy that is this song. The intro is a tad more melancholy, but pretty soon you’ve got the entire group totally convinced that life is pretty damn amazing anyway.


The two-top push each other around a lot in this one. Which just makes me smile because nobody affectionately slaps each other around in this group anymore. Does that make me a horrible person?


They run towards the camera a whole lot too.


And don’t forget to go “YEA!” as much as you can.
I LOVE this song, so much…


My favourite moment of this dance will always be the last chorus (or I suppose any moment when they sing the chorus) when they do this little leap to each foot that I can barely cap let alone describe. It makes me so happy and I don’t even know why. There’s a childlike innocence to it, that I’m pretty sure is the point. It fits with the lovely optimistic lyrics.

You sent me a silly email that made me laugh / For some reason my tears won’t stop / Ah, thank you…(Translation from here)

That line always gets me. I suppose that’s the point of this song. When lonliness is crushing, it’s the little things that get you through and make you grateful enough to cry. THAT is why life is wonderful, because no matter how much it sucks, those moments are always there if you know to look for them.


You gotta love songs that remind you to smile. This song and its dance are like that.

Koi no Dance Site


Tell me you hate this dance, in all its flail-y, head-bobbin’, chicken-dancin’ glory and I WON’T BELIEVE YOU!


Side to side crazy flail!


Punch, punch, punch!


AI YAH YAH *head jiggles* AI YAH YAH!


This video is unique in that it not only uses all green screen with costume changes, but it also uses lots of zooming and multiple-Momusu effects. It’s quite wonderful.


Macho Musume!


Annnnd one more time!


I love these white and blue costumes. And this move. They all go for it, even Kaori, who spends a lot of the video doing this:


Or variations of that. But she was fully into her “ne waratte”-communication phase, so it really can’t be helped. Besides she does vacant in an adorable way.


And before we had Shige to regale us with her “HELP MEEEE” we had Mari’s sexy beam. Sexy? Debatable. Awesome? YES!


I love how they start leaping into the chorus like this.


My favourite moments tend to be random, like right after the first chorus when they start dancing in and out of the line like this. There’s something delightful about the spastic way they shimmy around.


Another random moment of member love. Except for poor Goto.


Anybody know what the hell is going on in here? Believe it or not this is all a part of the dance.


As is this! I love the giant carpet that goes on forever. It’s such a simple effect and it’s an entire lack-of-set that manages to create the perfect setting. See what you can do with green-screen if you really get creative?


The aggressive “OOH! HAH!” base behind just about every line make for some great movements.


I forgot that this is the only track where Momusu members (what looks like only the second gen) got to participate in the backing track. It is only blowing whistles now and then, aside from all the delightful squealing that goes on, but still.


And we end with them pushing Goto forward. She trips a little, but it takes the edge off that final OOH HAH moment that might have otherwise made us forget how adorable they are.


One more: OOH~HAH!

Love Machine

Tell me you don’t love this dance. I WON’T BELIEVE YOU!


The dance is spread over so many sets/costumes/moments I can only give you small portions. Seriously, best capping experience I’ve had in a long time. It’s rare that basically every shot you get is pure win, but this video just kicks the arse of everything EVER (assuming you’re an uber-fan like myself).


Oh, the delightful slide from side-to-side.


Annnnd again!

I love how even the girls seem to know everything about this video is ridiculous, including this dance. It’s executed with absolute devotion, while at the same time, a great deal of crazy-smiles and smirking.


Nodody sells the “woah woah yeah yeah” chorus like these four. LOOK at them!


Hooray for pink!!


And we have the middle….


Adorable kick!


And we shuffle back and forth some more in insane fur-rimmed clothing.


This moment, if you’ll excuse the trite buzzword, is iconic. The costumes, the futuristic (if spun from pink candy-floss and Barbie’s dream-spaceship) setting and the final, “love machine”, beautifully delivered by Mari and horribly mangled by ANYONE ELSE, really resonate. I don’t know how it all fits together, but the girls had enough personality to make anything acceptable and or AWESOME.


Take THAT absolutely everyone EVER.


Now I’m going to do something I’ve never done on this blog before: fulfil a request. Well, I’m not sure it was a request, so much as an assumption, but since Mozenator  (please forgive me if I’ve spelled your name incorrectly) was kind enough to comment on the first part of this post, I’d like to address Berryz and C-ute.

Now, I don’t really follow either of them as closely as Momusu (duh), so I really cannot comment on anything before 2006 or so…even then, my interest goes in fits and starts and some times dwindles completely. That being said, I do have one dance for each of them that I capped and thoroughly enjoyed. I’ve capped them just for you Mozenator. And to a lesser extent, anyone else who was hoping for a kidz centric dancing post.

Berryz Koubou – Dakishimete x2
(Taken from Dance-Shot pv)


The song and the pv went a long way to convincing me that Berryz are capable of being sexy (with the exception of self-satisfied dead-fish Risako, who is just off-putting in this pv, for whatever reason). I love the song and this dance made me really happy because we’re getting way too many (in my eyes) slower dances that just don’t pop.


Look at that! Admittedly when they rotate slowly while moving their arms a lot it slows down a bit, but at least their being adorable about it and not just staring at the camera (I’m looking at YOU Nanchatte Renai….dance).


Inappropriate chest pumpin’ time! Woo!


This is the adorable moment I was mentioning. Captain in particular makes me happy because she has this weird old-man smirk on her face the entire time, even though she’s tiny and arguably the cutest thing on the planet. Also: more real hats please. They rule.


Best. Cap. Ever.


I loved everything about the moments leading up to the chorus, but particularly this one, where they knock their knees together a bit as Maasa pwns her arse off.

Hats. Rule. All.


What I love about this otherwise hilarious feel-ourselves-up-a-little moment, is the contrast between Risako and Miyabi’s attitute. Miyabi exudes confidence most times and perhaps a smidge of good-natured embarrassment at others. Risako, no matter what is happening, just smirks like she’s God’s gift to everyone.

Well…I love your voice kid, BUT YOU’RE NOT!


LOVE the punching. I guess I’m just a violent, violent girl.


And crazy arm throw!!

Virtually every moment is cap-able delight, at least for me. It was hard to choose which ones specifically to include.

I’ll end on an unexpected one that I think is gorgeous.


Kumai, tallest girl ever, centered and epic. Beautiful moment I thought.

It really is a great dance.

C-ute – Tokkaiko Junjou (you expected anything else?)
(Taken from Dance-shot pv)


They don’t let up for one second.


And they start with a bang.


Everybody seems to give it their all, but in unique ways. I’ll confess though, Maimi keeps my eye the most because she just goes freakin’ crazy when you get her dancing. She borders on Kemeko in her fierceness, but you get more of a sporty air than a Kei air.


Great hair-flippy moments.


And dudes, this is all before they even start singing.


Too much awesome-ness. I can’t stop watching Kanna in that awesome outfit…


The middle is where the dance really takes off though. The beat is pretty much merciless, but the girls go for it with cool/giddy abandon.


All limbs all the time!


Look at Kanna back there…she some how manages to give it her all while being completely laid back and uber-cool about it all.




The side-to-side hair-flippy awesomeness of this moment makes me string together words incoherently, like soamazingIcan’tbelievekidslookatthemgowooooooooo etc. I love how Chisato still manages to look like an eleven year old boy with great legs.


When they do stop, which is rarely, they still manage epic-win.


I could cap this dance forever…


Airi looks amazing in this shot. At this point I need to physically restrain myself from including more caps, so I’ll end it and then duct-tape myself to my wall (oh, it CAN be done, my friend).


Coolest one? Kanna by far. LOOK at that last pose!
Which girl is your coolest one in this dance?

These choices might seem annoyingly current to some of you, but these two songs are songs that made me take these groups seriously. Specifically for the dances too.

vlcsnap-01610Berryz wasn’t even on my radar before probably MadaYade; C-ute even less so, before this one. Perhaps it’s my age-bias. I admit it. I have a hard time seeing the now mostly sixteen-years-old Berryz as anything but children, even though they’ve obviously grown a hell of a lot. C-ute even less so. I don’t think that it’s as simple as “I’m a cranky age-biased freak” though. Their songs just don’t really capture me the way Momusu songs do.

However, these singles really kicked my ass. Seriously.
I had to grudgingly admit to myself, “FINE! I LOVE these singles, ok? I’ll have vlcsnap-05945them on repeat until I know every line and probably watch the dance-shots until I DIE, OK??? OK!?? ARE YOU HAPPY!?”

I really hope they keep making music like this. I would love it if they became as captivating as Momusu for me. I definetly acknowledge how much they’ve grown as performers. I recognize that they’re older now. And I love these two pvs. The dances are awesome. So, if nothing else, I know that they are capable of pwning their arses off, when given the chance. It makes me look forward to the future.


Mari being gorgeous in ‘As for One Day’

And thus, endeth my dance cap-fest.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Go back and watch your fave pvs again. If you’re anything like me, it will make you unabashedly giddy.


5 thoughts on “Gush~Gush~~ Momusu Dancing prt.3

  1. Thus endeth the great gushing of joy. I enjoyed the last two… both songs are my favourites from both groups… ( i was wondering why you didn’t get “my boy” or “Namida no iro” in but well, it is your gushing..) Cheers!

  2. awesome recap on MM’s dances. it’s really too bad that there isnt a black clothes version for Do It Now, Konno’s black dress makes me blush with delight everytime she gets on screen.

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