We finally have our 9th gen Morning Musume members, ladies and gents! They are, Sayashi Riho, Suzuki Kanon, Ikuta Erina, Fukumura Mizuki (from H!P Egg)!!! I have no idea who those people are but we finally have another generation of four people!!!!!

I am so excited (can you tell by my liberal use of the exclamation point?)!!

Everyone is between 12 and 14 so step on up Momusu! Even Takahashi commented that everyone is so young and now things will be completely different. I guess I can’t really say that much. It’s not like we had Hello Morning or better yet Asayan to show us exactly who the girls are, what they went through to get to this point and what their reactions were when they were named members.

Well, we get still photos, but…

If I had any idea who any of the H!P Eggs are, I’d be really happy for this girl. Looks like our crybaby riida certainly is.

Stop crying sweetie! I love how the rest of her gen are just staring at her, grinning. What a way to start off the new year, eh?

Hey, they look pretty happy, so maybe the tears will come later when they realize how much work they have to do now.



I need to go and rewatch the few clips they have of the 9th Audition, but all I remember is one girl crying because the dance teacher kept yelling at her and clips of the Gokkie audition.

Honestly, H!P NEEDS A NEW SHOW!!

This will be really interesting. I wonder how the five of our remaining members will get along with the new recruits. The age gap has become fairly large again. I wonder if we’ll morph from the bunch of sisters we’ve had to a more familial situation. You’ve already got a very maternal leader and papa-musume-Gaki to keep everyone on their toes. The sixth gen feels incredibly competitive to me, so I don’t know how they will handle younger, cuter (you never know) competition without trying to crush them. Mitsui? I just hope she finds a friend in these four that she can really stick with. I’d like to see her paired up with someone who isn’t a huge brat (*coughHagiwaracough*).Bring on the mentor thing again!! Just don’t pair Ai up with the crybaby…

So excited! Waiting for more news, more clips and the next single.


Ok so there is a show: Bijo Gaku, but I haven’t really heard of it before this. I haven’t watched it yet; I’ve only really seen the 9th Gen audition parts.

After seeing those: I must say I am thrilled Riho and Kanon got in. I feel really endeared to them, mostly because they remind me of Takahashi and Ogawa respectively. Kanon has a deeper voice and beautiful beaming grin when she sings and dances. Riho is just very polished. I suppose she could be Goto-esque, but I have a bit of a Gokkie bias. It’s fine if she is a little Goto – we need one. I don’t know the Egg but Erina reminds me of Yajima, with her all-limbs-all-the-time-dancing. There is an elegance to her though that is intriguing.

This just makes me even more excited. Go here for part one and here for part two if you haven’t seen any audition footage and still want to. Thanks to AoiUsagi for the links!


4 thoughts on “NEW MEMBERS!!!

  1. XD, Mizuki has been a crybaby since joining the Eggs. She burst into tears onstage while introducing herself, and then started crying backstage after the concert. She’s going to give Takitty a run for her money.

  2. Hehe, I can just imagine Ai-chan and Mizuki caught in an infinite loop of crying. That wouldn’t be a pretty sight! XD

    Overall, I’m actually pretty satisfied with the choices. My two favorite of the auditioners made it through, and the other two girls are certainly pleasant enough. I’m actually really quite glad that Sayashi Riho made it. She seems to be quite the talented girl and hopefully she’ll be able use that talent to add to the group.

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