I miss TakaLin…

Oh, it’s not just you, Ai. The people who don’t like Linlin are clearly heartless, puppy-kicking crazies who like to chew on hammers. Listen to her voice. Watch her spazz during pv shoots. LOOK at her smile. Tell me you don’t want to give her a big hug – I WON’T BELIEVE YOU!

I miss my OTP.

I think I may be the only person in blogdom who actually pairs these two up. Obviously, if we’re talking about crazy shipping within Momusu, pairing the generations up is easy enough. I love Niigaki and Takahashi together. I think they blend well, they compliment each other and they have always seemed close; that was one of the things that drew me most to the Gokkies. The thing is, TakaLin really does seem like a OTP. This is really the first time I’ve understood the concept of the OTP.

And I don’t mean in some dirty fanfiction-written-by-the-light-of-a-candle-out-in-the-garden-shed way. I mean in a ‘they-are-totally-freakin’-sisters- kinda way.

I know one is Chinese and one is Japanese (DUH), but in terms of personality: the initial shyness, the random spazz, the singing talent, the infectious smiles – even stumbling over their words… Linlin didn’t get all of Ai’s dancing talent, but she certainly pwns singing like nobody’s business. I wonder if she screams like a man/fog-horn when she’s surprised.

I was watching (re-watching) the graduation dvd for JunLin, as I am missing the three most recent grads something fierce. I think the dynamic between JunLin is really interesting. There is a weird sort of tension there. Their personalities are extremely different. Linlin said, “Well then” [Maa, maa – as in ‘let’s nevermind about that’] quite a lot. I love that JJ just flat out said that she used to hate her. Linlin wasn’t as straightforward (something JJ chided her about), but she did say she pretty much knew it and it made her sad. That is why she was so quiet at first. She’d be alone so long she had “built a wall around herself” that needed to be broken.

Who broke that wall?
Miss Riida, that’s who.

This is why Ai was crying by the end of her message to Linlin on the dvd. This is why she ended it with [paraphrased], “I can’t imagine you won’t be here. Don’t you forget me. I love you.”

I totally cried; I’m not gonna lie.

That is Ai as leader for you. She didn’t really need to do anything. She could have just kept it instructional and been kind but distant. She decided she wanted to know if Linlin really was a quiet person. In turns out, she is actually the delightful spazz we all adore (except you hammer-chewing puppy haters). Linlin said it was really because of Ai.

I am not saying the other members didn’t do anything, weren’t kind and didn’t pay attention to her. And it is technically Takahashi’s job to make sure her girls are getting along alright. I just think it’s so sweet that these two became siblings too.

Kamei even mentions it [paraphrased]: “They have a sibling dynamic that I’ve enjoyed watching. I’m sure Ai-chan will be sad when she goes.”

Wasn’t there a similar sort of relationship between Tsuji Nozomi and Abe Natsumi? That’s why Tsuji was crying so violently at Abe’s grad that she had to be taken off stage [starts 1:12-2:27]?

I haven’t seen the grad concert yet, but I cannot wait. If the costumes are any indication, it’s going to be epic. I bet you I’ll cry yet again.
I hope Momusu will still be a place where they can have relationships like this.

Read Linlin’s blog entry about returning to China. It’s beautiful.
And, just for a bonus, Ai’s blog entry about Linlin.
Thanks to BlogProject!

Missing my Takalin.


3 thoughts on “I miss TakaLin…

  1. Aaagh, I’ve already been giving myself a Lin-reminiscing day, and then to see this post… TakaLin is such a perfect pairing. I’m forever grateful to Takahashi for saving Lin from feeling lonely. Their bond was one of the most loveable things in Morning Musume. Seeing them post about each other in their blogs (Lin’s blog is pretty much about two things: Takahashi and food) and cuddle during concerts…

    I can’t even finish that thought. I need to go cry some more. Y_Y


  2. I think the truly heartbreaking thing about Linlin leaving is that she is truly gone, and not just gone in the sense that she graduated, but gone as in across a large body of water in another country gone. I really enjoyed seeing the two of them together; they just seemed to “fit.” The fact that Takahashi and her can’t keep their friendship alive (as in going out together with each other) outside of work is horrible. I really hope that they somehow find the time to keep in contact. =(

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