Pic Spam: Because 2011 is just too much so far.

Ok, so far we’ve got a massive three-person Morning Musume graduation, a new soloist (Kikuka-something-or-other…the one from Nutjob’s anime group), at least two new singles to come, four new members of Momusu, including a very surprised H!P Egg, and the impending graduation of our current Momusu leader and arguably the center of H!P itself. And that is in maybe three weeks.

Give us a moment to breathe, will ya, Tsunku?

I have been trying to do a pic spam for a couple days now, but it seems every time I try to post it, something else happens. What next??

OH! I forgot that the OGs will be going on tour soon.

SERIOUSLY!! STOP!!! Unless you are giving Yossy another photobook, just GIVE IT A REST!!!

Let’s all start off this massive pic spam by looking at the lovely Yossy being…well, just delightful. LOOK at her. I love her so much…


Seriously…NEF (not even fair)!!


When I first found that picture I just started squealing. That is about five years and counting, this Yossy-crush of mine. If she would just stop being awesome for ONE SECOND!!

Alright, no pic spam would be complete without:

Winky fail! She is always consistent in her epic, epic fail. It’s bad enough that we have a folder for it on the computer. I only wish I were kidding.

Put your elbow in the air if you love some Winky fail!! WOOT WOOT!

Granny doesn’t want none of that!

Momo…isn’t that a little unwise?

N: “WOA Momo, seriously, that’s not-”


*Jaws theme*

C: “The fish was THIS BIG!!!”

Takahashi wonders where your head at?

Crack: it’s just not good for you.

Assault: it’s just Shige’s way of expressing love.


…Or just get rip-roarin’ drunk!

Lest we forget – Junjun is beautiful. It is not her fault they kept putting her in variations of a paperbag.

Tell me this isn’t hawt. I WON’T BELIEVE YOU.

Maasa – hardcore ripped. LOOK at those arms!

When Linlin photo-bombs, Takahashi goes, “WuuuhAAAT?!”

Yes. Yes, that’s right. The vision of hawt pwning your eyes is none other than NAKAZAWA YUUKO!!

PWN!!!! Always class, always gorgeous (and she’ll kick your butt if you say otherwise).

Takahashi knows what that look means. Watch the hands there, Mame!

Nah, it’s ok when it’s Mame. BWAHAHAHA!

If she goes too far, Ai’s learned a few techniques from past leaders.

N: “Just send em to me if the ass kickin’ doesn’t work.”

Yuuko disproves. Strongly.

Makoto: you probably shouldn’t give her guns.

Chiisato disproves. Cutely.


*Jaws theme*

Mikitty disproves. Disgustedly.

Iida: punched by a butt.


Koharu AKA Jailbait AKA always the top search term for people who find this site: she knows what you’re doing.

That’s right, Chiisato. You could be next.

Now stop being so cute!

M: “There. It’s a damn sock, full of flowers. Like, there’s not even a candycane! I hope you’re satisfied…”

Do the Reina-Fail! WOOT WOOT!

Booze: it makes hair accessories really interesting.

Momo: “See? I can defeat you!”
JJ: “Didn’t you just drink that fabric softener?”

Ai: “Of course I’ll marry you!”
Boy: “Um, those wota look pretty mad…”

Mame: “Don’t forget – she’s MINE!”

Ah the Winky Faaaaail! You just slide to the leeeeft…

If you fail, riida, don’t worry – you’re covered.

Although, there are times when nothing can help you.

Just…what is going ON in this picture!??

Then you flash yo safety paaaaaaants….

Shige: “Ummm, yeaaah. Love that dance, Reina.”

Shige: “Ok, ok, I’m doing it too…”

I KNEW it!

Don’t let the shiny bling fool you….

Friends don’t let friends dance drunk.
C: “Ok, Miyabi, you’re hurting my neck…”

Risako: just…so happy to be out of the swamp!

T: “Statues need love too. This is my friend Wanda. She’s actually really nice if you get to know her…”

GAM: they’re laughing at you.

Mame thinks you’re pretty neat though.

‘Nuff said.

Mitsui: so cute it makes Kamei cry.

Chisato being unfortunate.

Shige: pwning her senpai…because she CAN!

W: “Hey, you do the Reina-Fail now! YOU DO IT!”

M: “You do realize that she’s making FUN of you, right?”

Winky: “I don’t care. It’s about ME, dammit! ME!”

N: “What was that?”

Winky: “Ohhhkay, maybe I’ll just slide to the exit here.”


And there is only one thing for her to do:

Have a beer with Yossy.


So lucky.


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