H!P, Morning Musume

Takahashi is leaving the building.

This autumn riida is finally graduating. Apparently she is leaving Momusu AND H!P. She’s overtaken even Iida Kaori in how long she has been in the group and she’s been leader longest also. She has basically all the lines in almost every song. She’s gorgeous and an amazing performer.

What are we going to do?

When I read this over at Hello Online (see blogroll), I honestly got a shock. I just blinked at the computer screen for a few minutes while that cold weird feeling passed over me.

I don’t even know why. I mean, she’s been in the group for such a long time. Of course she is going to leave someday. Of course she is going to have to make room for new members. She’s 24 and the average age of Momusu is 12-21 (or there abouts). Even if it makes sense, it’s still a shock.

I guess this must have been what it was like for fans when Abe left. She was the face  of Momusu for so many people; it must have seemed like she would never be gone. To wake up one Sunday and see that she’s leaving her group must have been hard to comprehend. Before you shake your head at my comparison, look at it this way: both girls are amazing perfomers, both girls are gorgeous, both girls love Morning Musume and both girls got a great majority of the lines in singles.

Takahashi Ai is the lead vocal in no less than 19 of the 32 singles she’s participated in (possibly more). That is not counting b-sides, album tracks or solos.

You know what this means don’t you? Unless the ninth gen is given a chance to step up a LOT, basically every single line will be going to WINKY!!!

Every. Single. Line. Sure Niigaki will get some, maybe. If one of the 9th gen has a nice voice she may get SOME…but the majority will probably go to Reina, AS IF SHE NEEDS ANY MORE!

Obviously this isn’t the only issue here. I will miss Ai’s presence in every way: as a voice, as a dancer, as a leader, as eye-candy…I just don’t want this graduation to become Tsunku’s excuse to pimp Winky even more. Step on up 9th Gen!!!

I was so excited for this year. I was watching the Genki Pikax2 concert, how Linlin used to sing with that huge confident smile, Junjun could suddenly look elegant and gorgeous and Eri would just bust out dancing like a drunken frat boy. I was missing them so much and missing the strong, close line-up that we used to have, but I was thinking how interesting it will be to watch the new members. I’d just gotten used to the thought that Eri, JJ and Linlin would never be in a single again.

Now I have to figure out how to reconcile myself the to possibility that not only will Takahashi be gone, but Winky will suddenly take over. It’s like the last thing preventing Momusu from becoming Winky and her backups is leaving.

STEP UP 9th GEN!!!

And hey, let’s not forget Niigaki will be a kick-ass leader.

If anyone can defend her place, it’s probably Niigaki.

Gokkies FOREVER!!!!



5 thoughts on “Takahashi is leaving the building.”

  1. I literally screamed. No. Not Reina. No. I can’t believe I didn’t realize that before. NO!


    Also, where does it say that Ai-chan will also be leaving H!P?

  2. Gosh, I really can’t imagine a Morning Musume without Ai as leader. I’m really a fairly recent fan, and while I was “aware” of Morning Musume when Yossie was leader, I didn’t really follow them that closely. She really was so integral to the current group that EVERTHING will be different once she is gone. There really is no way around it, Morning Musme is who they are today because of Takahashi Ai (and I loved the 9 and 8-nin groups, so that would be a compliment =D)

    As for Reina being ALONE in the center, gosh I hope not! Songs like Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game are going to be lopsided as heck now if Ai’s lines are split up… Eek!

    As for Niigaki becoming leader, I admit I’m excited to see that. She’s going to make a heck of an amazing leader, and I’m really glad that she is going to be given the chance to actually prove that to us. Which actually makes me feel a bit guilty at the same time! ><

  3. I hear you on the Winky thing. I am really afraid that it will become “the winky show”, she annoys me enough already. Honestly I think UFA needs to phase out both the leads so that it won’t be so dramatic when they start giving lines to 9th gen.

    I am looking forward to Risa being leader though. I think her and Sayu (I am assuming here since they didn’t make an official announcement about sub-leader) will make an excellent pairing. I am really hoping that Risa gets to be leader for at least 2 years, and that they don’t graduate her too quickly after becoming leader. I think MM will blossom with her leadership.

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