Squee for Buono 2011~!

FINALLY a new single: Zassou no Uta. I want it.

…I seriously want this single.

One thing I love about Buono is that harmony is always an important part of their songs. I love the rock-pop sound. I also love that even though one of them is clearly a diva, the other two get plenty of lines and pwn every single one. Airiri is up front this time, but it doesn’t even matter.

I will have to do my usual cap-fest review later. For now, watch the pv.

I will never understand why they are fixing cars (might after figuring out the lyrics) and Oatbag has a bit of a Princess-Leia-with-her-finger-in-electrical-socket look in some scenes, but we can forgive that because of the awesome. Everyone sounds lovely as always. The song seems to be another step in their ever maturing sound.

I love that this group has matured so naturally. They went beyond just an anime group and now they stand on their own. They keep on going strong.

Ugh. I really didn’t want to be a fan.

But…the awesome…

Seriously  (somewhat helplessly) loving Buono in 2011.


4 thoughts on “Squee for Buono 2011~!

  1. The first time I heard this song I was just “YES.” because I really love Buono! I have to agree with you though. All of them just pwn their lines and eeeeee, I could squee forever.

  2. C-ute’s new PV is uploaded in youtube now. any chance of reviewing it? i’v got some opinions about it, so i’d thought i’ll hear a review of it.

  3. I read “Princess-Leia-with-her-finger-in-electrical-socket” before watching the PV, and I had no idea what you could ever be referring to. Then I watched the PV, and yup, that’s a pretty darn accurate description… ><

    I really don't mind Airi working the diva image a bit, I think it suits her pretty well and comes off nicely here. Partly because it doesn't overshadow the others like you said, though. It would probably grate on me a bit more if that was the case (as in Shock!).

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