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In Which Platinum Gen Changed Everything – Part Two

PART TWO: The Stagnation Situation

After about two years of Platinum generation, with their slowly declining sales and lack of television presence, it seemed like every post about Momusu involved the word ‘stagnation’. The O.Gs were almost always onscreen when Momusu got to appear and as a result, the concept of the Golden Age became a topic of endless, heated debate. This is also the first time I ever encountered the concept of ‘rage-quitting’ a fandom: “They are just so bad that I am QUITTING them dammit!!.

Never mind all the changes that had happened two years ago and how lightning quick O.Gs had graduated or just exited (it was hard to catch your breath after Abe Natsumi graduated); Never mind the unprecedented move of having Chinese members in Momusu, or the fact that long-time shows had ended and new shows had taken their places; Never mind how H!P was slowly condensing, splitting into Elder Club and WonderfulheartsLand only to have a massive Elder Club exodus in only a couple years; Never mind how very different concerts became when there wasn’t that strong emphasis on variety anymore and how each girl had to step up her game.

Nope. All that mattered was Momusu was the same as it was a year ago, and let’s not forget the looming juggernaut of the emerging AKB48!

What was Itsumo Genki, Momusu-Supporter, to do? Was it really that bad? Let’s take a look at some of the things that I can remember people hating about the Platinum era.

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In Which Isilie Weighs in on Koharu’s Ramblings


Yeah, I said ramblings because I really don’t think she thought any of it through, in any way, at all.

If you want to read a transcript of Koharu’s comments regarding Momusu and so on, it’s here. PLEASE read that before you comment about any of it. It’s fairly long, but worth a look, especially if you like her and this news and “controversy” is upsetting you.

People need to stop talking about how “shocked” they are that people are taking this seriously.
Of course they are. It’s Koharu. People care what she says and it’s hard for them when what she says sounds bad. Bad as in: “Momusu was just there for me to get to modelling, the other girls feel this way, I want female fans because I’m sick of trying to appeal to male fans, I never noticed how hard Shige worked to take care of me” and so on. At least that is one reading of what she said.

Is it that bad?

Read the translation first.


Read it?

I’ll ask again: is it that bad? I think it depends on what you’re looking for: if you don’t like her, you’re looking for rudeness and insults. If you love her, you’re dismissing everything as “not that bad” or “just how she is”. I’ve never been a fan, but I don’t feel a strong emotional response to her either way even when she tries to sing (although, I will never like her singing. Don’t try to argue with me on that, ok?). Let me weigh in here.

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Shining Butterfly !panic!

Dream Morning Musume. Nacchi, Yuko-sama, Rika, the Gooch, Makochin, Kaorin, Kemeko, Nutjob (for some reason) and YOSSYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!


Unsurprisingly, when Dream came along, my initial reaction was an unthinking, “YAAAAAAAAY!!!” I hadn’t seen this group together in years and years. Aside from Nutjob, who I am at best ambivalent about as an idol, there is no one in this group who isn’t an engaging, strong performer. I didn’t sit there analyzing it and thinking, “uh oh”, I just let out a squee and waited to see the concert.

Which was completely epic.
But now they have a single. An original single.

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