Belated Happy Birthday

…At least that’s what I wanted to say. Every year I write a post for Yoshizawa Hitomi, my favourite Morning Musume O.G, and the only idol I know of that shares my own birthday.

I honestly forgot this year.
But it’s probably for the best.

I haven’t commented on her drunk driving, or the fact that she faces prison time, or how her life has fallen apart since then. After all my going on about how much I adore her, what is there to say?

What she did was wrong. I’m sad for everyone involved. I’m sorry that someone I admired so much has done such things.

I hope she can rebuild her life after facing the consequences of her actions. I never expected things to end up this way. I mean, she’s a mother now…

Really, what is there to say?
I will cherish my memories. I will pray for her and for the victims.



In Which Itsumo Genki is 11 Years Old


That’s right. It’s now been ELEVEN years, here at Itsumo Genki, the least prolific O.G of the blogging world ever.

In honour of my own work, I took some time to read through ALL of my eleven years old posts (well, more like ten, but today, technically it’s been ELEVEN years). It was sometimes hilarious, some times traumatizing, and definitely more embarrassing than I could have ever anticipated.


It was also a lot of fun. I hope those of you who have stumbled in here for the first time, or the millionth time, enjoy at least a few of these.

For the sake of the anniversaries I’ve neglected over the years, here are some recommendations from my eleven years of blogging about H!P.

(This is gonna be long and more about the blog than H!P – you’ve been warned.)

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In which Nostalgia is the Problem

mm4It’s been far too long. Sorry. I fail so hard at posting more…

Read this @ Wota in Translation (what might be the best site in the world).

It seems a lot of Japanese wota consider the “platinum era” one of the strongest and most memorable in the group’s history. They seem to agree with my own opinion that it didn’t really begin until Resonant Blue (yay!) and that it ended with Lullaby Game and the gorgeous Rival Survival Concert.

It made me think about being a fan of Momusu and how different it is from other groups and how I’m realizing the paradoxical nature of this fandom: MM’s strength is their biggest weakness.

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In Which Isilie Rambles #1

img20130203023424924One of the biggest reasons I don’t post very often is because of how my brain works. I find it very hard to write short entries that are only one or two sentences with maybe a video attached. When I did these in the past, it was only because I had absolutely no time but wanted to comment (eg. My first post about Brainstorming). They have never sat well with me. It feels like cheating, somehow.

There is also the fact that when I start thinking about something, whether it’s about H!P or just some J-drama or movie I’ve seen, my brain will start trying to make my jumbled thoughts into an essay. Too many university English courses will do this to your brain. You start connecting things, finding parallels, trying to work everything to one point… I don’t think I’ve ever really achieved this, but my brain still goes for it.

What results is: posts that end up way longer than I intended because I can’t be more concise, or lots of little ideas that never get posted about because I can`t stretch them any further. And since I can’t cheat you guys…yeah, I don`t bother.

And this is annoying me. Because 2013 is supposed to be all about posting more. So permit me some rambles, ok?

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Ontanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu!! <3


Well, it looks like it’s my and my Yossy’s birthday again…yeah, I am turning 27, she is now 28.
Let me think about how old we are for a sec…



I love that I share the same birthday as this gorgeous woman. Since she probably has to work tonight too, I will celebrate our day with some Yossy picture goodness.

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Alo Hello Week: Final Day

vlcsnap-2013-03-01-08h04m22s7And so we come to our final day in the lovely Alo Hello Week. I thought I’d end off with my favourite of all the alo-hellos (that I’ve seen so far anyway): Morning Musume’s Alo Hello 2. If I could, I would just set up this whole dvd for you to watch, because it’s that good. At first it’s the usual pool party, water-slide nonsense fun (and there are so many moments from there you need to see), but then the second day turns into a cross Hawaii adventure.

As you well know, Yoshizawa Hitomi is my favourite Musume and Niigaki Risa became very dear to me – so when they were paired up for this dvd, I had no choice but to love it and cap the hell out of it.

Their mission is just to get back to ‘base’ before the other teams do. On the way, there are landmarks they need to visit and they need to buy the obligatory souvenirs. Each team is driven to an undisclosed location and given an envelope with clues, shoddy-looking maps and other info they might need. Fujimoto Miki acts as the ‘base’ and stays in communication with everybody so they don’t get too lost.

The staff isn’t allowed to help them here. They have to rely on each other and their terrible English skills to get them home. They have a camera, $150 and a time limit.

Epic-ness ensues.

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Alo-Hello Week: Day Five

vlcsnap-2013-03-01-04h20m08s128On day five, let’s go to the odd-ball alo-hello dvd: Otome and Sakura Gumi in Hawaii. This one was so scripted and weird that it really took some getting used to the first time I watched it. I know that most if not all of the interactions on these dvds are scripted to some extent, but in this case I mean WOW. Most of it is bizarre daydreams or silly jokes.

But, it’s a lot of fun anyway.

The entire dvd is based on the concept of “showing off Hawaii”. The groups spend a lot of time wandering around trying to decide what to do next. This leads to a lot of rejected notions accompanied by those bizarre daydreams. There were a lot to choose from.

Remember Niigaki had a nickname when she joined?

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