In Which Itsumo Genki is 11 Years Old


That’s right. It’s now been ELEVEN years, here at Itsumo Genki, the least prolific O.G of the blogging world ever.

In honour of my own work, I took some time to read through ALL of my eleven years old posts (well, more like ten, but today, technically it’s been ELEVEN years). It was sometimes hilarious, some times traumatizing, and definitely more embarrassing than I could have ever anticipated.


It was also a lot of fun. I hope those of you who have stumbled in here for the first time, or the millionth time, enjoy at least a few of these.

For the sake of the anniversaries I’ve neglected over the years, here are some recommendations from my eleven years of blogging about H!P.

(This is gonna be long and more about the blog than H!P – you’ve been warned.)

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In Which Platinum Gen Changed Everything – Part Two

PART TWO: The Stagnation Situation

After about two years of Platinum generation, with their slowly declining sales and lack of television presence, it seemed like every post about Momusu involved the word ‘stagnation’. The O.Gs were almost always onscreen when Momusu got to appear and as a result, the concept of the Golden Age became a topic of endless, heated debate. This is also the first time I ever encountered the concept of ‘rage-quitting’ a fandom: “They are just so bad that I am QUITTING them dammit!!.

Never mind all the changes that had happened two years ago and how lightning quick O.Gs had graduated or just exited (it was hard to catch your breath after Abe Natsumi graduated); Never mind the unprecedented move of having Chinese members in Momusu, or the fact that long-time shows had ended and new shows had taken their places; Never mind how H!P was slowly condensing, splitting into Elder Club and WonderfulheartsLand only to have a massive Elder Club exodus in only a couple years; Never mind how very different concerts became when there wasn’t that strong emphasis on variety anymore and how each girl had to step up her game.

Nope. All that mattered was Momusu was the same as it was a year ago, and let’s not forget the looming juggernaut of the emerging AKB48!

What was Itsumo Genki, Momusu-Supporter, to do? Was it really that bad? Let’s take a look at some of the things that I can remember people hating about the Platinum era.

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Pic Spam: Winky Fail-fest!

boot-reinaI just want to say congratulations – to us, the few who can no longer put up with the Winky-shtick anymore.Because this is OUR time. She’s finally moving on, folks. There will be more than enough posts about how terrible this is and her legacy and such, but for US? It’s time to party!

Maybe some of you were fans way back when she used to be “yankee” and was trying to compete to get lines, before she started getting them regardless. Maybe your fandom all but dried up when she became winking-side-fro-squirrel. Maybe you’re still trying to like her and she’s alienating you with her half-assery. Maybe, like me, you didn’t really notice her in the beginning and then she began to annoy you.

Whatever the case, this probably isn’t the grad post for die-hard fans. Unless you have a sense of humour about your favourite squirrel idol. Then please enjoy with us, in honour of Winky finally LEAVING Tanaka Reina’s graduation, a pic spam…

of FAIL!

Because despite all my complaining, despite years and years of constant squirrel, nothing beats the fail of Winky.

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In Which Isilie Returns # 2 (sorta)

vlcsnap-2013-01-21-04h24m23s11 Intro post here.

Pic that has nothing to do with anything: This time around, we have Mitsui Aika loudly proclaiming her love to a bunch of dogs.

…Really, it’s much more adorable than I make it sound.

In these entries, I will write about things that I’m thinking about that don’t require a full post. I will try to make it more interesting with pics, caps, gifs and by limiting myself to 100 words or less for each thought.It’s called a ‘return’ because I frequently seem to go too long without posting, mainly because my thoughts don’t always require a full post. Well – NO MORE!

Thanks for the title Chiima!

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Pic Spam: With some Perfume

tumblr_ljkh2nEAOz1qe1h1xo1_500What’s that you said?

There hasn’t been a pic spam here in far too long?

I agree!


There’s a lot of awesome fodder for captions on the pic boards?

And the blogs?

I agree!

I also agree with Ishikawa’s unspoken squee at the Yossy smile here.

While listening to Perfume’s Chocolate Disco – here we go!

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Brainstorming and Kimi Sae…etc.


Fabulous gifs by Sakura Mankai! Thank you for making these! XD

I had a whole big post planned based on how many times I’ve watched the Brainstorming dance-shot, even though I swore I wouldn’t watch it as many times as I watched One.Two.Three. Ever since I’ve put it on my phone, I’ve been watching it on the bus and thinking about many things, when I wasn’t rocking out.

I seriously love that song. Then the other one came out.

So I had to do a bit of a re-write.

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Alo-Hello Week: Day Four

vlcsnap-2013-02-28-08h20m50s174Yesterday’s foray into beach sports was so exciting I thought I would continue with it today, on the fourth day of our lovely Alo-Hello week. It’s perfect too, because today it’s rain-snowing and generally miserable.

It’s time for the beach-flag competition on Momusu’s Alo-Hello3.

It’s been a couple of years at this point since the group has done one of these. On the first day of the trip they have some fun on the beach and one of the events is beach-flag. It reveals  an unexpected victor.

We all know that Shige has a weakness for cute things, but since Yossy left, we’ve forgotten that she also has a weakness for athletes…

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Alo-Hello Week: Day Two

vlcsnap-2013-02-26-09h23m04s155On the second day of this beautiful Alo-Hello week, I thought I’d go back to my beloved Morning Musume. Particularly Kamei Eri, circa 2003 (or so). And the hammock.

This moment from their Alo Hello, or the Hawaii Trials dvd, actually begins with Shige and Mame, but ends up being all about Kamei.

It’s from the photobook making-of and I dearly wish I had the actual clip…

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Just a few more Thoughts…

<— Zukki and Miss Daishi. I’m probably drop that and end up calling her Ayumin. These two are my favourites right now in Momusu. Da Zuk is so pretty!!! XD

Well, Reina is finally (FINALLY) graduating and while most people are sad about it, I am, of course…not. I AM SUPERAWESOMEMAASASTYLEHAPPYPANTS!!!!!!!


But despite the happy, I can’t deny that this is one of those moments, like when Takahashi left, when it feels like an era is ending. I forget that Winky has been winking for nine years now. I grit my teeth when I write this, but even I must admit that she’s been integral to the group. Even if I can’t think of how, many people fell in love with her over the years. With Momusu going into their fifteenth year (!!!), they seem to already be cementing this vocaloid-y, techno-ish new sound. How will they move forward!!? I have some things I’ve been thinking about.

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In Which Isilie Explains her whole Reina thing

Yes. I’m posting about ol’ Winky here at the risk of life and limb.

Believe it or not this whole post has been brought on simply by her changing that damn hairstyle at LAST. Why do I care what her hair looks like? Well, why do any of us care what any of these girls do? Her outward image is all I will ever know of her and if that image annoys me, then it will be that much harder to win me over.

Make sense?

I think I should clarify myself a little bit here – don’t hate Reina the person. I don’t know her. Can you honestly hate someone you don’t know? What I don’t like is her concert performances or her idol persona. I don’t like the way she presents herself and I almost resent how much she takes it easy during concerts. Her voice can sound, a great deal of the time, like squirrels wrestling to get out of a bouncy-castle. Forget the side-fro, there is almost always too many accessories on this chick. Maybe that’s why she forgets to dance and spends a lot of time just pointing the mic at the audience…

Someone once accused me of hating her because she gets lots of lines. This person didn’t actually read my post. He or she just reacted to me saying that Reina needs to leave. Thing is, I never even mentioned how many lines she gets. Even I can’t dispute that she’s the strongest singer Momusu has right now. There is a reason she gets all the lines. Never gonna argue with that.

Let me explain how I feel about Winky once and for all, just to clear things up (and maybe come to some conclusions myself).

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