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In Which Isilie Returns #4

kch251Picture that has nothing to do with anything: Just thought I’d give you some Ishikawa-puppy rabu. NO idea who made this, but it’s adorable. Does anybody else remember Hey Mirai??

Momusu + puppies = massive pwn.

Cuteness overload!!

In these entries, I will write about things that I’m thinking about that don’t require a full post. I will try to make it more interesting with pics, caps, gifs and by limiting myself to 100 words or less for each thought.It’s called a ‘return’ because I frequently seem to go too long without posting, mainly because my thoughts don’t always require a full post. Well – NO MORE!

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H!P (de)Evolves Yet Again: The Other ‘Half of it’

Permit me a small freak-out post, even though you and I both know that everything is going to be fine.

I suppose ‘evolution’ is the word I want. But this is starting to be more than I can handle. I’m not trying to pick on AKB (although I suspect it will come across that way), but that is not a format I want for H!P. It’s not what H!P is. If H!P becomes a giant, unstable idol factory in which every group can just be shuffled at will and auditions don’t mean anything and groups that have worked hard get unceremoniously split up or the group name just suddenly disappears-

Let me explain a bit less dramatically.

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In Which Isilie Reviews 2014 ~

Hello_Project-497011I think saying, “What a year!” is quite the understatement. The number ones, the graduation of the legendary Usa-chan, the rise of of C-ute and fall of Berryz, the Momusu concert in New York…

Oh, and some other stuff happened in H!P too. Ask the question: “What changed?” and the answer is “What didn’t?” Some of it…ANGERS me.


Ok, sorry. Ahem. Seriously though.

I know this is ridiculously late, it being FEBRUARY and all, but it took me a long time to write this post. I didn’t know where to start, especially since I basically only paid attention to Morning Musume this past year. I was so distracted by other things and disheartened by the lack of subs for much of anything that I think I was in a bit of rut. I couldn’t think of anything interesting to blog about and if I found something I would lose my motivation very quickly.

The concert in New York reinvigorated me in many, many ways and taught me that my fandom is far from over. It also taught me that I need to watch more unsubbed things, because I’ve missing out, big time. But that’s for future posts. Let’s do a (very late) review! Continue reading “In Which Isilie Reviews 2014 ~”

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In which Isilie wonders about this “Project” part of H!P

So, based on what happened in the past few months, S/mileage will now be having, we assume, semi-regular graduations and auditions…

Where is that going, really?
Cause making S/mileage into the next ‘project-girl’ group seems like a bit of a strange step. It didn’t seem like Tsunku would really go through with his promise that the line-up might change, but then one never underestimates Tsunku. I wonder why he didn’t take members exclusively from the Eggs-? It could have worked just the same and they would have had a lot less trouble integrating. But then we wouldn’t have the Momusu-like drama of struggling, ‘regular’ girls (or retirees) who have to ‘do their best’ to make their ‘dreams come true’.

I thought Morning Musume had that whole thing covered already.
Apparently not. We need a new version for the next generation people. Momusu auditions are just traditional things now. This S/mileage stuff has to be properly epic.

Photo campaigns! Tears! Uncertainty! BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS!


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In Which Isilie Reviews 2011*~~

This year is just…I can’t even get my head around it and it’s already pretty much over. I feel like I blinked one day in January and then the year was just done.

Need I even list all the insanity of this year?  If you’re an H!P fan, odds are you already know. If you aren’t, then you’ll at least have heard of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan in March and how continuously devastating it is to those still living it. It is hardly over, even if the news has moved on. Reading translated tweets from Japan, reading as much as could online and just seeing the photos in newspapers everywhere is something I will never forget. I suppose it’s trite – I don’t live there, I have no family there – but the feelings I had during that month…not something I will forget. Something that changed a lot of things for me.

Just to digress for a moment, I was very touched when the online fan communities rallied this year and donated money, time, effort, and headaches into fundraising campaigns. You can look at it however you want (I’m sure there are more than enough people out there who think donating money is/was a bad/ignorant/naive idea because blahblahblah, but hush for a bit, ok?), but I thought it was awesome. I love that our self-indulgence could help, even a little bit. Love of idols tends to lead to a love of Japan, the desire to learn the language and a love of the culture outside of anime or Johnnies or whatever it might be. At least it has in my limited experience. That is the best part about this sort of fandom. I was very, very touched.

Ok~! Onward, one more time in 2011!

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Ogawa Saki graduates.

Oh, the one  from S/mileage who reminds me of Kanna?

She’s leaving?


The audtions make a hell of a lot more sense now.

So she wants to be “normal” again, eh? That makes a hell of a lot of sense. Some girls just don’t want to be idols forever and she is quite young.

It seems she struggled over this decision but ultimately it is hers. She decided and she followed through on that, despite the pressure to continue and the disappointment that it will generate.Hope for the best for her!

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