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The Lost Posts: 2014 Harmonies Return to Momusu


[Feb. 2, 2016: I wrote this in 2014 and never finished it. I should say I “capped this” but never finished the post about it. I mean, look at this:]

Everybody seems to have compared TokiSora to As for One Day and Nachatte Renai, or even Shouganai Yume Oibito. They don’t release ballads as singles very often. I’m not even sure if this is considered a ballad exactly, but it’s certainly different from everything this incarnation of Momusu has released. Is it anything like all these old songs?

Well, it certainly has the dream-like haze of As for One Day, the bitter-sweetness (and strings) of Nanchatte and the layered harmonies of Shougani.

[And that is all I have. I assume I had a lot more to say back in 2014, but now I guess I’ll have to finish two years later. I will have to use the caps I still have and a new perspective in the aftermath of Tsunku stepping down as producer. As is the case with all of these ‘Lost’ posts, I apologize for how late/non-existent it is. ]

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Skirt? Ah, Sukatto my Heart!


This, ladies and gents, was the pv I was waiting for because the preview and the teaser pv in Hello!Station were tantalizing.

And I’m not just talking about all that tummeh.

I. LOVE. This. Song.

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Pic Spam: A Group of Creeps

Sayashi Riho, Suzuki Kanon-561158I think it’s time.

I used to pic spam whenever I didn’t have much to post about, but in this case, I just can’t seem to finish posts at the rate that I used to. I blame the humidity. And to a lesser extent, laziness.

Also, there is an alarmingly large back-log of hilarity on the computer and Bro and I constantly caption pictures when we look through them.

His instant follow-up to each one (once we stop laughing) is: “Why don’t you do a pic spam?”

He’s right. Pic spam is happening!

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Oh! My WISH!


Don’t hide your faces Momusu. We know you’ve taken a risk again.
And we LOVED it!
At least people are probably saying it’s a risk…

We have the beginning of another triple-a side with three stunning pvs, but I saw this one first and in the traditional Isilie way, I capped it the way I capped One.Two.Three way back when the ‘colourful’ era began. For the sake of honesty, my favourite of the three songs is Sukatto my Heart, but this one, for obvious reasons, is the first of the posts.

Let me just echo basically everyone by saying, FINALLY!!!

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Ayu-Ri, Ikemen, and dancing, oh my!


What isn’t to love about Momusu’s Kimi wa Kawari wa Iyashinaide pv? Let’s not complain about how we’ve seen green-screen before because we should be used to that by now. I haven’t seen a pv with an actual story or concept since maybe The Manpower (Ogawa taking a big bite of pumpkin is awesome. Who wouldn’t choose pumpkin over celery?). We’ve seen everything in this pv before. The choreography is a mix of the jumps and flails and lurches we’ve already seen and the song is robo-musume to the core with that one dipping note that’s in every song (“SOooooOH!).

I’ve still enjoyed them all. This one didn’t even register as more-of-the-same because it’s so awesome. One could argue that I’m just used to it now, but that would be grumpy of you and we’re having a GENKI 2014 dammit!

I said I didn’t have time to pic-spam anymore (and I really don’t), but I still found myself capping away because I love this song and pv so much. I really hope this triple-a-side thing works out well for them.

I’d get the single for this song alone.

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Pic Spam: Winky Fail-fest!

boot-reinaI just want to say congratulations – to us, the few who can no longer put up with the Winky-shtick anymore.Because this is OUR time. She’s finally moving on, folks. There will be more than enough posts about how terrible this is and her legacy and such, but for US? It’s time to party!

Maybe some of you were fans way back when she used to be “yankee” and was trying to compete to get lines, before she started getting them regardless. Maybe your fandom all but dried up when she became winking-side-fro-squirrel. Maybe you’re still trying to like her and she’s alienating you with her half-assery. Maybe, like me, you didn’t really notice her in the beginning and then she began to annoy you.

Whatever the case, this probably isn’t the grad post for die-hard fans. Unless you have a sense of humour about your favourite squirrel idol. Then please enjoy with us, in honour of Winky finally LEAVING Tanaka Reina’s graduation, a pic spam…

of FAIL!

Because despite all my complaining, despite years and years of constant squirrel, nothing beats the fail of Winky.

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Pic Spam: With some Perfume

tumblr_ljkh2nEAOz1qe1h1xo1_500What’s that you said?

There hasn’t been a pic spam here in far too long?

I agree!


There’s a lot of awesome fodder for captions on the pic boards?

And the blogs?

I agree!

I also agree with Ishikawa’s unspoken squee at the Yossy smile here.

While listening to Perfume’s Chocolate Disco – here we go!

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Squee Moments

helpmeswingrevealtumblrI was watching Morning Musume pvs. Specifically, the pvs since Niigaki’s graduation. Once again, I was struck by how dance oriented the last four singles (including the new one – Kimi Sae doesn’t count) have been and how interesting the choreography actually is when you watch a straight dance-shot of it.

I love concerts and all, but there is something really cool about seeing a move like the one in this gif (from Boom Hello Project’s tumblr) as it was meant to be seen. It’s not cut off by scene changes or split apart because of the stage – it’s a testament to how hard they work to make this crazy stuff look good.

Since I can’t gif to save my life (ie I haven’t learned how yet), I went looking for some gifs of my favourite choreography moments of the past four singles.

Honestly, when I see these little moments, I get goosebumps still. Man, I wish I knew how to dance. These were basically just gathered from random google searches. Thank you, (mostly) tumblr!

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Pic Spam: Because it’s been awhile…

…And there is a huge backlog of hilarity sitting on the computer. H!P hilarity!

Yes, don’t worry Boss. The Zuk will always protect you.

And no, I have no idea who made that gif, but it’s awesome.

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One Two Three Robo Musume!

I used to be able to do these pv reviews in a couple of days after the release. Nowadays I am always late with them, this time because I was waiting for an HD release of this pv. Whatever, I’ll write about whatever interests me and Momusu always does. We finally have the entire pv of the fabulous OneTwoThree single.

50th single…it’s crazy to think about eh? FIFTY! It’s a robo-sparkle fest of corset-ed awesome. It’s a far cry from their 40th single, a comparatively subdued, black-and-white, ballet-fest of pouting.

I thought I could use this opportunity also to talk about the new members in more detail.
And give you some delightful caps.
Be warned: this is pretty long.

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