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In Which Platinum Gen Changed Everything

PART ONE: The Ace Question


There is no other period of Morning Musume history that gets more criticism, insults, and terrible reviews than the Platinum Generation. At least there isn’t to my knowledge and I’ve been in this fandom for a decade now (wow, who else feels old?). It’s strange to me, who became a fan in late 2006, that this era is now becoming a bit as mythical as the Golden Age. Obviously it’s nowhere near as admired and lusted after, but people now seem to acknowledge how spoiled we were back in the age of JunLin, Takahashi Ai and, depending on your level of crack-consumption, Miracle-Ace Koharu. Since the kyuukies, the polish of the group with only three newbies has gone down. The vocals aren’t as strong, for example and mileages vary on performance level.

In one of her many awesome posts, Magi-kat made the point that there is a whole generation of new Momusu fans who are used to the conditions of one or two members getting all the solo lines, the relentlessly pushed ‘Ace’ member carrying all the pressure, and members staying in the group for decades. That was simply never the norm until Platinum Era.

So what was the Platinum Generation/Era? Why did people hate it so much if it created a generation of fans? Why is the question of the Ace so important for people now?

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Mame, Granny…I’ll miss you!

This will be short, but just wanted to say bye to Mame Gaki – truly a sweet-heart and bad-ass at the same time- and Granny Aika – justly described as the most underrated, under-appreciated, and overshadowed Musume ever (but one of the most dedicated too). These two truly love(d) Momusu and I’m sad to see them go.

What is Morning Musume to you?

“Something I really liked, then grew to love.”
paraphrased from Mame’s grad dvd

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Mitsui Graduates and Isilie is…relieved.

I must admit, my first reaction upon reading that Mitsui Aika (aka Granny) will graduate from Morning Musume (aside from a pang of sadness) was relief.

I said it before in another post: if it’s going to affect her health and well-being then she needs to think about that, as much as I will miss her.

And I find that I will definitely miss her. Call this rose-coloured glasses if you want, but I don’t think we’ve ever had a member exactly like her, who is so hard to pin down. Is she really just a cutie-pie who one doesn’t notice? Is she as Granny-ish as she some times looks? Is she bratty and jealous, hating new members for the attention they receive until she warms up to them? Is she ‘da boss’ of the newer members, taking on the role of the ‘scary senpai’ so no one else will have to? There have even been a few members who described her as ‘a puppy’. Tsunku chose her because that languid way of dancing, like she was barely awake, sparked his interest.

I have seen her be adorable and charming and I have seen her show signs of bratty bad-ass too. Now she is graduating alongside the last Gokkie.

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