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Momusu’s Vision in a Corner of Tokyo…on SATURDAY NIGHT!

tkb6PSEI want you to know I really tried.

I started capping for this pretty early, when the first pv hit. Then came The Vision and then FINALLY our Zukki center (sorta). As always, time got away from me and I wasn’t able to even gather my thoughts before the three pvs were out and the single had already been released. And then time zoomed along even faster and now Zukki has already graduated.

*sigh* I’m so old now.

I think this is a particularly interesting triple-a, because unlike the last three times, it feels like the three singles come from three different times in Momusu history. Allow me to explain…

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In which Nostalgia is the Problem

mm4It’s been far too long. Sorry. I fail so hard at posting more…

Read this @ Wota in Translation (what might be the best site in the world).

It seems a lot of Japanese wota consider the “platinum era” one of the strongest and most memorable in the group’s history. They seem to agree with my own opinion that it didn’t really begin until Resonant Blue (yay!) and that it ended with Lullaby Game and the gorgeous Rival Survival Concert.

It made me think about being a fan of Momusu and how different it is from other groups and how I’m realizing the paradoxical nature of this fandom: MM’s strength is their biggest weakness.

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Alo-Hello Week: Day Five

vlcsnap-2013-03-01-04h20m08s128On day five, let’s go to the odd-ball alo-hello dvd: Otome and Sakura Gumi in Hawaii. This one was so scripted and weird that it really took some getting used to the first time I watched it. I know that most if not all of the interactions on these dvds are scripted to some extent, but in this case I mean WOW. Most of it is bizarre daydreams or silly jokes.

But, it’s a lot of fun anyway.

The entire dvd is based on the concept of “showing off Hawaii”. The groups spend a lot of time wandering around trying to decide what to do next. This leads to a lot of rejected notions accompanied by those bizarre daydreams. There were a lot to choose from.

Remember Niigaki had a nickname when she joined?

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