In Which Isilie Reviews 2016: New Hope

krwbhicI won’t promise you that I’ll post more next year, because I do that almost every year and fail. I will say that my fandom is not over, even if I don’t post much, and if I have something to talk about, I will talk about it. I think the unceremonious (for me) loss of Idolminded put a huge dent in my motivation. Pretty feeble, I know. I didn’t realize how much I relied on it and took it for granted.

For those unaware, Idolminded (originally International Wota) was a site that gathered different articles/posts from the idol blogosphere for people to easily access. Sometimes they’d just describe the articles, but sometimes they’d comment on them, or feature them specifically, especially if multiple authors had weighed in on a certain subject.

I received so much encouragement, in regards to my writing, and so much information, in regards to the fandom. Because of this site, people started to read mine and I’ve always been humbled and grateful for that. In October 2015 they stopped posting. I hello_project-673768haven’t been able to discover why, but I’m guessing it’s just that real life became more important and that is absolutely understandable.

I just want to thank anyone and everyone involved in that site, if they are reading this, for all the confidence you’ve given me over the years and all your hard work. You have no idea how much you’ve helped this community. And I hope we’ll all keep writing and finding each other as long as this fandom continues. m (_ _) m

I really should try out some forums, huh?

Anyway, I didn’t post much this year, of course, but that’s not to say I didn’t notice anything that happened. Like I said, I felt a distinct lack of motivation. I think I’ve stopped thinking of posting as fun and started to feel obligated. I don’t like that. I don’t see why it can’t be both. H!P is still a great love of mine, after all.

Despite what so many say, I don’t think H!P ever really stagnates, it just doesn’t always change as fast as people want, or in the way that people expect. In fact I think sometimes the problem is the opposite: that H!P stays the same for a while and people have no attention span don’t like that.

Before we look forward, let’s look back a bit, shall we?

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*~In Which Isilie Reviews 2010 ~*

Well, it’s that time again…2010 seemed to fly by, at least if you’re me. In fact, I spent most of it working my butt off in the “real world”, so I’m pretty sure the quality of posts here went down a little. It seems it was a year of pic spams here at Itsumo Genki. However, pic spams are fun and at least this place is still alive and kicking. Even with the lack of coherence that sometimes occurs here, I am always writing, always loving Momusu and Yossy and H!P even though it is now three times smaller and over-run with children.

I love this picture of Momusu here. So much rabu! I will really miss the current Momusu but I am ready for a change. I am anticipating exciting things next year for them and whichever new member(s) Tsunku decides to add. With that, here is my review of this busy, busy year.

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In Which Isilie covers a Bunch of things at Once…

img20090419124445So…I’ve been too busy to post lately and therefore, haven’t been able to comment on various things. Like how Matsuura is starring with Sakurai Sho (from Arashi) in a new drama and how freakin awesome it is (it’s FREAKIN AWESOME).

So…here’s a bunch of things I’ve not commented on yet.

What a great segue, eh?

btw: I love this picture. Mame still looks so tiny, even though she’s obviously matured beautifully. Ai looks great when she’s all boyish.

Kyaaaa, I love the Gokkies.



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The Shifty World of ‘Buono!’

Just in case any of you doubted that Buono are the bad-asses of H!P’s anime sect, observe their new video where these part-time gangsters play bad-ass games like Jenga.

The loser has to go make pancakes with Kirarin…a fate worse than death…
She won’t even let you eat them!!! NOOOOooooooooooo…

This video and song ‘Gachinko de Ikou’ is pure win.

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