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In Which it’s Been 20 Years of Momusu.

I don’t think I can express to you what Momusu means to me. I haven’t been a fan since the beginning, of course. I don’t live in Japan, can barely speak/understand the language (workin’ on it!) and can only understand idol culture on a surface level. What I can do is come out of my long hiatus, full of writer’s block and lack of motivation, to tell you about what being a fan of Momusu for the last ten years has meant to me.

(Unless otherwise stated, all caps/gifs are from random google-searches/tumblrs – not mine!)

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In Which Platinum Gen Changed Everything

PART ONE: The Ace Question


There is no other period of Morning Musume history that gets more criticism, insults, and terrible reviews than the Platinum Generation. At least there isn’t to my knowledge and I’ve been in this fandom for a decade now (wow, who else feels old?). It’s strange to me, who became a fan in late 2006, that this era is now becoming a bit as mythical as the Golden Age. Obviously it’s nowhere near as admired and lusted after, but people now seem to acknowledge how spoiled we were back in the age of JunLin, Takahashi Ai and, depending on your level of crack-consumption, Miracle-Ace Koharu. Since the kyuukies, the polish of the group with only three newbies has gone down. The vocals aren’t as strong, for example and mileages vary on performance level.

In one of her many awesome posts, Magi-kat made the point that there is a whole generation of new Momusu fans who are used to the conditions of one or two members getting all the solo lines, the relentlessly pushed ‘Ace’ member carrying all the pressure, and members staying in the group for decades. That was simply never the norm until Platinum Era.

So what was the Platinum Generation/Era? Why did people hate it so much if it created a generation of fans? Why is the question of the Ace so important for people now?

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Alo-Hello Week: Day Five

vlcsnap-2013-03-01-04h20m08s128On day five, let’s go to the odd-ball alo-hello dvd: Otome and Sakura Gumi in Hawaii. This one was so scripted and weird that it really took some getting used to the first time I watched it. I know that most if not all of the interactions on these dvds are scripted to some extent, but in this case I mean WOW. Most of it is bizarre daydreams or silly jokes.

But, it’s a lot of fun anyway.

The entire dvd is based on the concept of “showing off Hawaii”. The groups spend a lot of time wandering around trying to decide what to do next. This leads to a lot of rejected notions accompanied by those bizarre daydreams. There were a lot to choose from.

Remember Niigaki had a nickname when she joined?

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In Which a small Dream (sorta) Comes True

“Morning Musume daisuki.”

Pretty much since 2008, I’ve been saying that Mame (Gaki-san, but for the sake of nostalgia I will be calling her Mame in this post) should have had a solo release. I really wanted her to go solo, even for just one song. Not just in concert, but proper. Like Takahashi did. Like all these other ones (some of whom CAN BARELY SING).

Like…come ON!!!

Well, now I’ve not only got the gorgeous version of Egao ni Namida she did for her last Momusu release, but I’ve got a whole album of solos from the lovely Mame to look forward to. I already have her Hello!Cover album and I must say, of all the cover albums, hers is the one I love the most. Not one but TWO Nacchi songs on there!!! She does her audition song too (Love Namida Iro)!!! *squee*

Mame can rock the house but she’s also capable of being soothing, soft and feminine. I absolutely adore her voice. It’s nice when songs you didn’t really pay attention to become beautiful in the hands of another singer. It’s interesting. I understand she wants to act now, but at least I kinda, sorta got my wish before it was too late.

Solo Niigaki album ftw!!!

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Shining Butterfly !panic!

Dream Morning Musume. Nacchi, Yuko-sama, Rika, the Gooch, Makochin, Kaorin, Kemeko, Nutjob (for some reason) and YOSSYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!


Unsurprisingly, when Dream came along, my initial reaction was an unthinking, “YAAAAAAAAY!!!” I hadn’t seen this group together in years and years. Aside from Nutjob, who I am at best ambivalent about as an idol, there is no one in this group who isn’t an engaging, strong performer. I didn’t sit there analyzing it and thinking, “uh oh”, I just let out a squee and waited to see the concert.

Which was completely epic.
But now they have a single. An original single.

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o(≧▽≦)o 100 Posts!!! Nacchi Rabu and thanks <3

[Disclaimer: I wrote most of this before the earthquake and tsunami happened in Japan. This was the post I planned for -obviously- my 100th post here at Itsumo Genki. While I am still saddened and unsure of how to best begin posting as normal again, I choose to follow the example of other blogs and just move forward as best I can. Once again, donating is ongoing. Please do what you can, if you can. ~Isilie]


I can’t believe I made it!!! One hundred posts!!


Why am I making a such a big deal? Well, every time I have an actual anniversary, I forget it until three days later. Every year, for three years now. Yes, this place has been alive for three years now and I’ve missed its little anniversary three times.

Poor blog. This place means a lot to me. It’s really the only place I can express my fan-gurl feelings without bothering anyone. I started it back when I had no idea how to start or what to write about. I just wanted to talk about H!P somehow. I honestly didn’t think anyone but my brother and I would read it. That was good though because I just wrote without worrying about anything – that was the point. I developed my own style and started to really love it. Then, somehow people took an interest and now I have people who voluntarily read this. I wanted to thank you guys. Thank you so much for reading and commenting, or just stopping by. I love being a fan and I’m so glad I have a place in which to do it. ❤


And now that my dorking is over, here is an intro post about the other thing (person) I’ve been neglecting – NACCHI!!! (warning: this may be long and picspam-y and slightly stream-of-consciousness. ^_^’ )

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From Nacchi’s blog: March 12th

“In the end, I stayed up cleaning until the morning while watching TV, thinking
This thing that just happened
Is this real?

I wish it was a lie or‥
the images are hard to believe..and that I could do nothing but watch

Being alive and
now, having survived..

I thought about these things for some time..
The things happening in this world right now.
This is reality.. When I realized this, I became scared again‥
Disheartened, anxious..
even closing my eyes felt scary‥

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