Dancing, Singing, Exciting C-uuuuuute!

c-ute-hagiwara-mai-nakajima-saki-okai-chisato-suzuki-airi-yajima-maimi-653941I usually hate doing these list posts.   I feel like I should have more to say about these girls, but since I really can’t think of anything, I can talk about the only thing I know about them: their singles.

One of the best things about C -ute is that when they pop up on the radar they give me something that takes over my life for a little bit, whether that’s an amazing bit of choreography that I can’t stop watching or a song that keeps playing endlessly in my head from the moment I hear it. If Momusu is my H!P home, then C-ute is my exciting vacation: they’re lovely for a time and then I head home feeling refreshed.

So, without further adieu: Isilie’s favourite C-ute pvs/singles!

(WARNING: Lots of youtube embeds. Look out!)

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The H!P Kidz are Movin’ On

C ute, cuteHagiwara Mai, Nakajima Saki, Okai Chisato, Suzuki Airi, Yajima Maimi-648353As you’ve no doubt read/heard/are aware, C-ute, the last of the original H!P kids have come to that ever looming question: What do we do when we’re all 20 years old? Well, apparently the agency gave them two options: leave H!P but continue to make music, or disband altogether. Out of loyalty to H!P, or perhaps just a natural desire to try new things now, the girls decided to disband in June 2017, after their giant Super Arena show.

And once again, I called it. I remember writing at some point, I think last year, that C-ute would only last until Brat turned 20, then they’d probably go the way of Berryz. I don’t feel triumphant about knowing this though. Being right in this situation just plain sucks.

(Just a note: I won’t be commenting on what they plan to do after they disband or about their graduated members. I simply don’t know enough to comment. )

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In Which Isilie Reviews 2015: Triple-A-Sides all around!

tumblr_nv56opi5r31u3sw5uo1_1280I know I didn’t post much this year…again. And I apologize for that. Real life took up a lot of time and a game series called Dynasty Warriors (full disclosure). Plus the excessive amount of triple-a-sides for every group, every release, overwhelmed me a little. There’s still a forth-coming post about Imasugu Tobikumo Yuuki…

Anyway, usually at the end of the year I post about everything that I liked , or interesting things I saw during the year around H!P. It’s an Itsumo Genki tradition and even if no one reads this anymore, I still feel I have to write one or the year can’t really end.

I’ve gotten more and more sick of my own format though. Especially since I don’t post as often anymore, it doesn’t make sense to really call it a review of the year. I can’t think of much of anything that I covered, except, of course, for Momusu. So, let’s keep the title, for old times sake.

Here is what I loved and didn’t love in 2015.

(Just a heads up: I have nothing to say about C-ute or Country Girls, for various reasons, none of which mean that I hate them. I didn’t invest much time in C-ute and Country Musume has yet to bleep my radar. Plus, Momo still frightens me.)

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Farewell Berryz Koubou: One Last Top Eleven

ttnberryzSo this is really it? Berryz is gone? That is such a strange feeling. I don’t actually think I’m ready for it. Those H!P kids have always been strange for me. When I started in this fandom, I didn’t really get, nor did I agree with, the idea that an idol could be a girl as young as nine or ten. It worried me that these girls were asked to be professionals when they were just children. (gif from Boom! Berryz Koubou)

Japan is a different place though. Now that I’m much more familiar with the culture, I have a better understanding of why this is acceptable. I still find myself feeling protective of younger idols, especially the ones that become “the ace” and suddenly have to be the face of their group. These particular tiny children decided after a decade that they were ready to move on and now we have to face it.

I am facing it with a list. Of my top eleven singles (because ten wasn’t enough and I’ve watched Nostalgia Critic too much). I’m sorry I can’t give them a more heartfelt send-off. I will do my best with my modest fandom.

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Isilie’s 2015 Unexpected Playlist

XnUHksaI don’t mean that these songs are necessarily from 2015. It has only been a month, after all.  There are some pop songs that get to me months, even years, after they’re released and suddenly I can’t stop listening to them. It happened with Morning Musume’s Mikan.

Or I love it instantly, like the many-times-mentioned on this blog Resonant Blue.

These ones I liked already, but I just never expected to play this much.

(I have no idea where I got the gif, so I can only say, I didn’t make it. Doesn’t it rock, though?)

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In Which Isilie Reviews 2014 ~

Hello_Project-497011I think saying, “What a year!” is quite the understatement. The number ones, the graduation of the legendary Usa-chan, the rise of of C-ute and fall of Berryz, the Momusu concert in New York…

Oh, and some other stuff happened in H!P too. Ask the question: “What changed?” and the answer is “What didn’t?” Some of it…ANGERS me.


Ok, sorry. Ahem. Seriously though.

I know this is ridiculously late, it being FEBRUARY and all, but it took me a long time to write this post. I didn’t know where to start, especially since I basically only paid attention to Morning Musume this past year. I was so distracted by other things and disheartened by the lack of subs for much of anything that I think I was in a bit of rut. I couldn’t think of anything interesting to blog about and if I found something I would lose my motivation very quickly.

The concert in New York reinvigorated me in many, many ways and taught me that my fandom is far from over. It also taught me that I need to watch more unsubbed things, because I’ve missing out, big time. But that’s for future posts. Let’s do a (very late) review! Continue reading “In Which Isilie Reviews 2014 ~”

The Berryz Question is Answered

Do we like the answer? The answer to the question: what will be done with Berryz now that their sales kinda suck, they’re all over twenty (right-?) and clearly starting to check out emotionally from this idol-business?


Answer: “Hiatus”.


I am not a huge fan, but Berryz has been around a long, long time and for H!P, this is big.

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~*~In Which Isilie Reviews 2013 ~*~

Hello_Project-431513Let’s take a look at an almost exclusively Momusu year, here at Itsumo Genki.

I didn’t post as much as I wanted, that is true, but I did manage to do one post a day for a week (Alo-Hello Week!) as a personal challenge. I decided to try and contribute to Sora to Kujira. This is a commitment for the new year and a new challenge. I’m so nervous and grateful!!

I decided to do Isilie Returns, posts consisting of things that I wanted to talk about but didn’t really have a whole post about which made me more concise and took some of the pressure off.

The happy event of Tanaka Reina (or Winky as she’s known here) FINALLY graduating happened in 2013 to much fanfare and happiness (on my part, anyway). I’d been waiting and waiting for that and let me tell you, the relief when she was no longer in the single and I got to hear Fukuhime and Masaki and FINALLY Sakura…man, so happy. SO happy!

Berryz and C-ute went to Budokan…which I didn’t really investigate, but still, YAY! S/mileage finally made me like a single enough to listen to it more than once. And then there is Juice = Juice.

This might be longer than I thought.

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Alo-Hello Week!!! Introduction + Day 1

018042Dear friends, I’m sick of winter. So I’ve been contenting myself with the joy and sunshine that is H!P Alo-Hello dvds. Then I had an idea: why not share some of that joy with you lovelies?

Alo-Hello, for those who aren’t aware, is basically this: a solo member or a group goes to Hawaii and shoots a photobook. There used to be events on the beach or around Hawaii also, before half of the dvd was just posing with starin’-music. There have been a lot of really funny or just really enjoyable moments throughout the years. I’m going to share some of my favourite moments or perhaps even whole sequences, depending on the day of the week.

Gonna be posting every day this week. A daunting task, but one I’m committed to because I am really frackin’ sick of winter!

Here we go!

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Something else That Made me Happy…

…That I didn’t get to write about last year is THIS:

Berryz had that fabulous single Cha Cha Sing last year, right? Well I don’t know why they did it, but one version of the pv has a Berryz flash mob. They walk out onto a street and just start dancing. And everyone eventually starts dancing along. I think flash-mob is the phrase I want, anyway. Did this happen in the original version of the song? It definitely feels like that kind of song.

When I saw this, I can’t even describe how happy I was. I don’t even know why. Seeing the girls outside of the studio (I assume), seeing regular people getting caught up in the song (assuming they aren’t just paid extras – either way, it looked really fun), the fact that the song is awesome-?

I just know that I would totally dance if a Berryz flash-mob ever happened in my city.

Would love to see more of these.