In Which BOSS Leaving Isn’t Even the Half of it.

I am shocked.

I’m disappointed.

Mostly, I’m just shocked.

I had no idea. NONE. Like everyone else (at least everyone I’ve read), I assumed that Iikubo or maybe Fuku-hime would be next in line to graduate. See, we were all thinking about ages, huh? We didn’t think about one of the girls actually wanting to leave, because she honestly loves acting more than idol-ing.

It happens, people. Even to those who pwn our idol socks right off.

I was all ready to start posting about Kudo’s graduation, but then the bizarre revival of the shuffles happened and now I don’t even know where to start…So I split things up and I’ll just focus on one at a time.

Let’s pretend for a moment BOSS graduating is still all there is to it…

And while I’m at it, sneak in a small pv review.

It struck me, watching her announce her decision, that BOSS looked very composed about it. Usually the girl seems a bit hesitant, almost sheepish about it, like they realize this is going to hurt some people but “it can’t be helped”. BOSS just zoomed through the initial announcement like she wanted to get it over with. Once the shock-moment had passed (that “Eeeeeeeeh!?” the audience has to scream before any explanations can be offered), she talked about her decision calmly.

As much as I love the ninth generation, they never struck me as particularly close. They seemed more like rivals who ended up liking each other. Or maybe just Zukki and Mizuki were so lovely that Ace-Riho and Prickly-Ikuta couldn’t help liking them. I’m not sure it’s possible to dislike those two.

Tenth gen has always reminded me of the Gokkies: people who might never have met otherwise, but who clicked right away. Since the beginning they have just always been together, chatting, joking, laughing and exploring whatever place they happen to be. It really sucks that they are going to be separated.

I realize Masaki-kins is a bit of a wild card there. In her birthday live, she rambled something about always being by herself because people can’t handle her (she rambles a lot of stuff actually), but I’ve never gotten the impression that her fellow generation mates ever actively disliked her. Let’s be honest, our little Masaki-kins is a lot to handle, but I’m pretty sure if anyone can keep her in check (who isn’t the current leader), it’s her generation mates.

MaaDuu is a very popular pairing and it’s easy to see why when you watch them together. I think Masaki-kins is taking her graduation the hardest. When the 10th gen commented on it, she was the only one to say that she felt lonely and nothing else. It’s not that she doesn’t wish the best for Kudo, but Masaki-kins has always seemed posessive of Duu. Her graduation message will probably have a lot of tears and punching, but I don’t doubt it will be from her heart.

I remember on some show or dvd early on, both new generations had to memorize a dance backwards and then perform it. Ninth gen all worked individually for some reason, but tenth gen were together the entire time and absolutely killed it. There’s always been a ‘together’ feeling between the four of them.

BOSS is an amazing little actress. I’ve only seen her in Triangle (which was awesome) and  Lilium of course, but I think that’s more than enough proof that she has a real future on the stage. It’s remarkable how she could not only handle a role like False (Lilium), but manage to never stray into melodrama with it (at least not to my eyes). She might be type-casted in male roles for a while, but who knows?

You must MUST watch Lilium if you haven’t already. It’s bloody amazing.

I cannot watch the  Wakainda shi! pv without tearing up. It’s a beautiful little song and while it feels very much like BOSS’s graduation song, it also functions as another one of those soft, sweet songs, like Aruiteru or I Wish. It’s a rest-stop between huge change and the comfort of the familiar; it sounds like timeless Momusu with that new flavour that reminds us the group will keep moving forward.

BOSS is also moving forward, but there is so much love in that pv that it doesn’t hurt as much as it could. It’s not a sorrowful good-bye, but one full of laughter and appreciation (and for some reason, a whole lot of face-poking and cheek-smushing). Tsunku can still get me right in the heart if he wants to.

I love that they are on location for once. It gives the song and pv even more of an emotional punch. I think that was what was missing from Endless Sky, for me. People seem to love that one, but it just didn’t hit me the way this one did and probably always will.

(Both pv gifs from idolsociety on Tumblr)

I love how contrary BOSS has always been: she presents herself as a boy trapped in a girl’s body; a girl trapped by a boyish image; a goofball, yet a stoic, serious performer; a strong girl who is also a huge crybaby. She cries before concerts, during concerts, after plays wrap-up, and definitely in this pv. You see her wiping her eyes more than once, but then she follows that with her toothy, adorable smile.

I will miss the unity and friendship within the 10th gen and I will miss Haruka’s husky adorable voice. I doubt I’ll ever be able to see her plays, but I expect she will flourish. As long as she is happy.

Will we ever have another husky-voice, Kabe-don queen again?

Pass the torch, BOSS!


2 thoughts on “In Which BOSS Leaving Isn’t Even the Half of it.

  1. TwT Darnit, you got me in the feels with this one. Such a heartfelt tribute to Duu and her special touch.

    She will truly be missed when December comes, but just as “everything floats,” everyone graduates someday and it’s time for Kuduu to spread her wings and soar. She’ll be fine as an actress and her mothership will continue to fly across the galaxy.

    Here’s to the future!

  2. I perceive a little the opposite: 9th gen resemble 5th gen, who have genuine friendship but chemistry that doesn’t always pop on camera.
    10th gen are like 6th, who have such dynamite chemistry that they don’t necessarily need to do friend things outside of work.
    (Although, the Power Of Hagababy is such that she got Ishiduu to sleepover at her place and Risamaru of Tsubaki. SORDID SCANDAL) But MaaDuu are the two who are actually friends, a la KameShige.
    Speaking of which, I think Maachan will be fine. She’s got Sakura, and Chel, and Fukuchan, and looks like she was building a nice friendship with Ogata this past DVD Magazine. And KameShige lives on, so I’m sure MaaDuu will, too.

    But yeah, 10th gen’s dynamite chemistry really was something special. I think it pushed the subsequent generations to be more affectionate (Maachan explicitly said that she wanted 12th to get closer to each other), enabling 9th to also better relate to the new gens. Just as importantly, 10th gen’s entertainment/humor instincts were top notch, so that all members started chasing gags more intently. MM has never been more variety-compatible as a whole since Golden Age than now. Their MCs are consistently great again! Some of the DVD Magazines could go up against the best of Hello Morning! And what with Morito bringing the Momo-taught expertise, I can only see them getting better.

    (Did you see the Zoku 11nin play? Ishida, Fukuchan, and Maachan all have a strong ability to play dudes. I really liked Maria’s take on Mr. Moonlight, too. Can’t wait for Pharaoh no Haka’s recording to come out.)

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