Otanjoubi Omedetougozaimasu!!

Happy 31st to my lovely, Yoshizawa Hitomi!! My beautiful, bad-ass lovely is married and with child and I am damn jealous of so curious about her husband! What sort of man could be good enough??

Anyway, it’s also my birthday today. Time to party!

Here’s one of my favourite songs ever, Cherry by Spitz, sung by Yossy and Ishikawa Rika.

And let’s not forget this:

A moment of Yossy pwn and another reminder that you MUST watch the Morning Curry tour (cause it’s hawt).

One more thing:

I love Yossy, even when she’s creepily failing at English. It doesn’t creep me out so much as make me think she’s the BEST!

Ok…last one, I promise.

My favourite and least favourite members in a skit (quality is not so good, but still). Winky is trying to keep up as Yossy just pulls things out of nowhere, hamming it up cause she’s awesome. This is one of my all-time favourite Yossy clips and a great example of her carrying her juniors along on her whims (and making it hilarious).

Have an awesome day everyone!



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