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The Lost Posts: 2014 Password is Catchy!


[POST DATE: So here is another one that I wrote way back in 2014…and never finished. I can’t remember where I was going with it, but since it’s long enough that deleting it would be a waste, I’m going to give you what I had already. Then, just like the previous ‘Lost Post’ we’ll wrap up with a pic spam. I apologize that this is now a year or so late.]

Momusu is back in commercials, ladies and gents. And the result is catchy, catchy stuff. I don’t actually mind the fact that this song was written so that they could sell cell phones (or cell phone plans…whatever). In fact, I’d actually love a compilation of all their commercial jingles. There was this song they did for an iced tea commercial back in 2001 that I really loved…

I’m getting off-topic. Since that sort of compilation is impossible, I can at least be content with this catchy piece of work. The single, along with the other A-side (that’s a different post) has already achieved another number one for our girls AND a new record for the group: 5 consecutive number ones on Oricon weekly single ranking. That has never happened in the history of the group before. First week sales?

119,000 copies.


I don’t really care so much about sales figures though. If I did I would have rage-quit with the rest of them during Platinum Era. It’s exciting only because it means more exposure for the group and people taking notice of them even when they aren’t standing quietly behind the OGs singing their 8 billionth rendition of Love Machine.vlcsnap-2014-04-21-04h09m20s3 Money is what opens the doors, after all. Money and rankings.

I guess I should only be really excited when they start selling millions again, but since I love Momusu and am always happy to see them getting even a little success, I am pretty much dancing a jig.

And yes, of course. I love this song.

What is it called, girls?


Um…no Derpy, not quite. Although that is a catchy-bit they repeat a lot.

Also…you can’t actually control the matrix, you’re merely a part of it…


No, Ikuta, but might I say you’re lookin’ pretty lovely during these close-ups-


Ace, that is just plain wrong. Figures you’d pull out your big, mangled solo-line that no English-speaking person can understand.


There ya go. Closer! And don’t make that face at me! You sing it well, but I still don’t understand your English.


Thank you Ayumin. You also manage to look great here!
You’re still opening your mouth, but at least it’s not the cartoon ‘O’ it always is.


BOSS is not impressed with your mistakes.


Zukki will own you.

vlcsnap-2014-04-21-04h13m02s181Yes, it’s called Password is 0. Aside from this being tailor-made to stick in your head on an endless loop, they managed to give the girls another fun, interesting routine that looks exhausting, but is performed with gusto. I can’t find anybody who looks like they aren’t having a blast. After the comparative weight of the other A-side (I’m getting to it, I swear), this light-hearted commercial vehicle is like blowing off steam. They leap and make fists and weave in and out of each other with a speed that kinda makes me dizzy.

Favourite parts for me are the intros and every time they leap into the air to make those zeroes.vlcsnap-2014-04-21-04h54m23s156 Masaki-kins seems to be the best at this and she is probably the one having the most fun here.

Ace is on form here, as is Oda with their respective solo lines. The “ja ne” from Ace almost washes away the “ai saretai”s she couldn’t quite hit a couple singles ago.

The lyrics are your standard ‘ganbatte’ fare, but there are some great lines. I like songs like this because even though they can be cheesy, they also admit, “ok maybe you won’t always succeed, but there is meaning in ambition and there is reward in effort”.

Make all the fun of me you’d like, but I really believe that.
vlcsnap-2014-04-21-04h29m53s51And even if I didn’t, the song would still make me happy. The music and delivery is very punchy. Taken on its own, without the commercial tie-in, I think it works really well as one of those crowd-pleasing, pump-up songs. I can see this in concert with the full choreography, but also as one of those songs where the girls all separate and run around the stage, the audience making ‘zeroes’ along with them.

Oh please.
Tell me you wouldn’t.
I won’t believe you.

[And this is where it ends in 2014. Let’s finish it up in 2016, shall we?]



Obligatory Riho punching someone in the crotch shot. I almost always find one of these. Riho defended her Ace position with both her fists and her ponytail. Shige tries in vain to keep it off her.


Riho regrets nothing.


It doesn’t matter because perfect-Shige-cap-is-perfect.


Riho wants to remind you she’s number one. And to point out, yet again, that the previous cap is perfect.


Shige gun-show. You know, if there were guns.


Let’s not leave out Ikuta or Ishida! They are HERE, yo!


Iikubo is being adorable. Adorably derpy.
Oda is unsure about the Haru-kins growing out of her back.


Here in the matrix, things like that can happen, but if you’re Ikuta, it’s all very zen.


Eri-pon: not a frak is given.


It’s all a bit much for Fuku-hime. All this electricity is making her fall backwards-


But Haru-kins is partying.


Zukki just pushes it out of her way.

And now two splendid caps that are hard to caption without being dirty.


Oda…loves all 356-?



I guess we can clean things up this way:

Group shot!


Masaki-kins is the only one who thinks this whole thing is weird.
Ace is happy as can be.  The rest are all business.
Notice Zukki and Iikubo pulling a Kei-chan: showing up to photobomb in the middle of people’s arms.


Until this shot, I didn’t even realize how hard the people in the back were working to make those zeroes.


I just love finding a HELLS-YEAH-I’M-MASAKI pic.


I just love this shot.
So much love for this choreography, even now.



I guess this is all I’ve got for this song. I still come back to it because it’s so catchy and so much fun. Yes, it’s repetitive, but I don’t understand that as an objection. It’s IDOL POP. It’s like saying your death-metal song has too much screaming/guitar. If you don’t like repetition, you’re in the wrong genre, my friend.


’14 was great and not just because of Shige. Obviously, I loved and I miss her presence, but this incarnation really brought Momusu into its formation-dance era. There wasn’t an awkward lag between Winky leaving and ’14 beginning, they just jumped into their new numbered moniker with these insane dance-heavy numbers and I loved all of them. I didn’t think they’d top Brainstorming and they did, over and over. It was a good year.

And yes, I got to meet them and no, I will never stop mentioning that.

Password is WIN.

I’ll try and get these out faster in 2016.


3 thoughts on “The Lost Posts: 2014 Password is Catchy!”

  1. Hehe, take your time. I’m loving this series and the hilarious commentary.

    Password is 0 is definitely the idol crowd equivalent of Red Bull (or close to it, because you’ll get wings from the positivity), an especially needed one to counter the heavy solemnity of “Toki wo Koe.”

    A fun read as usual, Isilie. Keep it up!

  2. I loved Password is 0 so much, I used to troll my students with it.
    When they wanted to go to the bathroom in class I’d say “Whats the password?” And they’d look blankly at me and say “Please?” While I was laughing and telling them it was 0 and their confusion increased.

    Maybe they shouldn’t have let me qualify as a teacher.

    Anyway. I really did love this song and all of my friends were sick to death with my obsession with it. I still love it. Still one of my favourite Morning Musume songs ever.

    1. LOL – That is epic! I think kids need to learn to deal with trollin’. It’s an important lesson and incorporates an awesome song. 😉

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