The Lost Posts: 2015 Like a Waterfowl…yes.


[JAN 29, 2016: So here we are in 2016 and I never finished this post. I capped the hell out of this pv and I had basically the entire entry done, but I just never got around to finishing. It would be a waste to scrap it, so I decided to finish it now. I started it before Tsunku’s revelation about his vocal chords and before we knew he’d stopped producing, so bear that in mind while reading. I apologize for being so late.]

This is the last of our triple-a side pvs. This is also the only song that wasn’t penned by Tsunku. It’s becoming a thing for each group to have three singles in one and while it’s unusual for anyone else to write for Momusu, it seems like something we can expect now.

This would be the song that doesn’t sound precisely like a Momusu song. Maybe that’s why it isn’t really my favourite of the three.

I think a lot of people can instantly tell that this isn’t a Tsunku song. Since it’s been one man behind the music of H!P for more than a decade, it’s hard to miss. I’ve even read some likening this to an AKB song. I strongly disagree with that, but I couldn’t really tell you why it isn’t like AKB. moo0246

Maybe because both idol groups have one man behind them, both of whom have a distinct style of song writing. Tsunku has a way of penning songs that sound like they are for specific groups. That’s why H!P fans can constantly make statements like, “Oh this sounds like an old Berryz song” or “this is like something off that Double-U album that never was”.  Ima Sugu sounds like an idol song sung by Momusu, not a Momusu song.

Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing. It’s much prettier and less sugary than the last non-Tsunku single. Those who can sing get a chance to show off and those who are bless-their-hearts-trying get to…well, try. We don’t get much showing off anymore since Takahashi left and Riho’s voice got squeaked out.


Ace is back in the center!
Zukki is fine with it. Really. SOooo used to it.

Ace has a great voice, but as it is now, it’s not soft enough for a song like this. I had the same problem with her in Ame Agari: she sounds very strained. In a behind-the-scenes recording clip, her singing sounded almost painful. She hit the notes and all, but it sounded like it hurt. Her voice in the interview afterwards was hoarse.

It’s not like she can take a break, really. She gets so many lines that she’s half the concert. And recently she’s been absent from appearances due to that ever mysterious “poor health” claim. I think that sounds much more ominous than actually telling us what’s the matter. Is she not taking care of herself? Is the pressure making her snap somehow? I sincerely hope not, because as much as it’s nice to see other people in the center, I love Ace and I think her hard work has made all the difference.


Our fearless new centers for this last song? Masaki-kins and Nonaka Miki, or as I like to call her, Derp-chan.


M: “Now remember Derp-chan, we’re the main singers now, so try and tone it down.”
N: “Oooooh, really?”


N: “Haaay, that’s niiiiice!”
M: “Hoookay, I guess I’ll be taking over from here..


I kid, of course. Nonaka is still very green, but despite moments of derp, there are plenty of good expressions and bless-her-heart vocals. I recently saw her audition footage and if given the spotlight, she’s quite the little dancer. Her voice isn’t that noticeable yet; Masaki-kins dominates her in terms of vocals, both in how many solo lines she gets and how pretty those lines end up.


M: “That’s right. Who da man!?”

moo0683When Masaki-kins wants to pull something off, she doesn’t mess around. Her vocals are downright impressive here and although she spends a lot of the time looking wounded, she’s still one of the best members to cap.

I mentioned in my previous post about this triple a-side that Masaki-kins didn’t seem that outwardly ambitious, but more like she has an irrepressible urge to be noticed. Watch her in backstage footage and she’s invariably going to be jumping around photobombing every other member’s camera time or just shrieking off in the background about who-knows-what. There was talk of her being jealous of Oda when she first joined because she was getting so much spotlight, but again I saw it as her wanting to be noticed, not a feeling of losing her place. It feels like a very young desire, a stubbornness she hasn’t noticed about herself.

The great thing about all these fresh, new girls is that you just never know who Tsunku is going to take a chance on. Riho gets her share of lines, of course, but the distribution seems fairly even here. The lines Masaki-kins gets suit her voice and she nails each one. There is something innocent but deadly about her. I’d say Oda is still the backbone and Ace remains Ace, but it’s great to see another talent whose potential seems unlimited.


Let’s talk about our lovely Oda for a moment and how perfect her voice is for songs like this.


Oda looks shimmery and beautiful and…you know, a little bonkers. I love her smile though.
Honestly, I don’t mean to downplay her vocals, which are lovely, but she’s so damn gorgeous…


I’ll bet there are.

moo5623Let me take some time here to talk about leader Fuku-hime who was completely absent from my last review (of Sukaato My Heart). I didn’t even realize this until I read the post over my brother’s shoulder.

How awful of me!

Fuku-hime has one of the strongest voices in Momusu right now. I’d argue it’s stronger than Riho’s and more controlled. It’s sweeter than Oda’s and less nasal than Masaki-kins. It’s the voice of a mature, lovely princess. Which is what she is.

Her solo lines blew me away.


F: “Who me? Oooh…”


F: “Yes, give me everything!”
E: “Are you sure that isn’t selfishness?”


F: “Look, Eri, why don’t you go back to your cartwheels, ok?”
E: “Don’t underestimate the guns, riida.”


What of Eri-pon in this? I still feel such aggression from her, even during her one solo line. And she accomplishes this line with some lovely, if short, vibrato. She’s trying so hard to overcome her conviction that she just didn’t nail that last line. It makes it seem like she’s angry with herself.

Or maybe just pissed she’s still not quite the center.


E: “And I’m posing so well, too!”
Z: “I know what it’s like Eri-pon. Let me comfort you.”


E: “Ugh, please. You were the center just a pv ago. You don’t know my pain.”
Z: *miffed* “Well alright then.”


She’s still in the dance group during the dance-break. And I must say, she’s looking pretty gorgeous…


…And a little bit scary.


Ogata is still just present and I can’t think of anything else to say about her. Come on, girl! Do something! Emote, or something!


There you go!
Doesn’t that kinda look like young Michishige? Ah, how we miss you, Sayu!


Miss Haga just woke up. She isn’t sure exactly where this is. Camera? What?

Haga is quite adorable. I’m not sure what she can accomplish vocally, but in terms of personality, she’s definitely a little-sister type. I mean that in the least condescending way possible. I would love to have a little sister this adorable.


I couldn’t capture it, but Makino is a little emote-a-thon and it makes me happy. Go on, Makino! Give us an emotion!


And we’re going with…what is that, anyway?

Whatever. I love Makino. Her here’s-all-my-teeth-smiling-so-hard-my-eyes-close smile makes me squee.

[Here’s where the entry cuts off. I honestly have no idea what else I was going to say and it’s hard to write this now that I have all this new knowledge – Tsunku had stepped down, Riho was going to graduate and so forth. I do want to include some more caps though, so let’s turn this into a PIC SPAM!!!]



This might be the most important of all the caps. Predatory Boss. Gorgeous Zukki. Oddly Blank Ogata.


Wait, maybe it’s this one…Makino isn’t sure about this, but she’s trying her best to out-hawt everyone else in the… tri-cube-thingy.



Eri looks frakkin’ fantastic…although, what’s going on with her arm? It sort of looks like Eri and Ace pushed everybody down and now they’re a bit muddled.


The two centers were stuck in the light-explosion box and are NOT AMUSED.


The two actual centers and the two best dancers.
Iikubo: “Why are all these girls in my way! GAWD!”


BOSS doesn’t like it when people are in her way either.


That’s when the elbow comes out.
Unexpectedly, Oda’s guns are the back-up.


I love her hair like this.
That’s really all the caption I have for this one other than ‘DAYM!”


Miss Derp. I forget what I was going to say about this cap, but I didn’t want to leave her out of this post.


Nonaka! Mikiiiiiiiii! Derp-chan, at first glance, looks pretty, then you notice that the angle has one eye looking very much bigger than the other.


So so beautiful.


Oda, taking her time in the center with way more confidence and grace than her sleepy debut in Help Me. I hope she’ll continue to move forward. I didn’t make this gif and I can’t remember where I found it, but I love it. My brother made that gif and snuck it into my caps folder. (Thanks and sorry, Bro!) Oda is gorgeous and capable and I hope she at least continues to be the back-bone of Momusu, if not the center.

Well, that’s all I’ve got here. This was I think the second song by Momusu in 2015 that Tsunku didn’t write. I don’t listen to it that often. I think what I said back when I first wrote this post still applies now:moo4746 it is a nice song, but it sounds like any idol group could sing it. I’m glad Momusu does, but it doesn’t affect me the same way.

I don’t know if that will change or not.

And I don’t know who will pick up the slack left in Riho’s departure. That’s a whole other post.

To wrap up the pv itself, it’s a lovely one. Simple, but the vocals are great and the girls look wonderful. Hoping for more win this year, Tsunku-penned or not.


One thought on “The Lost Posts: 2015 Like a Waterfowl…yes.

  1. Such an honest review, even if part of it was written before the bombs fell. (If anything, it’s STRONGER because of it, giving the revelations a new perspective. As sudden as they were, the writing was on the wall if you look close enough. That’s why I respect observant fans like you.)

    The picspam was also a nice touch, bringing closure to a chapter that was foreshadowed what was to come. The captions were pretty funny too.

    It’ll be interesting to see what will become of Morning Musume ’16 in the days ahead. The auditions are still in their first stage!

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