Skirt? Ah, Sukatto my Heart!


This, ladies and gents, was the pv I was waiting for because the preview and the teaser pv in Hello!Station were tantalizing.

And I’m not just talking about all that tummeh.

I. LOVE. This. Song.

Am I the only one who loves it when Momusu gets funky? I love robo-musume and I love genki-musume, but funky-musume might be my favourite. I love it when a song looks, sounds, and feels as fun as this one.

Did I mention all the tummeh?

moo1251Everyone, from the media to the members themselves, has commented on the midriff baring costumes this time around. It’s like The Peace, but shmexy.

Well, I think they look cute more than sexy, but to each his own. I think the sailor thing says cute, but the tummeh says, “how you doin’?” This time it’s not so much about the safety-pants flash as it is about tummeh…

Ahem. Anyway.


Let me just go on for a moment about how much I love this song: when I first watched the Hello Station version, I was humming along before I even knew the gist of the words. Then after watching it about thirty times, I was ready to crawl inside the internet and start screaming, “WHERE IS THE FULL PV!!??” because that’s how much I love this song.

I have a problem with over-playing songs I love until they no longer affect me as they did. I actively try not to do that when I love a song this much. To this day, nothing has knocked Paradox by Arashi (I think I had it on repeat for like a week straight – I regret nothing) and Wagamama ki no mama ai no Joke (first the pv, then the song, then one or the other, for ages) out of the top two spots on my phone’s most-played list, despite my recurring obsessions with old songs (Brainstorming for example) or new ones (Nen ni wa Nen is addictive). moo2562

I’m pretty sure this one is a strong contender. I have to be careful. It’s too powerful. I hear the opening bit and I want to start dancing, no matter where I am.

Now all three of the a-sides are good in their own right, but this is the one that I was instantly in love with. I’m sure many will compare it to the under-performed, underrated, 2012 Matenrou Show, and in terms of funky horns, yes, it’s similar. However, it’s gloriously Winky-free and it’s much, much more catchy.

It think it’s unusual for the chorus to be exactly the same throughout the whole song. I love it though. And I love that the dance this time around is fun and cute, rather than simply about formation. They can’t really escape the formation thing now, but even with all the hopping about, everything looks like so much fun.


Am I right girls?
Uh…Makino…your hair…


Makino poses like a mo’ fo’. She’s an emote-a-thon with her whole damn body and she’s adorable about it.


M: “Did I do wrong?”

It’s ok, little one. You just keep on keepin’ on.


May I present Ogata and her awkward smiles?
Smile 1: “Not sure how wide this should be. Have I done the Riho-senpai smirk yet?


Smile 2: “There. I think that’s done it. But, if I move my hands away from my face, I’ll fall over.


Smile 3: “There. I’ll keep my head in place on my hands. That’s cute, right!?”
There we go. All we had to do was light her elbow on fire…

Some of the interesting close-ups that aren’t just in-front-of-the-disco-ball moments are the in-front-of-the-spotlight moments.


Like Nonaka, who has turned off the Derp.


But only a little. She loves her sub-leader after all.


And nobody derps it better than Miss Iikubo.


Don’t let this fool you.


When you know a Masaki-smack is coming, all you can do is derp.

Where are our fearless-aces from last single?



Z: “Hey everybody. Just hanging out, bein adorable again.”


Z: “Look at mah tummeh!!”


Z: “Ok, that’s enough now. This is kinda embarrassing.”

(No, I’m not going to talk about how she’s gained weight since these pvs. I don’t care and neither should you.)


BOSS is also here, not getting as many lines, but adorable anyway. For some reason, minus these smoky-lighball shots here, she can’t seem to stop the Nacchi-face. Probably just wants to show off her tummeh and that’s why she doesn’t like close-ups.


B: “What? NO! I’m just surprised I’m not in the center again.”


B: “Why would you get our hopes up like that manager-san?”


B: “You know that really grinds my gears.


Z: “Oh they’ll regret it. Don’t forget, you’re the BOSS and I’m the Zuk.”


Z: “Remember how scared they were on the last pv shoot? They didn’t even release the making-of yet.”


B: “Like that’ll stop us.”

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I didn’t see a making-of clip anywhere in the release information for these singles. Does that mean we’ll get random clips from various web shows instead of a proper making-of like every other single almost ever? The only behind-the-scenes stuff I’ve seen has involved everyone BUT these two, unless you count one 30 second segment.

I would have loved to hear how they reacted to being in the center for once. You know, in detail.

Now that we’re back to our usual centers here, I don’t much mind, because this is very status-quo and I think Ace’s voice is much better suited to this kind of song. However, I really hope they release a making-of and don’t neglect the other two songs.


Because BOSS is just cool.



Haga’s coming in for a landing….hoping to land on BOSS….


But Ikuta’s waiting. You’d better have some souvenirs for her. She’s your senpai after all. And she’s going to be pissed…


I: “Look, I’m sick of you saying I’m a bully. I’m a GYMNAST, dammit.”




Yes Eri-pon gets her gymnast on. And there really wasn’t any need for it here, but it’s a pretty awesome little moment, especially for Ikuta fans. Her completely seamless tumble distracted me so much from the rest of the dance that I still have no idea what the others do when she’s leaping around in front of them.

It’s a great show-off moment for Eri-pon. There you go Momoclo Z: Momusu has a gymnast too!


Look at those eyes. She’s ready for battle!


Let’s talk about Masaki for a moment here. Masaki-kins gets so much love on this triple a-side it’s not even funny. She gets a great majority of the solo lines, even on the Zukki-Kudou ‘Oh my Wish’. The thing with Masaki-kins is that she never seems that ambitious. I’m sure it’s there, but all I ever get from her is that she’s having a blast. It’s like her getting solo lines is pure accident and she’s loving it, but she didn’t do much of anything to get it.

Don’t mistake me. I’m not saying she isn’t talented (perfect pitch) and I’m not saying she isn’t a joy to moo1248watch (capping her is the best part of almost any pv lately), but I am saying that her ambitions still seem to take a backseat to  her having a blast. Eri-pon is pushing hard, Ace is desperate as always (in the best possible way) and the rest all have their moments, but Masaki-kins just seems to go with the flow.

I really like her voice and the “I want to be spoiled” line definitely sounds like it was written for her.


This is my favourite part of the dance, because it looks like so much fun, but mostly because of Masaki’s ‘HELLS YEAH!!’ fist pump here. I don’t mind when she winks.


Let’s also talk about Ace, who is back in the center as this is the most status-quo of all three singles. Her presentation is flawless in term of dance, but her voice still seems like it’s straining.

moo3080The thing I’m impressed with here is that I can tell when it’s Riho singing. All of them are starting to sound distinct. Without senpai to copy, Ace is clearly trying to find her singing style and I love that.

I’m not accusing her of copying btw; she’s admitted to unconsciously mimicking whatever senpai is ahead of her, or senpai from the past. Ace is still incredibly serious about keeping her position even as the reality of carrying the group is settling in. I think she understands that as the Ace she still has to bring attention to the group and she can’t just coast as the one member people know.


A: “Didn’t I tell you to shut up about coasting? Don’t make me send Eri-pon.”

*backs away slowly*


Let’s never forget that Ace is still Ace though. As much as she’s loving the group and pushing it forward, she still manages to poke kouhai in the face if they get too uppity.

Also: Miss Derp and Derp-chan! Derps all around!


AYUMIN! All I can say is that she’s terribly excited.


BOSS: “Come ere and check out back-up Ace!”
O: “Oda deeeeeesu!”


O: “Wait- BACK UP?”


Oda is also finding her own voice and I’m happy to say it’s rather deep and sounds much less squeaky than her fellow members. Versatility is your biggest ally Oda.


That and the fact that you’re freakin’ gorgeous. Although that stupid light blast IS BLOTTING OUT HOW AWESOME THAT SHOT IS!!!!


O: “I would never overshadow my senpai.”


O: “I’m a good girl.”


O: (thinking) “I’m also the prettiest.”


I absolutely cannot wait to see the dance-shot, because I love everything about this dance-break.
Well, ok, not everything. Much of it is hidden in weird close-ups and odd cut-aways.


It seems like all the best dance routines so far have taken place in the same settings: some big theatre with different stuff on the walls. I don’t mind the simplicity this time because clearly the thing we’re focusing on is our girls.


Miss Derp, checking out the girls in front. An example of a random close-up that interrupted the dance.


Another thing about these singles: lots of hair action. It was bewildering in Oh my Wish, but in this one it seems to have toned down a little. I love the rhythm in this moment.


M: “Hair action? Wait…I have hair!!”


M: (thinking) “Heh. Crushed it.

Some Caps I love:


Ayumin faces off with Masaki-kins…who just isn’t taking it seriously.


Who says Ace is the only one who gets violent with Kouhai.
Zukki!!! Leave Oda’s face alone! And where is that other hand!?


Three derps and the Ace. Guess which is which.


Masaki-kins doesn’t try to hide it when she isn’t impressed.


E: “So wait, this is where I step forward, right? I want to get this right.”
A: (thinking) “Oh no, they’re taking away the catering!
Z: (thinking) “Thank God. They’re taking away the catering!”


In which everyone is bored by Ace in the center.


Yes, there are formations that illustrate the lyrics again.
No. Never!
Yes! They did!
(pic from tumblr)

I found this out when I watched performances of it. I honestly couldn’t tell watching the pv. Perhaps instead of blurry close-up shots during the dance we could have benefited from some topographical shots?

Despite any complaints I have, I love this pv. I love most of the shots, I love the dance, I love disco-sailor costumes (what is it with disco and sailors with Momusu?) and the SONG!

Excuse me while I put this back on repeat for a week.
Let’s see if they can knock down Paradox.


4 thoughts on “Skirt? Ah, Sukatto my Heart!

  1. This was a fun read. I love your analysis of the individual members.

    Also, the caps were immensely fun. The dance and wide variety of members certainly makes for a cap-tastic experience.

    I didn’t even notice the “NO” in the formation there. My compliments to the choreographer. *claps*

  2. I don’t know… when I think about Masaki I think about the comment that she was so annoyed she didn’t get more lines and was making this really sour face…. which came right before Wagamama. I don’t think she’s necessarily out for more lines by being ambitious but it’s so clear that she gets upset (not jealous! Just I want more!) when she doesn’t… that, in a way it really shows how much she cares/that she’s going to make it worth it if she does.

    Both she and Ishida have that kind of competitive aspect to them imho. Which is probably why growth wise she and Ishida have just… EXPLODED for how rapidly they’ve become fixtures.

    1. Well I agree she’s competitive, I do think those complaints came from jealousy. I don’t think that’s a bad thing though. It’s part of Masaki’s personality, which wants everybody to look at her. I didn’t mean to imply she doesn’t care either way, just that the competitive spirit isn’t as obvious to me as her need to be noticed. As for the sour face, it’s another thing I love about her: she doesn’t really hide what she’s feeling a lot of the time. It makes for some really funny caps. Thanks for commenting! ^_^

      1. Between that really rich voice and her irritated look, I just fell in love with Masaki. I liked her playful self, too! But, it made me think of when Mikitty was so annoyed at Ayaya winning that she flipped over the table and it was complete ❤

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