Pic Spam: A Group of Creeps

Sayashi Riho, Suzuki Kanon-561158I think it’s time.

I used to pic spam whenever I didn’t have much to post about, but in this case, I just can’t seem to finish posts at the rate that I used to. I blame the humidity. And to a lesser extent, laziness.

Also, there is an alarmingly large back-log of hilarity on the computer and Bro and I constantly caption pictures when we look through them.

His instant follow-up to each one (once we stop laughing) is: “Why don’t you do a pic spam?”

He’s right. Pic spam is happening!

blog, Ishida Ayumi-562959

Ayumin used her first real paycheque to get herself back the family farm. Or more accurately, the family triangle.

blog, Ishida Ayumi-562960

Ayumin works hard and she plays hard.

A: “I’m gonna eat so well next year!


After a show, Shige and Ayumin are quietly resting.

Then suddenly…


“BAAAAAAAGH!!!” screams someone.
Shige knows what’s coming.
Ayumin is so startled she moans, like a man who just dropped his beer.


That’s right. Masaki is here.


M: “Bahhahahaha, I’m so funny.”
S: “Um, yeah.”
A: “I think I just peed.”


S: “Masaki is noisy.”
M: “Mrhahahaa, I am!”
A: “Um, no seriously, I need a bathroom, like now-?”

Fukumura Mizuki-572026

When you drop the egg you’re layin’.

Sayashi Riho-572229

When you’re so good at egg-layin’ you can point to the exact place it will land.

Haga Akane, Ishida Ayumi, Kudo Haruka, Makino Maria, Nonaka Miki, Suzuki Kanon-572143

When BOSS decides to speak.

Fukumura Mizuki, Makino Maria, Nonaka Miki, Sayashi Riho-542310

When your kohai just goes for it.
Makino: “Hell yeah, Imma grab it!”

Fukumura Mizuki-571873

When you become leader, they give you an extra limb. You know, just to help out.


When you’re the Ace, you get at least five. It ain’t easy bein’ Ace, after all.

Fukumura Mizuki, Ishida Ayumi-572138


Ikuta Erina, Sayashi Riho-571874

A: “Here is my leg. Use it well.”
E: “Understood.”

Fukumura Mizuki, Ishida Ayumi, Nonaka Miki, Oda Sakura-572227

Shige told Fuku-hime to take full advantage of her new position…especially with Riho.


Z: “Ugh. ANOTHER photoshoot. I need to get back to my motorcycle.”




Eri-pon gun show. Nobody rocks like dis!

Ikuta Erina-572224

She’s two seconds away from kissin’ those guns. Insurance, in case the kouhai get out of hand.


Rollercoaster time!! Zukki got to sit with riida. She wants the camera to know that she hit the jackpot here.


See? Riida literally bends-over-backwards for some rollercoaster cuddle-time. Zukki knows when cuddles are happening.


BOSS: “Ewww, cooties.”


For some reason…I really want pocky.
YOSSYGRGYQ#O*FTUWF^&##GPB:EION:DSL32646g!!!(From chellaufait on tumblr)


A: “Zukki, I need a hug.”
Z: “Awww, come ere you!”

Zukki knows.

(gifs from various tumblrs)


Because when you’re on a boat, you have to.


Ayumin caught her own eye in the mirror.
A: “Hiiiiii me!”


Iikubo is deep in thought. Ayumin just thinks the big city is the coolest!


BOSS was just minding her own business when Shige started to cuddle her and Ayumin brought out her discount gun.

B: “Um, Michishige-san?”
M: “Haroooo. Dahring!”
A: “Gimme your spending money, Duu!”


B: “Bahahaha, what the hell is this now?”
M: “I told her she wasn’t welcome.”
I: *whimper*


See, instead of writing the character for person and swallowing it, Haga uses ‘Kudo-san’ to calm her nerves.


Ogata tries to correct her and gets this response. She is making the face we’re making.

Ikuta Erina, Sayashi Riho-571875

Erin-pon, sweetie, you did FINE!! Remember the guns!!

Makino Maria, Oda Sakura, Ogata Haruna, Sayashi Riho-571871

Makino: (thinking) Nail check, ok!
Ayumin: “Alright riida, MY BODY IS READY!”
Ogata: “So, how you doin’? Do you think the dance is going well?”
Oda: (thinking) Man I’m tired. I really should have gotten a bento for myself instead of just getting one for everybody else…

Haga Akane, Oda Sakura-558385

When you’re smaller than Oda, your head fits in just the right place…


Derp, not again!


B: “This feels kinda funny. What am I looking for again?”
A: “Heh. Heh. Heh.”


B: “Wait – WHAT was in that box!? And why only me!??
A: “I never said my box of mystery was for everyone.


Well Shige taught them well. They’re a group full of creeps.
Ace likes to make sure their hands are busy first…


…It’s why Niigaki taught Eri-pon how to fight.

Fukumura Mizuki, Kudo Haruka-572228

B: “Can you freakin’ believe I get to do this?!”
(Perfect clip is perfect. Thanks tumblr.)


B: “Yes, you’re the Ace, aren’t you? But kitten I’ve been studying Yoshizawa-senpai. Don’t think I’ll stop at just kabe-dons.”
A: “Dear GOD!”


Ace remembers the first time it happened. BOSS doesn’t even need a wall!!


That’s our Duu; Pimpin’ like a BOSS.

Ikuta Erina, Sato Masaki, Sayashi Riho-572223

E: (thinking): “I could break her like a twig, right here.”


When kareoke gets weird.


Young Shige with her first serious girlfriend.
Wait a minute…


Let’s just end it with the Queen here. Nakazawa is watching you kids.


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