Isilie’s 2015 Unexpected Playlist

XnUHksaI don’t mean that these songs are necessarily from 2015. It has only been a month, after all.  There are some pop songs that get to me months, even years, after they’re released and suddenly I can’t stop listening to them. It happened with Morning Musume’s Mikan.

Or I love it instantly, like the many-times-mentioned on this blog Resonant Blue.

These ones I liked already, but I just never expected to play this much.

(I have no idea where I got the gif, so I can only say, I didn’t make it. Doesn’t it rock, though?)

Up Up Girls Pump Up: Ultra mix 

This song is haunting my soul and my every gym day right now. Specifically the ultra mix.

I have really no idea who Up Up Girls are, but I saw them perform this song in one of H!P’s year-end concerts and they were amazing. I think I’d seen their dance cover of Crayon Pop’s Bar Bar Bar song (unless UFZs is something totally different – haven’t done the research yet), but that’s it.

This pump up remix swept me off my feet and I can’t stop listening to it.

Angel-May’s New Singles

Taiki Bansei

Taiki Bansei is everything I wished S/mileage would have been. This whole song is surging with life and sass. No pop song should ever be allowed to be this catchy. I love the way the new members dance so aggressively that their limbs looks like they’re trying to escape and how the OGs just saunter in and out like they’re having a laugh and loving it.

It reminds me of the early days of S/mileage but it’s also a refreshing and totally different sort of image. My heart fluttered during Eeka and Yattaru-chan, but this one got me, from that first little leap into the chorus. Loving Rikako’s spastic dance-a-thon here.
And Ms. Murota Mizuki? More of her please! Wow!

Otome no Gyakushuu

Anybody else get a great bit creepy whiff of the Lilium play with this one?

I didn’t know what to expect from this, based on that first lurch and creepy school-children melody. Then it sounds more like an H!P song. The chorus would be completely unremarkable (although I love the lyrics, particularly the one about a “nail-polished fist”), if not for the last lines little falsetto. The ballerina middle is odd and the lurch back into the song is wonderfully jarring. It feels experimental enough to be exciting, but just H!P enough that it won’t alienate the fans.

At least, I don’t think it will.

Listen to the orchestration in this piece. It’s almost too good to be an idol-pop song. There are very few idol songs out there that are just as enjoyable to listen to without the vocals, but this one is really very interesting.  Some times I’m not sure if the voices in Angel-May are really up for this. I don’t think all of them are. The ones who get solo lines just manage to make it though.

I think Lilium really helped though.


C-ute – Zuntaka March ~Hitorashiku Ikiyou~
From their 7th Album Dai Nana Shou “Utsushikutte Gomen ne”

I discovered this in the middle of last year, actually. But then rediscovered it and now it’s in my head, forever. It’s so damn catchy and I love how much relish Aiririri and Queen Chi give their every line. They dig into those notes so much. I love when Tsunku writes like this.

Seriously. Try and not get the “zuntakatattatta” in your head forever.

Good frakkin’ luck.

Juice = Juice – Romance no Tochuu

Still the best one. I’m sorry.

I still love this song. It’s so damn catchy and it still surprises me how strong JJ came out of the gate. I know they had the dramatic “hug me!” song before this, but this was their debut single and I was expecting…well, not much.

Man. I was so wrong.
JJ didn’t impress me at all in 2014, wasn’t really on my radar, but this song came back and reminded me what they are capable of in 2015 if they stop trying so hard to be ero-kawaii and just let it come out naturally like it does here.


Kanazawa Tomoko: yes, please! Sign me up!

I think that’s it for now.

These might not be that shocking for you, but really, I didn’t expect these.
I’m really looking forward to the various triple a-sides on the way, especially because the guy who wrote Taiki Bansei is involved and I loved his work.

As long as Tsunku is still involved in some way, it’s kind of a relief to see other composers. He’s letting others do some work for him who can still capture the spirit of his groups. Or even re-imagine them, in the case of Angel-May. It means H!P can continue as (we all hope and pray) Tsunku recovers.

So, 2015, give me all you’ve got!


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