In Which Isilie is Freaking Out.

So here is the plan for seeing Morning Musume’s show in New York: Bro and I are traveling by bus because we couldn’t afford to fly. We also can’t afford accommodations in New York, so we are going to leave right after the concert. This presents quite a long amount of time sitting on buses and probably an obscene amount of time waiting in lines and sweating my arse off-

Why am I doing this again?


Oh right. I got da tickets!!! (gif from Haropuro Edits on Tumblr)
Riho is how my brother looked when we got them. Ayumin is more how I reacted.

I love Momusu and this is an amazing opportunity. I’ve also never been to New York. It’s going to be an adventure, that’s for sure. I mean I might actually get a chance to shake hands with them. I will be in the same room with them. I will probably see all my favourite dances without stupid-ass cut-aways and I can watch whomever I want-

What the hell am I going to say if I get to say something to them? What the hell am I going to wear (I am not even remotely pretty enough to look them in the eye!!)? Whose towel will I buy (It feels like such an important decision!!)? I am having all kinds of whirling thoughts right now and I can’t even-


This is me right now.
(gif from random tumblr)

They’re in New York RIGHT now! With a crazy amount of luggage. It just hit me that we are on the same continent. And I’m really going.

I don’t know how I’m going to sleep. Or sit still.

Or anything.

To anyone else who is able to go, maybe I’ll see you there.

I can’t promise lots of pics, as I’m sure any cameras will not be allowed, but I can promise a write-up, once I am rested. I have a seven day work week waiting for me when I get back.

I’m sure I’ll regret nothing.


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