Momusu goes Chicky-boom (also: I’m back!! XD)


I’m sorry, but does anybody else hear that? Tikibun sounds like ‘chicky-boom’ to me, every single time. Makes the record-scratching motion that makes up most of the choreography much funnier. Is that really the onomatopoeia you want to use there? Well, I guess if Berryz is retiring going on hiatus (post on that is coming), someone has to keep up the good ol’ ‘H!P MC’ tradition. And honestly, I can’t think of a word that could possibly represent the sound a record makes when scratched.

Gonna give you this one, Tsunku. Congratulations on being in remission. We’re all relieved and happy for you. ^_^

I wonder what that MC/DJ record thing has to do with the meaning of the song itself-
You know what, let’s just move on.

It’s probably Michishige’s last pv with Momusu, minus her solo which I’m certain will get the pinkest pv since…ever. I think it’s out now and I’ve not seen it yet, but I’m right, aren’t I? I feel so rusty at this, but let’s have a go anyway.


(PS: All gifs from here. Thank you!)

First of all, I think I love this song.vlcsnap-2014-09-27-02h39m40s234 Even with the overuse of one-syllable-per-non-ace-member and even though this marked the return of creepy-Tsunku voice. The chorus is incredibly catchy (at least for me); I love any chorus that makes me want to strut. The overuse of ‘chicky-boom’ notwithstanding, I’m sure I’ll be rocking out to this song for a while, just like I still blast Brainstorming at the gym.

That being said, I can see how people might start getting sick of the direction Tsunku is taking them. This sounds a lot like their last several singles and it’s hard to make out if any of the girls are improving their vocals because the robots are singing along with them for just about every line.

You know what I think it needs? LOWER REGISTERS!!! I miss Niigaki so badly in this song. I also miss Takahashi, if only because I feel like that last chorus needs some epic vocalizations. I wonder if they’ll ever let Oda take some of those. I think she’s more than capable and I’ve never understood those of you out there vehemently opposed to vocalizations, like Riho’s attempt at the end of One.Two.Three.tikibunharopuroedits2

Granted, she wasn’t the best at it, but damn if she didn’t try.

Ace is still the best at DJ-ing. I’ll give her that. Like I said, it’s hard to tell if her ear-bleeding-bellowing days are behind her or not. I don’t think it’s her fault really. Oda or Fukuhime seem to have higher registers than her (Oda is versatile as hell). Why not give RIho some low notes and let her remind us why she’s the ace?


Her expressions still go between adorable and weirdo-smirk. Nice that some things never change, eh?
And hello there, Masaki-kins! Her happy expression pretty much never changes.


I’m not sure anything bothers Masaki-kins, except sitting still, being quiet, or doing as she’s told.


I don’t notice Ayumin much, minus the fist bump here. And some delightful attitude during transitions in the dance.


Oda is also fond of the ol’ fist bump. I love her voice. I honestly do. I wish I could hear more of it in this song.


I was pleasantly surprised with how little derp-ing I saw from Miss Iikubo.

And that’s all I can really say about anyone, aside from BOSS (who I’ll get to).




Yeah. I caught it. You can’t hide your derp from me!

Ok, one Zukki gif.


I just think she’s so pretty…

The choreography is becoming standard: formations, formations, formations. Nothing wrong with that, exactly, but it makes the dances a little bit hard to follow. I guess it’s better than the days their routines consisted of stepping forward, then back, then posing. Still, there is a lot of trouble with transitioning. I love their little shoulder shakes, but essentially they are just walking into position and it almost slows things down.

The formation dance is their thing now and they do it well, as much as I nitpick. I just don’t think the chorus part works. There is something awkward about it for me.


This line move looks like they just got drunk and are stomping home. The costumes and all the choreography up to that point suggest something a little more polished than rocking back and forth. I don’t like the way Fuku-him and Eri-pon are just hanging out there with their arms out either.

I can see how it could translate to audience participation, like the ‘ai saretai’ yell in Wagamama. That line struck me as strange and out of place, but they explained that it was there so the audience could be involved a little bit. Having all these formations is really cool to watch but very hard to engage with (although, my first momusu concert is coming up in a few days, so maybe I’ll be wrong about this assumption). Maybe the line is similar to the ‘train’ from some performances of this song. Momusu wants you to stomp and rock with them!

Might be fun…


I like the middle. You know me. Any hair-flipping dramatics are always appreciated. I love the music during this part too. Definitely a gym song.vlcsnap-2014-09-27-04h52m38s148

The fade effect with the lights is also a rare moment of creativity in the otherwise standard dance-pv. Say what you want about Ace always being in front, but she is quite the performer. I really want to dislike it, but she’s just good in this routine and I like watching her. Ace really wants this position and she’s fighting her arse off for it.

I love the use of the red scarves when they spin around. This torso spin is something that I actually expected to see in Kimi no Kawari wa Ishinai, so it was actually kinda strange to see it here.

I mean, I like it and all, but it’s so weird when your random imaginings happen, isn’t it?


I thought the setting was some sort of factory, then I was sure it was a school gym. Whatever it is, it’s cheap as hell. The lights are a nice effect at least. You can try and argue that the entire lack of set, or colour, makes the girls costumes really pop, but honestly, it’s just another case of the company not spending money when they probably could.


BOSS blames her parents for the cheap pvs. I’m sure she’ll grow out of it.


I’m going to have to spend some time talking about BOSS here, or Harukins, whichever she happens to be at any given moment. She’s doing it again in this single: making me think that if she’d just get the chance she could be one hell of force to be reckoned with.


BOSS – giving you those glaring expressions that make you want to straighten up and fly right, because she’s irritated that you aren’t. I mean, she’s POSING dammit! She’s not doing this just for FUN-


Ok, yeah she kinda is. tikibunharopuroedits5
HARUKINS: Reminding us that she is the youngest and capable of dangerous levels of adorable (you know, when the tsundere pimp-time is over).

I love everything about this moment, especially because it you can read it two different ways: she’s either laughing because she’s embarrassed that she glared directly into the camera, or she’s laughing at creepy-Tsunku-robot in the background.

Actually, now that I’m staring at that gif, it could also just be her little pimp-smirk. When you lock eyes with her, she must remind you that she’s da BOSS!


BOSS: “You know, I don’t think you’re focusing on the right things here-“


Eri-pon: “Yeah. Can’t we focus on me?”


BOSS: “Bitch, please.”

Yes, I’m sorry Eri-pon, but you’re going to have to step it way up.

Honestly, I can’t get over Haruka in this pv. One of the best and worst things about the group now is that I’m never sure who to watch, so I watch everyone. Depending on the pv, one of the girls will win me over, whether it’s moments of the Zuk, Ayumin catching my eye in dances, or Miss Derp (Iikubo) with her joyful awkwardness. It appears to be all about BOSS in Chicky Boom Tiki Bun.vlcsnap-2014-09-27-04h25m39s85

I think Haruka can sing quite well and I absolutely love her character, but I don’t think I’ve watched her this much. She murders her solo line (robot-ized or not) and I like that every time the camera was on her she had another great expression. It was a joy to cap her.

I doubt if she’ll dethrone Oda and Ace, but pvs like this make me think that she’s powering up now. She’s about to become senpai again and maybe that has started to give her more drive to stand out. That husky voice could do a lot, if they would just use it.


And even if they don’t, apparently she still rocks it.

I don’t know what the 12th gen will bring (thanks to Magi-kat for the info!), but I hope the ‘senpai’ girls will continue to come forward like this.

Maybe Shige will give us a parting gift:


Shige: “Ok, in my fabulous cuteness, I will raise up another Ace to guide our new generation.”


Everyone: *gulp*


A: “Hah, you don’t need any other aces. I’m here.”
S: “For fracks sake-“


Ace: “Nope! I won’t listen to this nonsense!”
Eri-pon: *unaware of the atmosphere* “Hah, her boot is untied.”


S: “Wait, it’s coming to me…”




And Ace is unceremoniously pushed down by the sheer awesome that is BOSS.


B: “Weee, center, byach!”
Zuk: “Great. Another one.”
Ace: “I’m not sure how I feel about this.”


S: “You’re arguing with me? On my last single?”


Everyone: *resigned* “Shige-san.”


Shige is pretty in this, but other than that, there isn’t much I can say. I think her solo is where we’ll see the most pre-graduation pwn. If she isn’t surrounded by pink, she probably isn’t as comfortable, anyway. And the most adorable thing? She’s still doing the ‘concentration’ face during the dance. I’ll miss that.

I can’t believe she won’t be in the next one.


S: “These are mah gurls, yo. You take care of them!”
A: “Um, riida, you look scary…”


3 thoughts on “Momusu goes Chicky-boom (also: I’m back!! XD)

  1. You’re welcome for the info, though the real credit goes to Gaki, Ikuta Kate, the 2ch wota, and the rest of the Internet.

    That aside, pretty informative review (and thanks for reminding me that I have to get to the MVs myself lol).

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