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In Which Isilie Returns #3


Pic that has nothing to do with anything: There is just never a bad time for Zukkiri! (from wondermusume@ tumblr)

In these entries, I will write about things that I’m thinking about that don’t require a full post. I will try to make it more interesting with pics, caps, gifs and by limiting myself to 100 words or less for each thought.It’s called a ‘return’ because I frequently seem to go too long without posting, mainly because my thoughts don’t always require a full post. Well – NO MORE!

Seriously. I suck at posting more. I do have an excuse though.
My hours are all over the place right now.
Forgive me? ^_^’

o0297052711922179250 1) In Momusu nowadays, I haven’t found a favourite. I feel great affection for Zukki and Fukuhime has flirted with me on many occasion, but I still can’t decide. I find myself watching all of them right now. I like them all for different reasons. It made me happy and also kinda sad. I miss being infatuated, like I was with Yossy (and still am, really).There is just nothing like that first infatuation. I’m not talking about the member you noticed first, but the one who kept you around. I came for the Yaguchi, but stayed for the Yoshizawa. (word count: 99)

PS: Perfect picture is perfect. Yossy is so adorable – I want to squish her!!

2) I think Riho needs to be given a break. By everybody, including Tsunku. I’m tired of reading about how bad her voice is when her voice itself isn’t the problem. Tsunku, stop giving her screechy notes because it seems clear that a lower register would sound better and be easier for her. Second, teach her how to hit the note in the middle, rather than scoop up to it. I cringe whenever I hear that “sa-re-taaaaAAAAAAAI”. Don’t scoop!! Fukuhime hits it and it sounds epic. Do THAT. Third, use your diaphragm and don’t yell the note. HIT the note! (word count: 100)Sayashi Riho-408635

Just a PS here: I am not a singing expert, nor am I claiming that Riho hasn’t received lessons. I just feel like she’s so desperate to get these notes that she’s tiredly yelling them out and hurting her voice in the process. And scooping up to a high note is something my vocal/choir teacher always despised, so I cringe when I hear it. She’d tell us, “hit the note, right in the middle!”

3) I used to say Yaguchi was my hero. She’s had scandals before, but this time I don’t know if her career will recover. However, I have no doubt that as a person, she’ll pull through. I’m sorry her private life seems like such a mess and that people can’t separate it from her career. I won’t be saying anything against her because I am not in a position to judge her, or anybody, even if I want to. Her story, at least the idol one, still inspires me. Her private life is entirely her own business. That’s it. (word count: 99)

4) Linlin is still singing. I’m a bit obsessed with Battle Beans.

I couldn’t tell you why, either. At first it was just that it was Linlin singing, but now…I listen to it all the time. The pv is incomprehensible (spiderman = supreme wtf), as are the lyrics and I kinda wished she’d do a ballad where she could really show her stuff. I got this instead. And you know what? I’m still a bit obsessed with it. (word count: 78)

5) Linlin = cosplaying like a boss. (word count: 5)

Qian Lin, Linlin-398693


Qian Lin, Linlin-395945

Can someone tell me who this character is??

Qian Lin, Linlin-401958

Not sure if this is cosplay or just a costume – but she looks so pretty!!

Qian Lin, Linlin-388861

One word: Boss.

6) What is Love needs a cd release. Like now.

I love this song. I love the dance. I love how insane it is and how catchy. You can’t believe how much flailing I did over this song. If Tsunku is toying with different musical styles again, I can’t wait for their next single. (word count: 54)

That’s it for now!

I will sort out my sleeping difficulties (and some comp related ones too) and be back soon!


6 thoughts on “In Which Isilie Returns #3”

  1. Omg I’m so glad you feel the same about how sayashi hits the notes. I used to be in choir and we always got taught about how to sing like that and i’ve noticed that a lot of Idols just sing from their throats.

    Also I’m ecstatic that you love What is love? Although I can’t see your videos for some reason. I have that song going through my head EVERYDAY Its so catchy and I love it!

  2. At least I’m not the only one who’s starting to firmly believe that Riho’s voice needs a break and this fellow choir brat firmly believes that she hasn’t been taught to sing properly. :S The aisaretai parts are supposed to be glissando’s as far as I can tell and she kinda doesn’t sing them very well. The poor girl really needs a break from being the lead vocalist. A lot of the girl in MoMusu right now could go from receiving some classical opera singing if you ask me. You seriously have to use your diaphragm in there.

    I could honestly strangle their vocal coach. :S

    1. SO glad it isn’t just me then! The worst part is, she’s trying so hard and yet it sounds like it hurts her so bad! Learning different singing styles is definitely a great idea and would give them so much more depth as singers. I swear they used to do that back in the day…*mournful sigh* I know singing isn’t everything with Momusu, but even with the emphasis on dancing, I still don’t want anyone wrecking her voice.

      1. Yeah, there are things I could write to all of them about proper singing technique but I don’t think it’d ever get to them unless I got someone to translate the letter into Japanese for me. Like, I’d send Riho a book about singing technique and a book of rhythm exercises for Zukki (I remember reading somewhere that her sense of rhythm isn’t the best.) I’d also probably yell at Masaki for singing through her nose all the time. >.>

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