In Which Isilie is behind the Momusu Updates

img20130903031225This is actually a really smart, really good move.

I love this idea a lot. And yes, I have heard the two radio rips.

Before you get upset at the idea of all these new kids taking on classics like Renai Revolution (which has already been done to death) or Love Machine (that one too), think for a moment.

I assume, as a fan, you’d be happy if more people could appreciate Momusu as it is now and stop going on and on about the ‘Golden Age’ that people have been going on about since the Platinum Era. At the same time, forgetting those days, or trying to pretend that they aren’t affecting the current Momusu is just silly. What Tsunku (he’s getting the credit no matter what you say) has decided to do is not only re-record these classics, but try and update them.

Stay with me.

Momusu is an old group, but one thing they have over others is their ability to stay fresh. Graduations can accomplish this of course, but their sound evolves also. I think each ‘era’ has had a distinct sound. The first era had a very adult, moody sound which transformed into the genki-disco that was the Golden Era. There was quite a few experimental moments as the elder gens were graduating and then Platinum Era favoured the synthesizers and utilized the stronger voices in the group. This sound used more and more effects until it became Robo-Musume, the much loved and also much feared newest incarnation of Momusu. Their dancing went from non-existent, to iconic, to more and more complicated and now we’re at the point where people are (however grudgingly) admitting that those formations are pretty damn impressive.

Watch this.

Translations here.


This new album is for new fans and old. Remember when C-ute did this? Tsunku updated just about everything and in their case, we got to hear how much (or little) the members had improved. It was such a great album and it didn’t make me love the originals any less.Β  tumblr_static_tumblr_mqlq5gwkil1qiapv1o1_1280

I’m choosing to see Momusu’s as a tutorial of sorts. It’s giving new life to old songs and importantly it stars people that are around right now. They want to appeal the new members as much as they can. Everyone can hear the classics, modernized a little bit, and sung by the members they can follow right now. And maybe it will make them curious to hear the classic versions and get them into some Momusu history which is always a lot of fun.

As for us old fans, we all have songs that we’re maybe protective of (unless Takarazuka is involved, NO ONE is to ever touch Mr Moonlight again…maybe Eri-pon and BOSS in a few years…), but let’s try to calm down and enjoy. I can’t wait to see what Tsunku will do with some of these, especially The Manpower. Please don’t put the songs on a pedestal. Since when did these songs become part of a different group? They’re Momusu songs, not OG songs. Yes, the group had many incarnations, but it’s all part of the same legacy. The OG members know this and accept that the songs they made famous will be taken on by new members. We should too.

I had to grit my teeth and stop swearing at the tv when I saw Winky get Yossy’s lines AND Takahashi’s lines in Egao Yes Nude. If I can live through that, I can take anything Tsunku’s got.

Some thing else that we maybe all need to get used to is the way one or two members will always get every line and gone are the days (and actually maybe they never existed) when each member got her fair share to sing. In the remake of I Wish I only hear maybe three people. That was disappointing and I’ll be honest, I prefer the original version. The heartfelt innocence of the original doesn’t come through when the song has no more climax. But it’s still an interesting take on a classic. And Sakura is just gorgeous. Look out, Ace!

Here is Renai Revolution.
See what you think.

I’m excited. I’m giving it a chance.

If you can’t look at it any other way, look at this as finally enough people have an interest for them to release another best-of album.

And don’t forget THIS.


– Isilie

10 thoughts on “In Which Isilie is behind the Momusu Updates

  1. I think this is a very clever way to promote the group. It’s letting the public remember that Morning Musume is still around. The remade version of I WISH is one that sincerely lacks the charm of the original and I think that it could’ve been updated without what we got. Have you heard the update on Love Machine yet? It’s interesting as well but everybody gets a line in that one! I think that with some of the girls though, Tsunku is waiting for them to improve a bit more and then they’ll get that big push. Tsunku has said that if Zukki keeps improving the way that she is, she’ll get a push to the front. πŸ˜€ The current Morning Musume honestly reminds me of the Golden Era the most for two reasons. One, the rivalry between the younger girls because they’ll all striving to be the best that they can be and two because of the diverse personalities within the current group. They’re vibrant and vivacious and endearing and hi, I am fangirling while making beads that I am calling Colourful Character. πŸ˜€

    1. I…couldn’t have said it better myself. πŸ˜€ And making beads?? That sounds awesome! I love the thought of Zukki getting a push. She’s got a great voice. And I definitely agree about all the personality. They really shine, eh?

      1. I’ll have to take some photos of them when I make the next batch. I found some really neat scrapbooking paper and a tutorial on youtube for making paper beads. They’re a time consuming project but they’re worth it.

    2. Just curious, when did you hear about Tsunku saying something about Zukki possibly getting a push? Was this recent? Because I remember him also mentioning something a long time ago about maybe having her as a front girl, but I feel like that was probably just him joking or something.

      1. I heard about it just now when I read Jay’s comment. Would he make a joke like that? I know it doesn’t seem likely right now, but it is an encouraging thought, ne?
        Also Jay: I haven’t heard Love Machine yet. I’m trying my best to wait for the album and not radio-rip myself to death. I have a bad habit of doing that. >_<

  2. It worked, no worries πŸ˜€ Hm, I remember reading that blog post, but it didn’t seem like too much of an indication to me. I really do hope that Zukki gets a chance at the front! πŸ˜€ She’s my favourite and I’d hate to see her go the way Aika did 😦

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