Pic Spam: Winky Fail-fest!

boot-reinaI just want to say congratulations – to us, the few who can no longer put up with the Winky-shtick anymore.Because this is OUR time. She’s finally moving on, folks. There will be more than enough posts about how terrible this is and her legacy and such, but for US? It’s time to party!

Maybe some of you were fans way back when she used to be “yankee” and was trying to compete to get lines, before she started getting them regardless. Maybe your fandom all but dried up when she became winking-side-fro-squirrel. Maybe you’re still trying to like her and she’s alienating you with her half-assery. Maybe, like me, you didn’t really notice her in the beginning and then she began to annoy you.

Whatever the case, this probably isn’t the grad post for die-hard fans. Unless you have a sense of humour about your favourite squirrel idol. Then please enjoy with us, in honour of Winky finally LEAVING Tanaka Reina’s graduation, a pic spam…

of FAIL!

Because despite all my complaining, despite years and years of constant squirrel, nothing beats the fail of Winky.

Michishige Sayumi, Tanaka Reina, blog-136655

Shige doesn’t notice anything except the camera – unfortunately, Winky hasn’t turned the idol switch on yet.

Tanaka Reina-117121

Although, I’m not sure her idol-switch is really helping…

Tanaka Reina-149477

Concert Winky: not drunk at ALL.

Tanaka Reina-126793

You can always tell when she’s had the crack though: starts winkin’ and egg-layin’.

Tanaka Reina-117332

An area she really should stop trying to show off…or maybe she’s about to bite into another invisible sandwich.


She’s got a giant invisible sandwich – and you don’t.

Michishige Sayumi, Tanaka Reina-115421

That wand does strange things to Winky, doesn’t it?

Kudo Haruka, Sayashi Riho, Tanaka Reina-251208

But try bringing that up. Especially if you’re a junior.
W: “You got something to say, twerp?”
BOSS: “I wouldn’t do that Ace.”
Ace: “Right.”

blog, Sayashi Riho, Tanaka Reina-253708

It’s ok though. A couple of drinks later, Winky forgives all.

W: “Naaaah, that whole wand thing, you’ll understand when you’re older-”


W: “Everyone, I’m about to be awesome – hey, look at me! HEY!”


Drunk, or about to sneeze? The world may never know.


W: “You call that a leg!? I am SO much better than yo-”
M: “Camera. Camera!”


No one is buying this. And I’m not talking about the bike.


M: “And that puppy was just so cute, I could punch myself!”
W: “I just realized that this isn’t about me at all.”

blog, Tanaka Reina-372796

Oh my.
Either she knows what this means or that shirt is just at an unfortunate angle.

blog, Tanaka Reina-368264

Still can’t get over this one…


W: “Maybe I DO know what it means!”


She cares what you think as much as she cares about this performance.


How productive of you.


The giant bow balances the side-fro nicely, doesn’t it?
Shame about that face.


Even the winks got half-assed after awhile, huh?


Winky is onstage. Covered in glittery, fluffy nonsense. What more do you want, biyatches?


Now sing the song for her. She’s waiting!

Tanaka Reina-141114

I’m surprised that skirt never tipped her right on over.


Some times her skirts just try to eat everyone onstage.
Ass first.

Tanaka Reina-117499

W: “This? This is MY invisible sandwich. Get your own!”

Tanaka Reina-124253

You’re doing it wrong.



Does she even really get this character?


Ok…now that isn’t necessary.


Why do you have to be like that-

reina don't care

…Well, fine then!

Shall I end this by saying a few words?

…Um…so long? Thanks for all the good fail?

It wasn’t all bad. But for whatever reason we never really seemed click, Miss Winky.

Ahem. Tanaka Reina.

I can’t really deliver anything more heartfelt than this pic spam of fail moments. And I’m sure there will be more moments to come that will delight, surprise or generally irritate me.

At least she’ll be out of the singles from now on.

Enjoy your band, Miss Tanaka.


Reina grad

Present from my brother.

It’s a special day, after all.

Party time!!!


3 thoughts on “Pic Spam: Winky Fail-fest!

  1. I agree with Tsunku. Reina is the closest thing to “the perfect idol” there has ever been. She will be missed beyond words.

  2. Hate her all you want. Reina lives a successful life. You are sitting behind a screen crying and writing a whole page dedicated to her! lol. Even Reina had you thinking about her!! LMAO!

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