In Which Isilie Rambles #1

img20130203023424924One of the biggest reasons I don’t post very often is because of how my brain works. I find it very hard to write short entries that are only one or two sentences with maybe a video attached. When I did these in the past, it was only because I had absolutely no time but wanted to comment (eg. My first post about Brainstorming). They have never sat well with me. It feels like cheating, somehow.

There is also the fact that when I start thinking about something, whether it’s about H!P or just some J-drama or movie I’ve seen, my brain will start trying to make my jumbled thoughts into an essay. Too many university English courses will do this to your brain. You start connecting things, finding parallels, trying to work everything to one point… I don’t think I’ve ever really achieved this, but my brain still goes for it.

What results is: posts that end up way longer than I intended because I can’t be more concise, or lots of little ideas that never get posted about because I can`t stretch them any further. And since I can’t cheat you guys…yeah, I don`t bother.

And this is annoying me. Because 2013 is supposed to be all about posting more. So permit me some rambles, ok?

Even that intro there is longer than I meant it to be. The gist of that intro is: I want to vlcsnap-2013-02-26-09h22m05s80overcome this and get comfortable posing more than twice a month (if I’m lucky). I’d like to start doing a digest of sorts now and then. This idea is shamelessly stolen from Chiima, who does them every week (check out this week!) and give us fabulously varied idol news. Instead of being informative like her, I’d like to use my digest to talk about all those little things I couldn’t stretch out (with your blessing Chiima). I’d also like to try and keep them to 100 words or less. This will hopefully make me more concise and will be a challenge. It will also placate the English-Major in my brain insisting that I write a certain way who prevents me from enjoying myself and writing whatever I want to.

Wish me luck!!!


1) While Zukki is the member I’ll always have the most affection for and BOSS is rapidly following in and simultaneously updating Yossy’s footsteps, I think Fukuhime is now the Musume I’ll be actively watching for in singles. She is so lovely that her smiles are starting to make me feel shy. She turned my insides into goo during the Brainstorming pv. Nobody in Momusu has done that in ages. She has a sweet voice and is an ok dancer, but there is just something else about her…


Stop that!

Word count: 89

2) Thanks Sakura Mankai for the gif!


From that aggressive intro in the Brainstorming pv, it’s clear we have our four new leads. The high-pitched, nasal, Tsunku-favoured Riho (ACE); the sweet, Kamei-esque hum of Fukuhime;  Ayumin the dancer -but-improving; Then Oda is the potential powerhouse. She can handle (and pwn) low notes. It actually sounds like she has some range in her. What Ayumin lacks in vocal, she makes up for in presence. Ditto the Ero-kawaii Fukuhime. Backing them up? You’ve got Masaki-kins, with lots of potential and oddly, Iikubo who has just enough vocal awkwardness to be the next Shige. Zukki, BOSS? MOVE UP, PLEASE!

Word count: 99

3) I wish they would leave Ayumin’s hair down. She looks so much cooler and more confident in One Two Three than she does in Brainstorming.


And on the subject of hair, we’re just never going to be rid of the giant-bow-side-fro, are we? It’s already gotten Oda!

Word count: 47


3) What is this I read about Masaki-kins disliking Oda? Is this her being a child, or just fan speculation? Or both? At the very least, it would be interesting.

Word count: 29


4) I’ve added Suzuki Kannon and Sayashi Riho to my list of H!P OTPs. I call them Zukkiri. I just love these two. I feel like they’d pull each other along. Ace teaches Zukki dancing and such and gives her confidence and Zukki takes Ace out of her shell and helps her relax.


Plus they are adorable.

Word count:  56
Gifs from various Tumblrs

5) When it comes to Japan , I am very selfish. The last time I visited Tokyo, I didn’t buy anybody any souvenirs unless they requested something. I bought nothing but food, train tickets and idol stuff. Yep. Just photobooks, dvds, cds and the like. But I finally gots Mizushima Hiro’s photobook.

*hugs it*
I’m sorry, but I regret nothing.


Word count: 59

6) I hate that as fancy as my smart-phone is, it doesn’t allow for phone-straps. Or cute cases, either.  I hate even more that that sort of thing would probably be seen as childish here in Canada. At least I have my Ohno Satoshi key chain. It’s really cheap and the plastic is so scratched up you can barely see his face anymore, but dammit, it’s still Ohno.

Word count: 67

7) I categorize my music based on two things: which songs I put on my mp3 player and which songs I like to sing. Singing is a great love/hobby of mine. While I could probably never perform these songs, I love singing along to them (you know, when there’s no one around to bother – especially with the Japanese). The other songs are songs that cheer me up, energize me, or put me in a certain mood. These I put on my mp3 player so I can take them around with me. They really save me.


Word count:  94

(ps: the Eri-Linlin pic isn’t really related to anything, I just like it.)

Well, there we go. First Isilie digest. Is digest even the word I want here? Just some things that crossed my mind recently.

I’d appreciate any suggestions for a name for this kind of entry. ‘In Which Isilie Rambles’ is a bit long and as you all know, I’m terrible with titles.
See ya again soon!


8 thoughts on “In Which Isilie Rambles #1

  1. First off, NEW POST *^* Secondly, what you say about the posts never being concise and turning into one long post… yeah, I do that. A lot. But I stick to it because I feel like it’s what the readers like about me in a way; they haven’t stopped reading yet XD (I sound totally up myself and obnoxious there, YAY!)

    Third thing: I am amazingly surprised that people took the digest the way they did, and that now Selective Hearing’s Greg and you yourself are using the Digest method. Also, yes, my blessing: I BLESS THEE XD

    And about the Masaki/Oda thing; they are good friends, but when Sakura received her solo lines in Help Me!! apparently Masaki felt really put out by it because she thought, being a generation ahead of Oda, she would get a solo line, but instead Sakura got not one but two. I think that Masaki is still very much a kid; she can’t hide her emotions as well as others and so, it can translate terribly for her and cause misunderstandings.

    Zukkiri sounds amazing, btw. Like a food XD… DANGIT I am now hungry.

    God dammnit, it is OHNO!!! The most flawless, ageless being on this god damn PLANET ❤

    Suggestions: In Which Isilie Condenses (whuut I am random)
    In Which Isilie Returns XD

    Isilie, I love you. Just gotta tell you that… Sorry for being a creepy Wota fan of you ❤ Oh wait, I'm not sorry ^^

  2. Nice post. I understand what you mean about the post lenght. This reminds me a little of the My H!P Right Now series I did a couple of years ago, I think I only did two or three those though. XD

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