Ontanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu!! <3


Well, it looks like it’s my and my Yossy’s birthday again…yeah, I am turning 27, she is now 28.
Let me think about how old we are for a sec…



I love that I share the same birthday as this gorgeous woman. Since she probably has to work tonight too, I will celebrate our day with some Yossy picture goodness.

I am very into gifs lately (as always, gathered from Google). Because they show us moments like this:


When you’re close to her, you’ve just gotta go for it.


And sometimes, she just goes for it.


She knows when to take advantage of her position and take it easy.


And she can appreciate adorable.


And remains cool, no matter how strange her birthday presents.

Happy Birthday to my Yossy!

And also, of course, to me.




6 thoughts on “Ontanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu!! <3

  1. OMG ISILIE ;3; HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Wait, you’re 27? o-O My IDORU IS 27? x3 I always thought you were 21 o 3o or something… ❀ Whatever, you are beautiful regardless, and I loves you. Also, Happy Birthday Yossie. We need another personality as awesome as yours in MM… Oh wait, that's why Haruka and Eripon are there! Errpon the boyfriend, Duu the bro ❀

    1. I know. I’m so old. ;_; I will take that as a compliment though. πŸ˜‰ Thank you!! I know, eh? BOSS is so the bro. She’s gonna grow into such the pimp…

  2. Argh i keep missing alot of peoples b’daes this year. (Even my oshi -_-) happy belated birthday to you two!! Btw isilie you should check out the new Gatamekira live from Bravo because i am curious if you still think H!P has devolved.

    1. Thanks! And it’s funny you should mention that post. I was just thinking about that the other day. I watched the performance and it was very good. Oda and Airiri in particular have pretty voices, but everyone there had strong vocals and presence. The whole ‘devolve’ thing was mainly referring to how young H!P has become and the reaction was based on the fact that it was Shin Mini Moni performing Gatamekira. That group just didn’t seem to fit a T&C Bomber song for me. It just made me kinda wonder if H!P has become so young that their older songs might be hard to pull off. It’s not about me hating the children or something. I know they need to experiment and they are certainly working hard. I think using the word ‘devolve’ made it seem like I was saying H!P was getting bad or something, which certainly wasn’t the intention. DO I still think it’s too young? Well, honestly, I haven’t seen enough full H!P concerts to really comment again. Thanks for referring me. It makes me want to see the whole concert now. XD I’ll watch a few and get back to you-?

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