Squee Moments

helpmeswingrevealtumblrI was watching Morning Musume pvs. Specifically, the pvs since Niigaki’s graduation. Once again, I was struck by how dance oriented the last four singles (including the new one – Kimi Sae doesn’t count) have been and how interesting the choreography actually is when you watch a straight dance-shot of it.

I love concerts and all, but there is something really cool about seeing a move like the one in this gif (from Boom Hello Project’s tumblr) as it was meant to be seen. It’s not cut off by scene changes or split apart because of the stage – it’s a testament to how hard they work to make this crazy stuff look good.

Since I can’t gif to save my life (ie I haven’t learned how yet), I went looking for some gifs of my favourite choreography moments of the past four singles.

Honestly, when I see these little moments, I get goosebumps still. Man, I wish I knew how to dance. These were basically just gathered from random google searches. Thank you, (mostly) tumblr!

Let’s start in no particular order here, with Wakuteka Take a Chance.

There are two for this song actually, but I only have a gif for one.


I love this line moment at the start. It’s (for me) probably the coolest moment in the whole song. It’s one of the best openings for a routine I’ve seen from Momusu. Since there are so many new members, they seem to be sticking to a lot of line formations, which could be really boring, but Wakuteka really does a lot with them.


Help Me has this little step-step-step clap moment. I just love the rhythm of this.
Shame about the outfits though.


This moment in One.Two.Three only caught my eye specifically because of Fukuhime. She’s just…I can’t think of any word that isn’t creepy or an exaggeration. Let’s just leave it at DAYMN!!!
You want more affection? I don’t think there is anyone who would deny you that, my lovely.


And there is of course, the line. I just call it “the line”, as in my mind it was the first instance of this line fixation. Looks awesome.


This one comes courtesy of Sakura Mankai (thanks!).The entire middle sequence is great, but I haven’t seen a better lead-back-into-the-chorus since Resonant Blue.

There are actually far too many moments that make me squee in this pv, not least of which is the lyrics. I love the lyrics for this one. For some reason the line, “Yappari ii koto ga atta / Nandaka ii kibun” just sounds so good to me. It’s about what it’s saying, but also just how the line sounds. The staccato of it, the way it coincides with the M line-up in the choreography…

I’m warming up to the other side of this one, Kimi Sae-Robot-Bloop, which actually takes the line thing to a ridiculous level in its choreography, but I’m still not ready to squee when I watch the dance.

I didn’t have too much to say on each of these moments, but I made this post so I could squee about them (SO COOL!!! XD) and also point out that Momusu is awesome. People can whine about sales and relevance and singing-ability all they want and I get that those things are important, but just like the Platimum Era was all about lives, this era is using the youth to try out some seriously interesting dancing. If all you see is how they “aren’t the way they were five/ten/two/etc years ago” you miss moments like this.



I meant like this:



Did I mention I’m seriously almost-girl-crushing on Fukuhime in this pv?


5 thoughts on “Squee Moments

  1. The dance for brainstorming is so good. My favourite moment in help me that makes me stare at my laptop in awe is when they do that weird caterpillar line thing and then they all stand line rotating their heads with their hands over their mouths (I reckon darker lyrics would have made that song perfect)

  2. ISILIE YOU RETURNED ;3; -fangirls- I love gifs, and I really like the formations in MM right now. Also, Brainstorming is like Matenrou Show in that it’s like a dance and a song dedicated to MoMusu and their achievements (except this one is basically saying ‘bish were back and ready to take on AKB soon’ or whatever, not ‘we did 50 singles… yaaay’) and also, Mizukingodm is perfect, thank goodness she is releasing a PB. like, finally XD ❤ I approve the gif spam of wonderful Mizukingdom-nes… ❤ -this is a random comment, but whatevs, I miss you ;3;- (fangirls)

  3. Nice post! The Colorful era seems to be more dance oriented which I love because the Platinum Era just seems more to do with vocals. I also love these songs much more than post-Platinum Era.

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