Alo-Hello Week: Day Three

vlcsnap-2013-02-26-08h09m23s231On our third day, I’m sticking with Morning Musume’s Alo Hello 1, because there are just so many moments on there that I loved. The one I chose for today, however, is more of a whole segment than one moment.

Well, it’s one moment that keeps happening.

We can call it, ‘The Saga of Kaorin’s Team’.

Or perhaps, simply, ‘We’ll be fine.’

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Japanese phrases, the phrase (word?) ‘daijoubu’ means “we’ll be fine” or “it’s ok” in English. They say this a lot in this dvd, but Takahashi Ai seems to be particularly attached to the phrase.

And it’s hilarious.

The girls not only have a photobook to shoot, but the Hawaii Trials to film. They pick four team captains and split up to compete. I think that Shige’s spectacular lack of athletic ability was recognizable months, if not days, after she joined and Takahashi just seems pretty timid and weak at this point in her career.

Despite the fact that they are both younger than she is, Iida isn’t sure what to say when she gets these two during the draw for teams. What exactly is their strength? She “ums” for a moment until Takahashi brightens up and shouts,


“DaiJOUbu!” in her weirdo grandpa voice.
Shige latches right on to this.


It’s ok, Iida. They won’t fall apart. It’ll be fiiine!


Our first event: shaved-ice eating competition!


Takahashi’s comment: “DaiJOUbu!”
Shige has discovered the camera. *gasp*


Look at those innocent smiles. How can Iida say anything else?


*nom, nom, nom, kiiiiiiin* Delicious, but painful.


They’re actually pretty fast, despite Shige’s near vomiting back there.


Alas, it becomes pretty apparent that they aren’t going to triumph here.

Aw well. Let’s move along, shall we?


Next up, the three-man-four-legged race. On the beach!


This is their battle cry!


Even if their practice was a disaster: daiJOUbu!


Iida reminds them that the last event didn’t go so well for them.


I love that Takahashi says this to the camera. Today they are gonna go fast, dammit!


Iida: her team is starting to scare her.


Sure enough: daiJOUbu!

You’d think with all that scary determination, something would happen.

Well, it doesn’t. They sorta veer off to the right and by the time they’ve corrected themselves, they’ve been overtaken.


…Wow. They just stop and stare in silence, like they can’t believe what just happened.


They are now last. Not second to last.


With only fifty points, Konkon asks them if they have a strategy for the rest of the competition. Iida starts saying that they haven’t been serious enough-


And those famous words interrupt her again.

It seems that this team is lucky, even if they aren’t that good at sports because in the next competition, they do very well. Nobody gets the bad-tasting food during russian-roulette and after a couple extra points, they are ready to take on the second last (and arguably most exciting) event: the beach-flag competition!

If you’ve never seen this it’s a race to grab the flag, except you have to start the race lying face-down on a beach towel, facing away from the flag.

Shige runs like the wind – but gets nothing.

Takahashi runs like the wind – but gets nothing.

And she has the BEST reaction ever.


She stomps up to the winners and yells at them, like a crazy old man. Like they are annoying her with all their superior performances.
Stop WINNING, dammit!


All they can do now is yell adorable encouragement at Iida who is their last hope.




And there is much rejoicing.


And in the semi-finals, she gets it AGAIN!!!


They are literally dancing in excitement at this second victory. It’s a miracle!!


Which doesn’t last. Because she is beaten. By the shortest competitor.

It’s an epic, awesome race.

The last competition isn’t nearly as exciting, but our heroes still hang on to this winning momentum.


They got a whole bunch of new points from these miraculous wins. It’s enough to push them out of last place.


And they end with a respectable 190 points.

The moral of this story is, that even if your members consist of a non-athlete, a total spazz and someone who is too tall for her own limbs –


You’ll be fine.

Never give up kiddies!!

See you tomorrow!


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