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Alo-Hello Week: Day Two

vlcsnap-2013-02-26-09h23m04s155On the second day of this beautiful Alo-Hello week, I thought I’d go back to my beloved Morning Musume. Particularly Kamei Eri, circa 2003 (or so). And the hammock.

This moment from their Alo Hello, or the Hawaii Trials dvd, actually begins with Shige and Mame, but ends up being all about Kamei.

It’s from the photobook making-of and I dearly wish I had the actual clip…

The girls are frolicking around between shoots (or during shoots, it’s almost never clear) and Shige and Mame decide to check out that hammock they saw earlier.


It’s all about the relaxation for these two.


So pretty.

Then comes Kamei.


She doesn’t care that Ishikawa wants to be all Rika-esque by herself. It’s Kame time!!


They start swinging.


And while Ishikawa is screaming and hanging on for dear life, Kamei is LOVING it.




I: “Seriously, can we do something about this?”


Their solution is to put Winky (in her full-on squirrel days) in the hammock with them. Ishikawa isn’t sure this is going to work.


And sure enough, the laugh starts again.


I couldn’t stop laughing when I watched it, simply because Kamei was just cracking up so loudly and scaring Ishikawa so much. It’s not an idol laugh;  it’s genuine, it sounds uncontrollable and it makes you laugh along with her. Have you had those moments, either where you’re laughing so hard you can’t control it, or your friend is and all you can do is laugh along helplessly (even though you’re not sure what’s so funny)?

I have. Many times.

And I love it every time.

See ya tomorrow!


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