Alo-Hello Week!!! Introduction + Day 1

018042Dear friends, I’m sick of winter. So I’ve been contenting myself with the joy and sunshine that is H!P Alo-Hello dvds. Then I had an idea: why not share some of that joy with you lovelies?

Alo-Hello, for those who aren’t aware, is basically this: a solo member or a group goes to Hawaii and shoots a photobook. There used to be events on the beach or around Hawaii also, before half of the dvd was just posing with starin’-music. There have been a lot of really funny or just really enjoyable moments throughout the years. I’m going to share some of my favourite moments or perhaps even whole sequences, depending on the day of the week.

Gonna be posting every day this week. A daunting task, but one I’m committed to because I am really frackin’ sick of winter!

Here we go!

Oddly enough, we’re going to start with Berryz Koubou!


From their Alo Hello: Chinami and Miyabi trying to Speak English while Shopping.

…It’s not just the English though. This entire sequence made me laugh out loud almost constantly. The best thing about it, aside from Chinami insisting that:


is that I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did. It’s funny because Miyabi (or as I affectionately used to refer to her: Oatbag) is my favourite performer in Berryz, but Chinami became my favourite member because of these scenes.

The set-up is: Berryz have shopping lists and have to split into teams to find these items. They have a limit of $50 to spend, only one hour, and they have to speak English to find everything.

These two are just so much fun.


Right from the start, they’re running-


Except the light is the wrong colour!


The undependable-Oatbag just saved your life!

The first thing they need to find is a “quilted Hawaiian pot-holder”. So Chinami asks the first person she finds:


She says it in katakana hoping the sales person here can understand.


…And she doesn’t.


Miyabi: already defeated.


They do find a pot-holder in the shape of a mouse. Despite the fact that it’s not on the list, Chinami wants it because it’s so cute.


Since this is years before the ‘Want!’ single, she doesn’t know how to say, “want” in English yet.

Her solution:


Shout while holding out the item you want.


Miyabi at least knows what it’s not.


Since they still get the pot-holder and proceed to find the other pot-holder, the one that’s actually on the list (and not just cute), they decide celebration is in order.


Chinami must check first that this is what it on the list. It’s not a quilt, but close enough, right? Holding things up is vitally important.


Chinami doesn’t have time for a whole sentence. Let’s just get to the point.


Miyabi isn’t sure that’s the best way to go.


They also don’t know what “discount” means. But the staff helps them out.

It means you pay less MONEY!



Chinami’s reaction here, how she rises onto her tip-toes and squeals the longest, most high-pitched “thank you” EVER, sealed the deal for me. It’s absolutely adorable and hilarious and this is probably when I fell in love with her forever.


Miyabi has to admit that reaction is made of win.


And now it’s time to brag to the other team, who is having an iced cream break-


And sample their iced cream.

But wait!


Chinami has made a decision. They cannot finish the iced cream.


She immediately jumps up and starts doing ‘Billy Boot Camp‘ moves.


…Yep. Chinami is completely pwn-ing my socks off right now.


When Miyabi stops laughing she’ll probably join in.


When the girls decide to use all their remaining time and money to shop for themselves, it leads to the best English attempts ever. Here Chinami wants a heart-shaped float, but it’s too expensive. This is her trying to haggle.


Miyabi finally points out to her that repeating “money” isn’t the clearest way to get this done.


One of my favourite parts about them is the way they laugh at each other. Every time they make a mistake and get embarrassed they just laugh harder. It felt like the louder Chinami got, the more Miyabi forgot to be shy and just had a good time. I honestly had no idea they were best friends until I watched this. Then I just knew, before various wikis confirmed it. You can tell these two have a lot of fun together.

Now, finally, Miyabi gives English a try.


Money DROP! You DROP that…money.
Well…it makes sense…kinda-?


Yeah. You know what, it really wasn’t.


They find other beach things they want, but, God bless em, they’re just lost.


Minor break-down.

Let’s regroup.


“Kore please” = How much are these?


Looks like they have enough money!


…Or not.


At five dollars short, Chinami has a plan, but luckily she knows how to ask someone to wait.

She and Miyabi will janken and whoever loses has to pay more than the other (since they are splitting the cost) with her own money. Just in case the sales person hasn’t gotten the message, Chinami uses her other way of asking for time:




Chinami is out of luck.

They then proceed to:


Blow bubbles at the camera.


And annoy him.


Then steal Momo’s iced cream. Just because they can.


And they have to use the photo booth even though they don’t have enough time to.
Because it’s not like they have those in Japan.


They are the last to arrive and they notice everyone else, who RAN to get back, watching them and glaring.

Especially Captain.


They even expect a lecture.


So they (sorta) lie.


And so ends the most enjoyable little shopping trip I think I’ve ever seen.


Hope you enjoy Alo-Hello week everybody.

The moments might be shorter than this, or maybe even longer. We’ll see. I haven’t really placed any restrictions of myself, minus the fact that every moment has to be from an alo-hello dvd and one that stuck with me for whatever reason.


Captain’s Team crosses the street safely


Everybody hold hands, look both ways and wave!


Maasa does things at her own pace. The other two are at the wave stage of the crossing.

Some passing pedestrians return the friendly greeting.


Yes. That is how a wave is supposed to work.


I need to watch this whole dvd again.

See ya tomorrow!


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