Something else That Made me Happy…

…That I didn’t get to write about last year is THIS:

Berryz had that fabulous single Cha Cha Sing last year, right? Well I don’t know why they did it, but one version of the pv has a Berryz flash mob. They walk out onto a street and just start dancing. And everyone eventually starts dancing along. I think flash-mob is the phrase I want, anyway. Did this happen in the original version of the song? It definitely feels like that kind of song.

When I saw this, I can’t even describe how happy I was. I don’t even know why. Seeing the girls outside of the studio (I assume), seeing regular people getting caught up in the song (assuming they aren’t just paid extras – either way, it looked really fun), the fact that the song is awesome-?

I just know that I would totally dance if a Berryz flash-mob ever happened in my city.

Would love to see more of these.


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