Itsumo is 5 years old!!


YAAAAAAY!!! I started this blog five glorious years ago and have completely forgotten about its anniversary every single year since then. This year WordPress reminded me. So I made this very pink (for some reason – what can I say, pink hearts were cute) graphic to celebrate!  Wooo!!! FIVE YEARS!!!!

I have no idea what to do to celebrate. That is part of the problem here. All I can really offer the people who come here are my words.

Some things I’ve been thinking about…that no one here asked, but I’ll answer anyway.

Why do I like Japanese pop? Blogging for five years hasn’t made me able to answer this question any easier. My mother asked me this in maybe the second year of my “fandom”. She understood that I like pop music, but she didn’t understand why this kind. Why 009bwg84Japanese? Not my language, not my culture and not something that is easy to explain or easily forgiven by those who don’t like/get it. The only answer I could come up with was, “it makes me happy”.

Really. Simple as that.

Now why idols? This question has gotten a little bit easier now. I understand my answer, but it’s hard to make it concise.


Because idols are fascinating. What drives them? What makes one idol able to pick up the pieces and one self-destruct? Is it dangerous or the most rewarding career ever? Is it all about self-worship or self-sacrifice? Are these girls/guys nothing but puppets, or does their power extend further than we’d think? Who is more objectified: the men or the women? How do they recover so quickly from everything: illness, exhaustion, grief, or do they recover at all? If everything is scripted or guided by the atmosphere of “what the fans want to see” then where is the line between reality and a script? Does that mean an idol can’t have any real relationships unless the cameras are off? I don’t have any answers, but studying idols is fascinating. You’ll never know, but you keep searching anyway.

img20110315093356827Because idols are pretty. Before anything else, being pretty is an idol’s job. Maintaining their character is probably second. It’s shallow, but being attractive is something everyone (I’m generalizing of course) aspires to. Also, and most importantly, everyone likes looking at something pretty. Realizing this and being ok with it is a good thing. Embrace the fact that pretty things are pretty. Idols can be pretty without being conventionally attractive. He or she may have fangs, or huge eyebrows – doesn’t matter. It’s the character that completes the package. That is what really cements attractiveness.

Because idols are amusing. Variety shows force them to do things you’d never, ever, ever, see some Hollywood star do (unless they’re invited to Japan). It makes them seem human, even though they img20110816074545795have this power and it satisfies our strange urge to see other people humiliated (without being physically harmed…not too much anyway).

Because idols taught me so much about Japan, in so many ways, most of them hilarious and memorable.

Because idols work their asses off and some times never seen any recognition, but they keep on doing it because a couple of people might be out there rooting for them. At least, that is the dream.

The dream is the best part: the dream is that your idol is out there because you want him or her to be. Your belief and your support is what pushes them forward. And you love watching him or her grow. It makes you happy and gives you hope. Reality might be that it’s a brilliant air-tight marketing machine that is out for your wallet, but isn’t everything? What vlcsnap-2012-06-15-12h08m55s76form of entertainment doesn’t demand your money in some way? Does that make it less entertaining and strip it of all meaning? The fact that I know all of this horrible stuff about the idol industry and yet can STILL believe in the dream and get swept up and emotionally invested is fascinating.

Really. It makes me happy. It doesn’t make me blind, but it does make me happy.

That isn’t a bad thing. It doesn’t tell me everything will be ok, but that maybe things suck right now. Even so I need to keep going. Giving up is not an option. Maybe there are awesome things around me that I’m just not seeing. So I start looking for them.

I have no desire to pretend I don’t like something that I love. I’ve done that and it’s tiring. If people ask me why, I’ll just stick to: it all just makes me happy.

I hope that made even a little bit of sense.

I plan to post a lot more this year.

Thanks for five awesome years, everybody. ^_^


11 thoughts on “Itsumo is 5 years old!!

  1. ISILIE ;______; ❤

    At first, I was like 'Who is Itsumo, it's their birthday?' before realising your blog is not 'Isiliewentari' but is in fact Itsumo Genki xD I actually just call it Isilie's blog XD BUT I AM A FAN, I PWOMISE ;A; I LOVE YOU ❤

    THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE!!! Thank you for inspiring me and making me want to blog, thank you for being funny, witty, beautiful, Isilie-ish and my Iol. Thank you for letting me stalk you, though you're a bit unwilling on that partt…

    I MEAN IDOLISE *^* Er…

    I love you, Isilie! Here is to another 5 or 10 years! 8D

    1. *blushes* Thank YOU!!! XD I love that so many people don’t realize it’s Itsumo Genki. I kinda like ‘Isilie Blog’ though. Has a ring. 😉

  2. Happy 5 years! ; o;

    I love your reasons for loving idols. I seriously think everyone who loves idols sees it the same way you explained!

    Your writings are hella entertaining, even if you hate everything I love(LOL). Bluntness = the way to go.

    1. LOL – Thanks Kioku! Bluntness is getting to be a habit with me. Do I hate everything you love??? o_O That sounds terrible! At least it’s entertaining-? 😉

      1. YES. LOL. I think you slam on Risako and Reina every chance you get(two of my ultimate favorites) XD But oh well! I still enjoy it. It’s good to read other’s opinions, right? ;]

    1. Thank you Nyny!! Thank you for always commenting. It makes me so happy. XD It’s something I want to do more in 2013. ❤ You're awesome.

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