Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaance prt 2 Temporary Pic Spam

That’s the look, basically. Kinda robotic, confused, just…what?

Should I even post much about this, since it’s not the “real” version? Well, I watched it and took lots of caps anyway.

Shall we pick spam it then?

First, I still hate those costumes, but I forget about them when I watch the choreography. Well, what we can see of it anyway. Considering most of our girls are between 14 and 17 and some have almost no experience, it always amazes me what they can pull off.

I’m not any kind of expert, so I have no idea if there are a lot of mistakes. If there are, I don’t notice them.

Robo-musume GO! I actually really like the layering effects on the dance shot…just not the random blue flashes.

I love this moment. I want the gif of it. Honestly, the choreography this time around is so awesome. Think of how long it must have taken to get the timing right for a moment like that.

The sparkle-star-laser-fun-blasts made capping the dance a bit of a pain. I’d find the perfect moment…perfectly obscured by a blast of blue light. Is this going to keep being a thing?

The “stop stop yamete” part is my favourite part of the song. Love the catchy line, love the corresponding dance. Love that Ikubo is at the back being adorably lost and flaily.

Hey…is there somebody missing? ;P

There she is!

I really miss Daishi in the dance-shots. The best part of One.Two.Three was the discovery that there were ‘back-up girls’ capable of capturing my attention. Daishi had center in the dance (at least I think she did) and she pwned so much that I stopped even noticing Ace and Winky. I kept on looking for Daishi instead. You can tell she loves dancing and while her singing is a bit too diluted to really hear, I think with more training she’ll be comparable to someone like Kamei Eri. She’s already getting prettier with each release.

Less Yasuda, more Kamei. Definitely.

Although, I’m not really a fan of the greenish-grey light for her. It blurs out every line in her face and she has a strange dead-eyed look in those shots. Plus she still does that no-teeth-mouth-makes-a-huge-‘O’-shape face.

What the hell is goin’ on with yo FAYCE Winky??? Sorry, but this is disgusting.

Don’t look at me like that. Your cat ears are stupid.

Does this frighten anyone else?
Also – the only shot that didn’t gross me out. What is going on with her lips? It’s weird and unsettling.

That’s enough of that!

I’d rather look at Miss KY’s inevitable teeth-baring face here. Man…the hair just…wow.

I’m sorry, in some shots it looks cute, but because of the angle, it often looks like the top of her head doubles as an industrial sized broom when it isn’t weighing down her body.

Alright, alright. I’ll stop about the hair. I do adore little Eri-pon. She still seem remarkably like Kamei Eri without the singing talent. Yeah, I’m comparing another member to her, ok? Sue me. It’s so similar though. When she was first there she was so awkward and quiet, then she was so weird and sweet and now she is just suddenly gorgeous while still being cute and weird.

Like…Kamei…maybe it’s just me…(I should mention I’m writing this after some dental surgery and during quite an intense cold)

It does make me concerned that her dancing still seems a bit off. Same with Ikubo here.

Don’t get me wrong – both girls are gorgeous when you get them to stand still and pose, but they do need to transfer those skills to their dancing. The singing is just a time and practice thing.

Why do so many of these shots have the girls looking at me like they are totally disgusted?

H: “What the hell did they do to my hair?”

Yes, why is there a ferret running up your shoulder??

H:“Said I was a tomboy, but this is ridiculous.”

That’s better. Let’s pretend the ferret shots are a bad dream and you’re still looking uncomfortably mature.

When you’re an Ace you learn to eat when and what you can…

…then it’s back to the shiny slab, missy!

Those are really the only caps I have of Ace. I love her and all, but while her singing keeps getting better, her and Winky are blending into one for me. They sound more and more alike and I find I’m having the same problem with her that I originally had with Winky – I stop noticing her. Which shouldn’t happen when she has every other line.

But I don’t know if it’s her or ME. I might just be looking so hard for the others that I’ve stopped really thinking about little Ace.

It’s not hard when I have shots of Masaki-kins here. She’s SO ADORABLE. Half-way through she stops trying to be anything but cute. Except she doesn’t have to try. She just oozes mischief here. And her expressions made capping so much fun.

M: “Heyyyyyy, it’s the CAMERA!!!”

M: “It’s da guuuunz, y’all!!!

M: “Oh. It’s Winky’s kitty ears.

M: “Oh! It’s drama!”

M: “Um…it’s Broom-head-pon over there?”

E: “Can we just-just not talk about the hair-“

M: “Is that ferret-head over there?”

H: “…!


These shots came out of NOWHERE for me. The first time I got to a ‘fire’ shot I started laughing because it was the last thing I ever expected to see. Interestingly enough, I think it’s the best fire-Musume thing I’ve seen since Iroppoi Jirettai.

Laugh a lot when I look at this cap. Winky is ready to POSE y’all!

I took so many caps of Fuku-hime that it borders on scary.

Had to restrain myself. She’s so damn lovely.

Yes you are too, Shige.

Zukki is adorable. LOOK at this! I want to protect her and buy her pretty things…and iced cream….I LOVE THE ZUK!!

She’s unexpectedly gorgeous and amazed that Winky could be allowed to look so ridiculous at her age.

Z: “You put me in the back for THAT??”

W: “Heyyy!”

W: “It’s my giant-lips isn’t it?”

Winky is just as outraged at these constant barbs are you are, reader. No worries. The lips and cat-ears aren’t really that big of a deal, I guess. They look…you know, different, which is something.

Seriously though, what the frack?

Ok, I had more but then this came out:

It’s freakin’ gorgeous AND had Daishi in the dance. Say what you want about Momusu and their lack of singing-skill and the rest, but everyone is improving their presentation so much it’s unbelievable. By presentation I mean the facial expression, the dancing…it’s leaps and bounds away from the capping-nightmare that was Only You.

I wonder what the “real” version is going to look like. I refuse to do another cap-fest  until I am absolutely sure we have the real one…cause this was infuriating. It look me forever to cap and start writing this because I was healing (root canals are super) and then sick (still sick – still hard to breathe through my stupid nose here). Then before I am even done, we get another version.

I love it even more than the temp one…but it’s still annoying.

This post is over. I feel silly.



4 thoughts on “Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaance prt 2 Temporary Pic Spam

  1. Lol I’m so confused about all the versions. I think I like the first one best but… I like having all the girls in the fire scene and while the zooming in on the dance is real irritating, there are a couple of moments where it looks good.
    I think I like the temporary version best, because the only real difference is the rapid scene changes in the bit where it goes sayu fuku iku etc….

  2. Love the recaps. Reina looked like she had too much lipgloss on, which is a wtf elementary kind of mistake for professional make-up artists to make. (Unless she had a cold sore…or something…but just wtf yeah her lips were weird.)

    All the girls look gorgeous, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks Ayumi is lovely and beautiful and yet has weird dead eyes and open-mouth-with-no-teeth look. It bothers me so much!

    Thanks for the recap!

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