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Welcome Oda Sakura (and other stuff)!!

I was going to say 11th gen, but since it’s only one person (*grits teeth*) I guess I’ll just go with the name.

Ok…trying to think of something that hasn’t already been said…and can’t, really.

Too fast. Yep. Where was the training camp? Why bother announcing anyone else if the next minute you’ll just announce the winner anyway? It’s like it all happened in secret and now that One.Two.Three’s promotion has bankrupted the company we can distract people with this!

Great voice, although I wish people would take more of a middle ground about it. It’s always either “she’s amazing” or “she’s nothing special”. She’s good for someone who isn’t fully trained and isn’t at the Momusu level yet. Your mileage may vary on what that level IS (lots of articles about how they suck happening at the moment), but I think we can all agree that she’s not as polished as the others (BUT NOT TOO BAD). Kay? She’s a kid. Calm yourself.

Adorable, although at this point she has that blank, wide-eyed slowness that a lot of newcomers seem to have at first. When she spoke it kinda reminded me of Konkon.
As far as dancing goes…well, I’ll have to watch the footage again. Seemed ok to me.

Judging by the photo there, she’ll slide into near-constant photoshoots like it’s nothing.

Her voice is definitely too strong for S/mileage. They need squeaky kids there and she seems like a better fit for Momusu.

She reminds me of Ueno Jurina and Ogawa Saki. Seriously. Maybe it’s just the hair…

Another one person gen. Here come the ‘ace’ comments and inevitable Goto/Koharu comparisons…Either she’s going to be pushed at us to an insane level or she’s going straight to the back like everyone else. If she’s pushed then I say GOOD. Give us some freakin’ variety from the Winky-Ace show.

I don’t understand this. Why did this company or Tsunku or whomever decide that two singers and some backups was a formula they HAD to stick with? If you’re going to bombard us with member changes until we barely recognize anyone, what is the bloody point of relying on only two members!?? Honestly, I see so much potential just waiting around. How is anyone supposed to get any better if you don’t force them to sing? Giving them solo lines also gives them pressure and eases some off the two mains, right?

Sorry, sorry. I know the whole line–distribution-rage rants are silly, but it’s never going to stop being frustrating.

Back to Sakura (who I keep wanting to call Sayaka, for some reason), you know I don’t like one person generations. It hasn’t worked since Goto. 8th gen was all fragmented and I still don’t get the Koharu thing. I don’t like when the girls are by themselves and surrounded by senpai who already have their cliques. Sure, the whole system is different than before (kouhai not being as intimidated by senpai and so on) and they are all now pretty close in age to each other. And she was an Egg and all.


Maybe I’ll be wrong-?

About Colourful Character

Love this cover. Favourite members on this cover: Daishi and the Zuk. Gorgeous.

To the album itself: it’s still Momusu but it’s a whole new sound. As long as they don’t start robot-ing everyone constantly, I’m loving it.

I like the album the more I listen to it. CJ’s fantastic review says it all much better than I will, but let me just go through what I particularly like.

Liking the Winky solo. Might even love it, actually. I am such a sucker for songs in a minor key. When she sings like this, it’s very pretty and very tolerable. I probably won’t enjoy watching her sing it, but you can’t win em all. Hopefully she’ll keep singing like this and let go of the Winky-squirrel.

As mentioned, What’sUp is quite epic in a way that they haven’t been in awhile. I think I hear the ShigeFuku duo here and I’m loving it.

Also loving Shige’s forays into techno/trance/whateveritis. The chorus is relentlessly catchy, just like all her solos.

Waratte You is the song for the younger generations and for once it doesn’t feel like Tsunku just pulled one off the shelf and said, “the hell with it”. It’s warm, catchy, and harkens back to classic Momusu without wrecking the flow of the album. Everyone (except maybe Harunan and Eri-pon) sounds great and this just makes me even more angry that they’re all kept to the back so much. Get some damn confidence, girls!! The clapping in the background just makes it more addicting…

Just gonna put this out there, lastly: Pyoko Pyoko gets better every time I hear it (although it is pretty funny that the lyrics ask people NOT to laugh). Seriously. I wish people hadn’t been so traumatized by the stupid chocobo costumes. Now they will always think it’s a terrible mistake. It really isn’t. Way to shoot yourself in the foot there, Tsunku!

On Wakuteka Take a Chance

Cannot wait for it. Seeing the dance just makes me want the single more. Love the song even more than One.Two.Three.

But then…

THESE are the single costumes??? These hideous, neon tutus??

UGH! Dammit!!!!

And Eri-pon, sweetie, when did your hair explode!? Fukuhime looks beautiful as always, but the rest of them…just…the…ugh! That’s an H!P concert costume, not a freakin’ single costume!

Ah maybe I’ll get used to them. I’ll be seeing them for MONTHS. Not as bad as the chocobos, right?


I’ll be good!!


4 thoughts on “Welcome Oda Sakura (and other stuff)!!”

  1. Im hoping to get the album soon!
    I agree Oda was added way too fast and 1 person gens suck.
    Im…. not sure about the wakuteka outfits… I wouldn’t mind them if we got more than one outfit in the song but MM hasn’t done that for years so not holding my breath. I am hoping this is llike renai hunter and they get better hair styles in the video.
    I also don’t get the whole dislike of pyoko ultra I thought it was cute and refreshing and the outfits were adorable, I didn’t agree with the hats, but then I almost never agree with hats

  2. Personally, I want to see more of Oda before I make any formal opinions but I see the potential as a singer. When she was singing Be Alive in the clips that I’ve seen, she didn’t have to put any effort into reaching those high notes in the song. Her natural voice is gorgeous and like a fine wine, it’s only going to get better with age. I also think that it’s safe to say that there’s going to be some more Eggs introduced in the coming months. Overall though, I agree with you. She was added way too fast and way too soon. It hasn’t even been a year since the Jyuukies were added and they’re just starting to give everybody lines again in the singles. It’s gonna be a big old game of wait and see right now.

  3. Yossy slap 😛

    Sakura seems to be a pretty good singer. I so can’t judge dancing, lol.

    She seems to fit in pretty well. I think I read somewhere that she was friends with Haruka when she was still an Egg.

    Tsunku’s definitely adding a lot of new members really fast. The Jyuukies came real soon after the Qkies, and now Sakura right after them.

    She seems to have a nice personality. I really think her voice has the potential to be the next Ai. Like Jay said, she naturally sung really well. As she gets her training, her voice should improve even more.

    But you know Tsunku, he could pull a 8th Gen. and add more members to the 11th Gen.

    Daishi and Kanon are always pretty~

    I love Daishi’s voice! Her last solo in Seishun Domannaka was really pretty. She’s my new favorite.

    I really like Winky’s solo, too. It’s really pretty. I also love slower songs.

    Shige’s solo is so damn catchy, I can’t get it out of my head, lol. Somehow, I just can’t love Renai Hunter, though. It’s cool, but I still love One Two Three so much more.

    I love PyokoPyoko Ultra! It’s such a cute song in so many ways~

    I really like Colorful Character. Waratte YOU! is a really good song, too. My favorite would definitely have to be Be Alive, though. I love older sounding, slower songs like that. That’s why I love Morning Coffee, lol.

    It’s funny, I never heard the Winky squirrel voice until that one post when you mentioned Ai no Sono. I just had to listen to it.

    I nearly died laughing from her first solo. I kept thinking of how you must’ve reacted to it.

    I can’t wait for Wakuteka, either. Sayunii put up a preview for Futsuu no Shoujo A, the c/w for Limited A & B, and it sounds pretty cool to me.

    Yeah, I don’t like the outfits, either. If they weren’t neon, they’d be so much more tolerable. I kinda like Winky’s though.

    LMAO, Eri-pon’s hair XD. I can’t look at it without laughing. Poor Eri-pon.

    I actually liked the chocobos better, lol.

    I can’t seem to post without including an lol or xD somewhere.

  4. I don’t really believe people will think of her as an ace but more of “desperately needed for vocals”, I still wonder though how she will fare with a lot of people anticipating to hear in their 52nd single.

    I enjoy Colourful Character too. Favourite songs I listen to are Be Alive and Dokka~n Capprico.

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