Momusu’s dance rehearsal of the new single. It’s not going to shock anybody when I say that I LOVE THIS! The chorus has a lot of punch, the dance is really interesting and energetic and everybody gets a line, even if it’s auto-tuned and layered with creepy-Tsunku-Robot.

You get a couple seconds each, you non-WinkyAce-s. A couple syllables to make yourself known and get yourself noticed.

Use em.

Cannot wait for the pv and the real costumes.

PS: The Zuk is dancin in da front!!!!! Look at her go!


2 thoughts on “Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaance.

  1. Sayu’s Momusu era seems to be reeling in a lot of great music~

    I love this new Momusu! I’m not much of a techno-y fan, but Momusu pull it off pretty well.

    I love your blog! We have a lot in common as far as Hello!Project goes 😀

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